Knight of Alanoc – Comic Review

I am so pleased to be able to cover another work by the lovely Aero Zero here on Yaoi Playground. As you guys may remember, during last year’s Pride Month I covered there comic Men Plus Monsters and I have been meaning to cover one of their other amazing comics, Ace of Beast for a while now and that review is coming I promise. Today’s review, however, is a prequel to the comic Ace of Beasts recently released called Knight of Alanoc which is available for purchase on the creators site and if you are a fan of buff bara men who are also the most adorable men you will ever see then you need to check out this amazing comic!

Being a prequel to Ace of Beast you do not have to read the previous work to follow this story which tells of the meeting of two of the main characters from Ace of Beast, that being the ruthless lieutenant Osric, who has had no luck when it comes to love and so has recently decided to give up on the idea of love until a mysterious swordsman Xerxes, comes into his life. This is a slow burn romance that will tug at your heart with just how adorable these two are.

My first impression of this prequel comic? This is the most adorable comic I have read in a long time and I do mean adorable! Seriously Aero Zero has really outdone themselves with the character designs of the men in this one. All the characters especially the two main characters come across as tough amazing men, but they have the most adorable sweet side that just makes me swoon. I just love this mix of adorable cuteness and big tough men, it’s cute without losing any masculinity and I know for some this might seem hard to believe but it is true!

Seriously could these two lovebirds be any more adorable?

The story of the comic as I wrote is very sweet, heartwarming and surprisingly SFW for Aero Zero’s work… until you get to the amazing epilogue which contains my favorite kind of swordplay if you catch my drift. Overall this is one amazing comic that if you are a fan of bara with a sweet side you owe it to yourself to check out this comic!


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