The Titan’s Bride Anime Trailer

Well this is an interesting development that has me both curious and a little worried. To those who do not know The Titan’s Bride is a popular yaoi isekai web manga posted on Coolmic which is a very similar site to Lezhin comics only with Japanese created content instead of Korean and for the last few months The Titan’s Bride has gained quite the cult following behind it.

So why am I worried by this amazingly animated trailer for a popular yaoi manga? Well it has mostly to do with the fact that at the end of the trailer they clearly state this is going to be a T.V anime series. Now I have nothing against boys love stories getting television anime series, my worry for this comes with the fact that The Titan’s Bride is a pretty hardcore yaoi title. There is a lot of yaoi fun times with at times dubious consent behind them and well if this is going to be aired on Japanese television even at in a late night block, well this is going to be anime that will be very heavily censored. I just hope that if this is the case that with the DVD / Blu Ray release of this anime we will get an uncensored version of the show.


3 thoughts on “The Titan’s Bride Anime Trailer

  1. I read The Titan’s Bride a few months ago and didn’t initially like it… but then it grew on me. I’m weirdly a bit of a scandalized maiden when it comes to BL anime since it makes things a bit too “real” for me compared to manga (haha, ik ik!). I max out at BL games and VNs, basically, so a more censored anime is more appealing for me personally, but I’m guessing I’m an outlier in this respect. Hard agree that there oughta be two versions if it does get censored to filth; it would be a let down for people who want // have been anticipating the whole shebang otherwise.

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