Kyoto Animation – Just Damn…


This is a big blow to the anime community and has left so many of us in a state of shock and horror to the anime community world wide. There is not an anime viewer in the world today that has not watched an anime from Kyoto Animation.

From classics from the early 2000’s like Munto and Air, to the titles that had everyone knowing who KyoAni were with titles like Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Clannad.

To modern masterpieces of the anime genre like A Silent Voice and Violet Evergarden. This is an anime company that has made an impact on all our lives within the anime community. We all share memories of the first time we discovered anime by them and we all have our favorites and it won’t come as a surprise as to what this fujoshi’s favorite KyoAni show is.

Of course it is Free Iwatobi Swim Club! This show was more than fan service to me though, it is a story about mending friendships and finding out just what being free can mean to someone and that sometimes what may be freeing and liberating to one person, could be a personal hell for another.

The recent attack on the Kyoto Animation Studio, has been a big blow to all of us within the anime community, the loss of so many lives is always a tragedy but when it is the creators of the world we all have loved so much, it’s like losing a part of ourselves within the chaos.

However, we are all part of one hell of an amazing community who has already rallied it’s people and started raising money to help those in need from this tragedy. You just have to look at all the money already raised over on the GoFundMe page set up by Sentai Filmworks and the countless amazing tribute videos that have already been pouring in from the community. Digibro’s video in particular, aptly titled The Damage is Coming, brought tears to my eyes.

To Kyoto Animation I give them my thanks for bringing us some of the most amazing anime I have ever watched and to the anime community I want to say thank you for giving us all a little bit of faith in the generosity of strangers and humanity.

Togainu no Chi – ANNOUNCEMENT Trailer

video game, yaoi

I was not planning on making another post this week I really was not, but then after a day out with a friend grocery shopping of all things I come home I browse my email, my social media and then I head to Youtube where I find the following trailer in my sub box…

And I am just twitching with excitement, my inner fangirl is just screaming YES YES YES! Togainu no Chi is a yaoi visual novel that I have wanted to play for over a decade and once again the lovely folks over at Jast Blue have announced that this will be the next yaoi title we get from them and I am just fangirling sooo hard right now!

Though not well received by many within the yaoi community, back in 2010 there was an anime adaptation released of this game that I actually at the time really enjoyed and like a good adaptation it left me wanting more from its world and now finally after all this time I will soon be able to play the game!

I am sooo hyped for this!!!

Is Legend of Duo the Worst Boys Love Anime Ever?


In the early 21st century humanity is on the brink of extinction during an apocalyptic outbreak of a disease simply called the disease of death and the only cure seems to be the blood from a vampire. A secret to save humanity that was revealed by a vampire that in revealing this secret to mankind has betrayed his own kind and now is hunted by his own vampiric creation. Now that sounds like an interesting plot that could explore so many different themes right? Well in giving you this synopsis I have literally spoiled practically every important plot point of this anime. This is a bad anime and the worse part is, it’s not even entertainingly bad, it’s just bad.

Much like my review of Pupa so many years back now, Legend of Duo is an anime series that has a really interesting set up and it even tries to go the deep philosophical route of story telling comparing the vampire who revealed the secret cure to humanity to Prometheus from Greek mythology who was punished for bringing fire to humans. All this is lost however on rushed story telling, blase animation and character design it just comes across as the most boring anime I have ever watched.

If you are curious about this mess of an anime it is fully available to watch on Youtube, but I would not recommend it, seriously I would rather sit through a Twilight marathon than this garbage again.

Synthetic Lover Game Demo Review

video game, yaoi

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read my review of the original Ai no Kusabi anime, that when you mix sci-fi cyberpunk and yaoi, you get my attention very quickly. It is a mix of genres that I thoroughly enjoy so when I was asked on Twitter by the creators of this kickstarter to check out their game I was very happy to give it a go.

Set in the distant future of 2066 biologically engineered humanoids make up a large portion of the workforce. In this story you play as a Synthetic Lover (basically a high end escort) who one day after coming in contact with a strange object begins to feel that something is off because he is beginning to actually feel things, emotions and what even seems to be an opinion of his own.

Sentience, intelligence and a moral compass all within an AI are story elements I adore being explored, much like within one of my favourite books as a teen Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and I can not help but see a little inspiration from this story coming through within the world shown in the demo of this game.

Once complete the game promises full voice acting, deep character relationships and development – I can not wait to learn more about Terrance he was my fave character in the demo, multiple endings and plenty of nsfw intimate scenes. A small part of me was a little disappointed that there was not a preview of the nsfw art in the demo but that was really my only complaint for what I got to play.

I enjoyed what I played of this demo and very much hope the developers can reach their goal on kickstarter to finish their project. If this sounds like something you would like to check out and support please follow the link below.

Synthetic Lover Kickstarter

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Dub Vs ReDub


The original Neon Genesis Evangelion is my second all time favourite anime, the first being Serial Experiments Lain. Bet you were expecting a boys love anime? Well my third favourite is Loveless, but I don’t consider that series completely boys love. It is not until my fourth favourite anime that we reach yaoi and that goes to the original Ai no Kusabi anime, but that whole list is for another post.

When it was announced that the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series was coming to Netflix, I was excited because for many western fans in recent decades it has not been the easiest of series to access since the fall of ADV, rest in peace ADV because they did some of my favourite dubs. Then they announced that they were redubbing the series and I was like, ok this might not be a bad thing though I will admit I was a little disappointed I would not get to hear Spike Spencer as Shinji, but still I was looking forward to re-watching the series. Maybe this dub will be more accurate to the original Japanese was my thought. I mean let’s face it most nineties dubs were not well known to be accurate to the source material, so I was still ok with it.

Then I watched it.

And to be completely honest, in my opinion it was not that bad. My only real complaint really was that Shinji sounded more like a teenage girl at the beginning of the series than a teenage boy. Seriously that was my only complaint. All the other voice casting I loved, especially – and I already know this is an unpopular opinion but I liked Stephanie McKeon as Asuka Langley Soryu. Asuka is my least favourite anime character ever, I can not stand her and find her beyond annoying and obnoxious, but at least in this dub I found her voice less, let’s say grating on my ears. No offense Tiffany Grant who was her original English voice actress at all, I just very much preferred Stephanie’s take on the character.

Cue the hate comments from all the Asuka fans, I’m sorry but I really really really can not stand this girl I had a bully in primary school that made my life hell that had a personality almost exact to Asuka.

Then came the biggest accusation that has hit the show, that episode 24 has been ‘straight washed’ and to be honest, as soon as I heard about this ‘controversy’ and started reading articles about it, to be honest I just rolled my eyes at the whole thing. I must confess when I sat down to rewatch this series, before watching any other episode I sat down and watched ep 24, because well Kowaru is my fave character in the series. Now here me out on this one because a lot of people who know me know that one of my all time favourite ships is that of Kaworu Nagisa and Shinji Ikari and I love that moment they share in the bath in this episode.

But to be fair the translation for that scene is kind of right in both versions. There are many different ways to say I love you in Japanese but I’m not very good at explaining things like language differences and such but luckily there is a very awesome video on Youtube that explains the language barrier of this scene.

Does the change in the script take away from this moment between the characters and make the scene less queer? In my opinion no, the relationship between the two characters remains the same through the end of the series and the End of Evangelion movie, the subtext of the scene is still there. Plus if the anime is not ‘queer’ enough for you there is still the countless doujinshi and fanfiction you can read. So your ship is not as validated as you thought it was, so what?

Do I think the Netflix redub is worth watching? As a huge Evangelion fan I have to say yes and I do not see a problem with it being an introduction to the franchise to the new generation of anime fans who have yet to discover this amazing anime classic. Personally I would love to see more re-releases of older anime faves rather than remakes.