Morningdew Farms – Demo Review

Y Press Games the lovely people behind To Trust an Incubus, have just launched a Kickstarter for there upcoming title Morningdew Farms and earlier this week I got a sneak peak at the demo for this upcoming title and can I just say I had such a blast playing through the demo!

In this visual novel you play as Cody a young man who has just moved into his families old abandon farm right next door to his sister’s farm and the best part for him about moving to the farm? The town of Morningdew is filled with many different bachelors that Cody will have the chance to woo. In my play through of the Demo I got to meet three of these bachelors. A doomsday prepper obsessed store owner named Butch, a man with a mysterious and dangerous past named Rusty and an adorable wolf man named Nuzzler! Yep that furry in the banner is one of the bachelors you get to woo! I think there were a few others in the demo as well but I kinda became instantly obsessed with Butch and Nuzzler! Seriously Nuzzler is damn adorable!

Game play is divided between completely tasks such as farm work and going into town to talk to the other residence and once a week you get a visit the town bathhouse for a little fun… ok its more than a little. I played the uncensored demo and damn I loved the bathhouse time! One other thing I will praise is the humor in this demo, if you love your humor adorably cheesy and full of puns you will be smiling the whole was through like how was.

If this game sounds like something you would love to support like I will be please support the kickstarter help make this game a reality!


4 thoughts on “Morningdew Farms – Demo Review

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