Why You Should Back The Mister Versatile Kickstarter!

You like superheroes right? Of course you do who does not like superheroes in this day and age. There is nothing more enjoyable for many of us than watching a good superhero flick or reading a comic for a fun in depth story. Sometimes however it’s not the story that catches our attention for those superhero comics and movies, it’s not the plot that brings us in. Come on you can admit it, were are all equally dirty minded here, I’m not going to judge on something I too enjoy.

Rippling muscles in skin tight costumes, biceps, pecks, abs and a nice ass is always a plus on any superhero and if you are lucky and thirsty enough the costume is just as tight on the front as well, if you catch my drift. There has always been a homoerotic undertone to superheroes that has inspired original comics like The Young Protectors (which is still my favourite long running web comics) to the gorgeous artwork of artists like Joe Phillips. One place I have not seen these themes with superheroes though is a game or visual novel with an openly gay superhero protaganist and that is what you have in store with Mister Versatile.

The latest project from Y Press Games, the lovely company behind Morning Dew Farms and To Trust an Incubus, two games I have thoroughly enjoyed is currently working on Mister Versatile a yaoi visual novel based in a world of superheroes! In the game you play as the superhero Mister Versatile, whose appearance in my opinion is a cross between Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man and Don Daimont from Bold and the Beautiful, which is a yummy combination.

He is a lone wolf superhero who refuses to work with others even though other superheroes really want to work with him. These other superheroes include a silver fox by the name of Captain Crush and a rookie fanboy twink who goes by the superhero name Chihuahua.

The demo also gives a brief preview of the story of the game, which includes a cute twink having trouble with a very sexy symbiote, your arch enemy having just broken out of prison and hints at the hero having a dark past that could explain why he insists on working alone. The finished game promises animated sequences (here’s hoping it’s for some of the naughty scenes), four different routes, partial voice acting, 12 endings, an original soundtrack and Steam achievements as well as a few stretch goals.

One minor complaint I do have about the demo, the opening sequence to the game the text flies across the screen so fast that it made it very hard to read and I am noticing this is an issue some let’s players of the game have had as well.

As of the day of this post going live there are 50 days left to back this amazing project over on Kickstarter and if this sounds like the kind of yaoi game you would love to play, I can not recommend enough backing this project, but don’t take just my word for it check out the game demo yourself on either Steam or Ich.io.


7 thoughts on “Why You Should Back The Mister Versatile Kickstarter!

  1. I sort of liked To trust an incubus. With sort of I mean that I didn’t particularly cared for the endings. They felt too rushed and unfinished. The sex was alright though and the art was great (even though they changed the artist in the middle of the project which was a shame but circumstances are circumstances). Maybe this game will be a bit better. I like superheroes and the art looks great.


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