Welcome to Fujocon 2020!

In this time of social isolation a lot of us are sad that we are having to miss out on anime and other pop culture conventions, a highlight of the year for many of us within many a fandom. The call has been answered online with many conventions moving to being big online events, which has been pretty awesome. For example I got to attend German Comic Con this year for the first and probably only time ever… or to be more exact an online meet and greet they had with the one and only Robin Lord Taylor through their Instagram account which was soo awesome!

For all us fujoshi and fudanshi stuck in isolation at the moment there is now a con just for us and that is Fujocon 2020 hosted by the lovely BL Garden of DFW who host the lovely yaoi and fujoshi podcast 8OH1 which I must confess I am a huge fan of and one of my favourite ways to relax lately is putting on an episode of the podcast and listening while I soak in a hot bath.

But what is Fujocon I hear you asking? Running July 11-12 2020 it is a virtual gathering of like minded individuals with a love of all things yaoi and Boys Love! Now before continuing I feel I must inform you my reader that yes this is an 18+ only event. Now I know many of us start our yaoi journey younger than we should but with the content that will be within this con it is understandable why it would be an Adult Only online event.

Like any convention the con will include panels, fan meetups, a cosplay competition, artist alley and some games that have yet to be announced. The last one has me really curious and I can not wait to find out what fun will be in store for the games!

Now the most important question, how do you attend the con? The con itself is being held on the Fujocon website and will include activities using Discord, Zoom and Twitch. It is highly recommended that to keep up with all updates about what is happening and when to follow the official Fujocon and BL Garden of DFW social media pages.

I am really looking forward to this event and who knows maybe I will see you there at Fujocon 2020!

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