Mistress of Yaoi’s Top 10 Hottest Fictional Guys of 2018


Let’s close out the year with a Top 10 list for somethings fun, this will just be a short fun post!

10 Connor – Detroit Become Human

9 – Vald – How To Trust an Incubus

8 – Shunsuke – Sanrio Boys

7 – Nifuji – Wotakoi

6 – U-1146 – Cells at Work

5- Takato – Dakaichi

4 – Subaru – Space Battleship Tiramisu

3 – Ash Lynx – Banana Fish (especially when he had the glasses on)

2. Higa Yamato – Sweet Punishmen I’m the Guards Personal Pet?

best image I could find as this one is a hentai

1- Yuri – Yarichin Bitch Bu!

Goodbye for now


I am taking a leave from blogging and to tell you all the truth, I am not entirely sure when I will be back. I want to tell you all right now that I have loved my time writing here for Yaoi Playground and that I adore all of my readers, followers and friends I have made through blogging.

Things as of late have grown, complicated offline. I will let you all know right now, there is nothing wrong with me, I am not in trouble of any kind, I can assure you all of this. All I will say is that this is a private matter within my family and it needs my full attention at this time.

I do not know how long it will be till I am back blogging again but I will still be around on the net, except well Tumblr I will be officially leaving that site very very soon. Till we see each other again my readers, this is Jamie saying goodbye for now.