Space Battleship Tiramisu – Anime Review

Set in the time of Space Era 0156, the human race has extended its life and greed to the vastness of space itself, but all is not peaceful for humans in space for like in many mecha series a war has broken out between all the humans colonies in space and it is up to the brave team aboard the Battleship Tiramisu to change the tide of battle and things could go their way because they have mech pilot Subaru amid their crew and he is one of the best pilots out there. This, however, is not the focus of this short run comedy series, it is only the setup. The real plot of this anime revolves around Subaru and if you have come into this anime looking for an epic space opera you will be disappointed, this is because Subaru is an idiot who really loves his cockpit.

I put off watching this series from spring 2018 for a while because well it initially did not really grab me. See in my younger days of being an anime fan before I discovered the joys of boys love, yaoi and sports anime my genre of choice was mecha and my introduction to this genre came in the form of two anime that I still love to this day. These anime were Zoids: New Century and Gundam Wing, the latter of which I would later learn had a huge fujoshi following back then and though it has slowly died off over the years it is still there but can you really blame us when you see the promotional material for this series? I grew a big love of the mecha genre after Gundam Wing which saw me watch a lot of mech shows through the years. But then as it can happen with some genres I began seeing the same stories over and over again, change the character names, the mechs and sometimes put in some special way they are piloted throw in some political drama and bam you have a generic mech show. Then recently I watched the first episode of Dragon Pilot on Netflix which sparked my interest in mech shows once again and then I remembered seeing the promotional image for Space Battleship Tiramisu and I remembered the two guys on it looked cute and I found myself thinking. This feels a bit like fujoshi bait with characters looking like that.

Yeah, I’ll admit I came for the cute space boys, but I stayed because I was laughing so much!

So upon seeing that it had a short run time of about five minutes per episode I decided to marathon the first season and I do not regret that choice. As I said in the opening of this review if you are looking for some space epic you are going to be very disappointed with this series. If however like me you like watching characters suffer due to their own stupidity while the series makes fun of the usual tropes and trappings of a mech series than you just might enjoy this series. If I was to describe the humor of this series I would say it is very self-deprecating towards its characters but also a bit of a character study to at watching a guy survive a dangerous life on sheer dumb luck half the time. Humor and comedy are hard to recommend at times because what leaves me rolling on my bed laughing might leave you just sitting there rolling your eyes, but if you enjoyed anime such as Gakuen Handsome and the recent Magical Girl Ore and these shows had you laughing then I would recommend checking out the first season of Space Battleship Tiramisu and there is also currently a second season screening so now is a perfect time to jump right in and join the crew!


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