Chilling Killing Stalking Animation Test

Earlier this week mOss, the creator of the upcoming Killing Stalking 3D animated series decided to share an animation test of Yoon Bum and even though the model does not have hair yet. It is just a short animation test, but in just a few seconds of animation of this model, it really captures the character of Yoonbum in the Killing Stalking series, his mental instability and paranoia all show in the animation.

Through the release of this test animation, I have noticed some good and bad within the Killing Stalking community and first I would like to cover the bad. Since being uploaded on the creator’s official YouTube channel the video has been downloaded and re-uploaded on YouTube and other platforms repeatedly even though the creator has asked for this not to happen. When I share work of others on this blog I always make sure to give credit where credit is due and when it comes to video content will only share a video on here if it is from the original source and not a re-upload. This is because what I share here is material and projects that I want to support and I support those projects by sharing them.

Now the good news. When the character models were first revealed for Sangwoo and Yoonbum were first revealed I saw a lot of comments within the Killing Stalking community that a lot of people hated the designs. I honestly did not understand why there was so much hate because going from 2D to 3D I thought the models were pretty dead on point, well minus the hair of course, but now that this animation has been released a lot of people have said they like the designs. I myself put this down perhaps to the lack on detail on polish on the early designs, if you look at the ones that were first shared and the video about you can definitely see a greater level of detail in the design. I am so happy that this test animation has put so many people at ease for the character design and I look forward to seeing what comes next in this amazing project.


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