Blogger Recognition Award 2020

Been a while since I have done one of these tagged posts. Not because I have not been tagged and to those who tag me and I don’t respond, I apologize for not taking part but a lot of it comes down to if I have time to take part and whether or not I have done the tag before and whether the subject of the tag peeks my interest, and this one certainly does. A big thank you to Anime Rants for the nomination always happy to see your likes and comments on my posts!

Here are the rules for this post!

Thank the person who nominated you and feature a link to their blog in your award post.

Post the award banner somewhere on your blog.

Share the reason why you started your blog.

Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.

Nominate a maximum of fifteen other bloggers.

Tell your nominees about your award post so they can participate!

Why Yaoi?

Why I Started Blogging, Or Why I Started Yaoi Playground

When I first started reading blog posts, most of the blogs I read were anime blogs and I loved reading other peoples reviews of anime and manga as well as watching YouTube videos on the subject, but the more I read and watch there was something I quickly began to notice. The anime review community was very much an echo chamber of people sharing a lot of the same opinions, talking and writing about the same manga and anime, most of it was the mainstream popular titles than people wanted to talk about to ‘get the views’ and to be honest a lot of these series they were covering though I would consider myself a casual fan of a lot of it none of it was what I loved, that being boys love and yaoi.

Boys Love and especially the yaoi side of things (you know the 18+ stuff) no one was openly taking a critical eye to. You would get the occasional comment about how ‘toxic’ the yaoi shipping community was or people going on and on about how problematic as a whole the genre was. No one talked about the wholesome side of the community, nobody talked about the true works of arts and masterpieces within the genre. These were discussions I wanted to see in the anime and manga community and I still do, that is why I started this blog.

I wanted to and still do want to talk about what is important to the yaoi community. I want to talk about upcoming projects that have the community excited, I want to talk about the importance of fanfiction and fanart within our community. I want to break the stereotypes people have for what makes a yaoi fan!

Two Important Pieces of Advice to New Bloggers

Do what you love! There is no point blogging about something you do not love or are not passion about because if you do the burnout will happen fast and you will quickly lose your motivation to blog and this goes without saying but if you go into blogging expecting to make money quick you are going to very quickly be disappointed. Before you grow your audience you need to know what you want to write, if you have to bend and change your passions to keep your audience then maybe this is not for you.

Burnout will happen and that is OK. No matter how much passion and love you have for what you do, you will eventually hit a wall, you will feel burnt out. It happens to all of us and that is OK. It is ok to take a step back and give yourself a break if you need it, your blog is not going anywhere it will still be here when you get back and your readers who support you will be here when you get back to. Don’t feel obligated to post subpar work just because you have a blogging schedule to stick to. Rushed work will be forever bad, take your time to make something you are proud of.

Nomination Time!

I Nominate the following amazing bloggers and have linked my favourite posts from them with their nomination that are so worth checking out!

Irina – I Drink and Watch Anime

Matthew – Matt in the Hat

Fred – This is My Place

Lita – Lita Kino Anime Corner


6 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award 2020

  1. Wow! Thanks. I don’t know about other people but getting a nomination gives me a little pop of endorphins. Makes me feel a little bit validated. When it comes from someone I really respect, that makes it even better.

    In the world outside of blogging, if there were nominations circulating around I am the kind of person who would never get nominated. Either I’m too quiet and nobody ever notices me or I let my Aspie nature and interests out to play and I’d be annoying.

    It also makes it easier to figure out my next post.


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  3. Thank you for choosing me in this award post. I will admit, I have gotten burned out because of me dealing with real life stuff at home and my job. Sometimes I do my best to take deep breathes and unplug myself from online. I can’t wait to share with you my answers.


    • I can relate to the burnout my volunteer work has gone crazy recently due to so many people needing help atm by the time I get home I just don’t have the energy to write except working on other projects hope things smooth out for you at home though

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree with you. I been burned out from my job and from my family. I don’t get a lot of me time. I don’t have the energy or motivation to write my projects. However, whenever I am free, I try to come here.


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