Kyoto Animation – Just Damn…

This is a big blow to the anime community and has left so many of us in a state of shock and horror to the anime community world wide. There is not an anime viewer in the world today that has not watched an anime from Kyoto Animation.

From classics from the early 2000’s like Munto and Air, to the titles that had everyone knowing who KyoAni were with titles like Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Clannad.

To modern masterpieces of the anime genre like A Silent Voice and Violet Evergarden. This is an anime company that has made an impact on all our lives within the anime community. We all share memories of the first time we discovered anime by them and we all have our favorites and it won’t come as a surprise as to what this fujoshi’s favorite KyoAni show is.

Of course it is Free Iwatobi Swim Club! This show was more than fan service to me though, it is a story about mending friendships and finding out just what being free can mean to someone and that sometimes what may be freeing and liberating to one person, could be a personal hell for another.

The recent attack on the Kyoto Animation Studio, has been a big blow to all of us within the anime community, the loss of so many lives is always a tragedy but when it is the creators of the world we all have loved so much, it’s like losing a part of ourselves within the chaos.

However, we are all part of one hell of an amazing community who has already rallied it’s people and started raising money to help those in need from this tragedy. You just have to look at all the money already raised over on the GoFundMe page set up by Sentai Filmworks and the countless amazing tribute videos that have already been pouring in from the community. Digibro’s video in particular, aptly titled The Damage is Coming, brought tears to my eyes.

To Kyoto Animation I give them my thanks for bringing us some of the most amazing anime I have ever watched and to the anime community I want to say thank you for giving us all a little bit of faith in the generosity of strangers and humanity.


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