Why I Stopped Watching Seasonal Anime

The short answer is that it became a chore and I was beginning to get to the point where I was not enjoying anime anymore, yeah that is a scary thought but it was true. The moment something you love begins to feel like a burden you have to step back and tell yourself, what can I do to bring the enjoyment back for me?

Ever since I started streaming content as my main source of entertainment I have found myself becoming a binger when I sit down to watch any kind of series anime or otherwise. I just can not sit down and watch a single episode of a series these days and the truth is I don’t really take part that often in the current discussions about ongoing anime series ever since I left the r/anime subreddit over two years ago now. The last time I took part in such discussions was during the airing of Yuri on Ice and the debate on whether or not the series was a boys love series or not, if you have read my review on the series you would know my answer to that one and it just might surprise you. This season I even tried to watch a series weekly, that being The Titan’s Bride and well I have already dropped that one mostly for it’s annoying pacing and heavy censorship of the source material.

I know not watching what is currently airing might put me at a slight disadvantage to other anime bloggers because I won’t always be writing about the current hot trend, but with what I focus on here as a whole that being yaoi and boys love I don’t really see that as a real issue. Sorry if this post is kind of rambling and short but this was just something I wanted to write and post.


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