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Been a while since I have done one of these tagged posts. Not because I have not been tagged and to those who tag me and I don’t respond, I apologize for not taking part but a lot of it comes down to if I have time to take part and whether or not I have done the tag before and whether the subject of the tag peeks my interest, and this one certainly does. A big thank you to Anime Rants for the nomination always happy to see your likes and comments on my posts!

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Why Yaoi?

Why I Started Blogging, Or Why I Started Yaoi Playground

When I first started reading blog posts, most of the blogs I read were anime blogs and I loved reading other peoples reviews of anime and manga as well as watching YouTube videos on the subject, but the more I read and watch there was something I quickly began to notice. The anime review community was very much an echo chamber of people sharing a lot of the same opinions, talking and writing about the same manga and anime, most of it was the mainstream popular titles than people wanted to talk about to ‘get the views’ and to be honest a lot of these series they were covering though I would consider myself a casual fan of a lot of it none of it was what I loved, that being boys love and yaoi.

Boys Love and especially the yaoi side of things (you know the 18+ stuff) no one was openly taking a critical eye to. You would get the occasional comment about how ‘toxic’ the yaoi shipping community was or people going on and on about how problematic as a whole the genre was. No one talked about the wholesome side of the community, nobody talked about the true works of arts and masterpieces within the genre. These were discussions I wanted to see in the anime and manga community and I still do, that is why I started this blog.

I wanted to and still do want to talk about what is important to the yaoi community. I want to talk about upcoming projects that have the community excited, I want to talk about the importance of fanfiction and fanart within our community. I want to break the stereotypes people have for what makes a yaoi fan!

Two Important Pieces of Advice to New Bloggers

Do what you love! There is no point blogging about something you do not love or are not passion about because if you do the burnout will happen fast and you will quickly lose your motivation to blog and this goes without saying but if you go into blogging expecting to make money quick you are going to very quickly be disappointed. Before you grow your audience you need to know what you want to write, if you have to bend and change your passions to keep your audience then maybe this is not for you.

Burnout will happen and that is OK. No matter how much passion and love you have for what you do, you will eventually hit a wall, you will feel burnt out. It happens to all of us and that is OK. It is ok to take a step back and give yourself a break if you need it, your blog is not going anywhere it will still be here when you get back and your readers who support you will be here when you get back to. Don’t feel obligated to post subpar work just because you have a blogging schedule to stick to. Rushed work will be forever bad, take your time to make something you are proud of.

Nomination Time!

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Chilling Killing Stalking Animation Test


Earlier this week mOss, the creator of the upcoming Killing Stalking 3D animated series decided to share an animation test of Yoon Bum and even though the model does not have hair yet. It is just a short animation test, but in just a few seconds of animation of this model, it really captures the character of Yoonbum in the Killing Stalking series, his mental instability and paranoia all show in the animation.

Through the release of this test animation, I have noticed some good and bad within the Killing Stalking community and first I would like to cover the bad. Since being uploaded on the creator’s official YouTube channel the video has been downloaded and re-uploaded on YouTube and other platforms repeatedly even though the creator has asked for this not to happen. When I share work of others on this blog I always make sure to give credit where credit is due and when it comes to video content will only share a video on here if it is from the original source and not a re-upload. This is because what I share here is material and projects that I want to support and I support those projects by sharing them.

Now the good news. When the character models were first revealed for Sangwoo and Yoonbum were first revealed I saw a lot of comments within the Killing Stalking community that a lot of people hated the designs. I honestly did not understand why there was so much hate because going from 2D to 3D I thought the models were pretty dead on point, well minus the hair of course, but now that this animation has been released a lot of people have said they like the designs. I myself put this down perhaps to the lack on detail on polish on the early designs, if you look at the ones that were first shared and the video about you can definitely see a greater level of detail in the design. I am so happy that this test animation has put so many people at ease for the character design and I look forward to seeing what comes next in this amazing project.

Lust -Fantasy- Yaoi Manga Review


If one thing has become obvious from my reviews over the years here on Yaoi Playground have shown anything, it is that I am a sucker for unrequited and tragic love stories within the yaoi genre. My favorite animes of the genre include the original Ai no Kusabi and Winter Cicada and one of my all-time favorite one-shot manga is Isle of Forbidden Love, an underrated gem of the genre that I see no one ever talk about, and Lust -Fantasy- by Makuno is another beautiful yaoi story that I can add to the list of me instantly falling in love with.

The artwork for this manga like all of Makuna’s artwork, in my opinion, is absolutely gorgeous that balances the line between cute and sexy, after all, it was the adorable cover for this title than initially caught my attention. The cover features Yukio the person who Kousuke respects and loves more than anyone in the world, but he treasures the friendship so much that he fears coming forward with his feelings could have him lose the one he cares for most. So he keeps his lustful fantasies of his friend to himself to the point that this fantasy has become almost a second life to him in his mine where he lives with his beloved Yukio as his will sex slave. Your heart can not help but go out for Kousuke and I found myself just wishing he would confess to Yukio.

There are a lot of BDSM elements within this story, but all the fantasies are shown to be with consent and I love this positive representation of a BDSM lifestyle within a yaoi manga, even if it is just a fantasy I am really glad this was a not a yaoi story with a rape fantasy. A consenting partner is always more appealing to me in this kind of story. When I first read the synopsis for this manga, a part of me was worried this was going to go into the realms of obsession and stalker-like behavior bordering on yandere, and though I do sometimes enjoy these kinds of stories sometimes you just want to read a BDSM story that is just filled with fluffy feels.

Being a one-shot this is manga over on Futekiya is a good quick yaoi fix without any problematic themes, so if you are looking for something a little spicier than just a cute love story with a small touch of angst maybe just maybe this will be something you will enjoy reading.

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Why I Dropped The Titan’s Bride Anime


My expectations for this anime adaptation were low to begin with, but that should come as no surprise from my reaction to the series trailer. With each episodes short run time much of the plot is either removed or simply glossed over and yet both episode one and two feel like they just drag on.

The interesting world building of the source material is near non existent and many of the yaoi aspects of the story are removed in the censored version, but the uncensored version of the episodes are not much better with just a little extra moaning added to the scenes.

This is a bad anime adaptation and comes across as a quick cash grab on the popularity of The Titan’s Bride story and you are better off sticking to the source material on this utter mess of an anime.

BL Metamorphosis Vol. 1 – Manga Review


You are never too old for fandom, whether you are sixteen or sixty if you find enjoyment in something you love, then enjoy it! Within reason of course, I’ve got nothing against teenagers reading boys love, but when it comes to the more hardcore 18+ yaoi side of things well I have made my stance on this part of the fandom very clear, but one of the coolest things about many fandoms is the fact that many fandoms can bridge the generations and have people interacting with people from an older or younger generation and finding friendships they never knew they could have. Some of the greatest of friendships I have made in fandoms have been with other fans ten to twenty years older and some even older than that and BL Metamorphosis Vol 1 shows the beginning of one of these amazing friendships.

Ichinoi is a seventy-five year old widower who is just going through her daily life with nothing overly exciting, but as the world around her continues to change – Cafe’s she has fond memories of visiting closing down for good she finds herself intrigued by the world of boys love manga when she decides on a whim to purchase a boys love manga to ease her boredom. The art style reminds her of the kind of manga she read when she was younger and she goes in looking for some nostalgia and upon finishing her first boys love manga she finds herself hooked and wanting to read more!

Urara is a high school girl who considers herself a veteran of the boys love genre and I would consider the girl a closeted fujoshi because she hides her love of the genre from her classmates at school. She comes across as very shy and awkward around those who own age, but gets along well with her work colleagues at the bookstore and yes this is the bookstore where the elderly Ichinoi made her first purchase and when she returns to the store to look for the second volume of the story the two begin talking and a tentative new friendship begins.

When I was a teenager, I loved reading classical literature which was something none of my classmates where interested in. I spent a lot of my free time at the local library and ended up talking to and making friends with a lot of the local seniors. In the years of volunteer work I have done in various op shops it was the senior staff that accepted me more so than the people my own age bracket. Inter generational friendships are something to truly be cherished and I look forward to seeing the one within this story continuing.