Someone Else’s BL Anime – Anime Review

2018 really was a great year to be a yaoi and boys love. From awesome anime like Hitorijimi My Hero, Yarichin Bitch Bu, and Dakaichi coming out to the announcement of a Ten Count anime! Not to mention the growing number of awesome webtoon and manhwa yaoi stories being released it truly is a great time to be a fan of the genre of my choice. As well as the mentioned anime however there were also releases of some awesome Boys Love animated series in both China and South Korea though like with any medium you will find a mixed bag of good and bad and unfortunately this is one show that falls into the bad.

Maybe its because it’s a South Korean animation but with it’s short run time per episode I found it hard to follow the plot that seemed to move very fast and the prologue that is episode 0 of the series just made things even more confusing. After the confusing episode 0, the story follows two boys whose names I can not remember because of how forgettable they are. One seems to be a quiet student who gets tormented by his classmates until the other steps in and a friendship blooms between the two that I think slowly becomes something more, for one of them or both of them I’m honestly not sure, though the series does use the yaoi/boys love trope of two younger male characters watching porn together out of curiosity, though that seems to be where the series just ends before anything else happens.

I really wish I could say something more positive about this series, the animation is ok I guess and the voice acting is very good. Advertised on Bookcube’s website as the first BL Webtoon original animation the short episode time does not do the series any favors and if you want to follow the story properly you are better off reading the webtoon the series is based on.


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