I Love You Colonel Sanders – Game Review

It feels like nearly every piece of entertainment these days is some commentary on this, a deconstruction of that or has some message behind it that is the latest political commentary trend that everyone is talking about. Sometimes you just want entertainment that is just good old fashioned stupid fun and that is exactly what I Love You Colonel Sanders is.

Over the past few months I have been playing a lot of VN games. Many of these games I have a lot to write about and I plan to but right now I want to talk about the Colonel because this game was just so much fun to play!

Now I don’t know if the fact that my first job was working for KFC gave me an advantage while playing this game but I found all the quiz sections of the game very easy, but I have noticed others who have done let’s plays of the game have had a little trouble with some of the questions so who knows really. Personally I just found this game a lot of fun! The only sad thing is there really is not much replay value to the game its very linear but for such a fun little game you don’t need anything too deep. Now for another game I am reviewing this month well that’s another story.

Yes you read that right my readers I have a few reviews planned for this month, but wanted to start things off with a cute little review of a cute little game I can’t recommend enough since it’s free on steam! See you all again real soon.


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