Papa Datte, Shitai – Episode 1 Review

Right first anime season of 2019, that being the Winter season and it looks like we have a yaoi anime, characters look cute, the trailer looked interesting and it seems it is a short format series with episodes less than five minutes long and there are two versions of the series. One a broadcast series and the second one a streaming series that promises to not hold back sounds like an awesome way to start the year right? RIGHT?

With a tagline like ‘There are Times I Cannot Hold it, Even if I’m a Father’ I thought perhaps we might get a story about a single father seducing the cute housekeeper and the story could still go there, but the first episode though cute… it gave similar vibes to the first episode of
Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni... from last year and that is an anime I would not like to compare anything to. I really hope as the series goes on it does not turn into a story like The Tyrant Falls in Love and that there are consequences for what just happened in this episode.

I’ll be holding my breath and hoping that this one get’s better, on the bright side this is a yaoi series that goes all the way…

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