It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream – BL Manga Review

There are a lot of angst filled yaoi and boys love manga out there. From problematic tropes and depressing stories of heart break and sometimes this is what you want to read. I myself enjoy a well written dark and angst filled story, but reading these kind of stories all the time can get very draining. When you hit this drained out point you just want to read something a little bit fluffy that still pulls at your heart strings but gives you those happy ending butterflies that only a good story can give you and I recently read the most adorable boys love manga over on Futekiya called It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream by Ayu Yamane.

Yamane’s art style is very different to the art of a lot of other boys love manga artists. The best way I can describe her art style is very simplified and round. Her characters though adults are drawn very cutely but you can still tell that the characters are adults and behind her adorable art style are some very beautiful and powerful boys love stories. I have only read a few of her works on Futekiya but it was It’s Fine Even If It’s a Dream that I enjoyed most. Probably because of my love for melodramatic love stories with a happy ending.

It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream tells the story salary man Kiyosaki who is transferred to a branch of his company out in the countryside after he is accused of sexual harassment from a work colleague, something he is adamant he did not do, but at the same time he does not seem to want to defend himself from the allegations. While getting use to his new job location and how quiet the new location is he slowly begins to befriend Sou a very quiet local cook and as the two get to know each other they slowly learn to trust and love each other and begin to grow a life together.

It is a simple and sweet story with just enough drama to keep you hooked but is filled to the brim with cute fluffy moments that just leave you going aww, so if you are looking for a lighter read within the boys love genre that avoids many of the problematic tropes of the genre then this is the perfect read and best of all you can legally read it over at Futekiya!



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