Synthetic Lover Trailer Released

Last year I reviewed the demo of the upcoming yaoi game Synthetic Lover and it was a demo that intrigued me about the story of this upcoming cyberpunk mystery yaoi visual novel. Three words that make this fujoshi swoon when uttered together Cyberpunk, mystery and of course yaoi! I have been waiting with anticipation and hoping that the Kickstarter would reach its goal and it would become a full game and now that the trailer is here I am even more excited.

Confession my readers, I love cyberpunk and I especially love cyberpunk stories that explore the moral ambiguity of Artificial intelligence. It’s why the light novel series Ai no Kusabi is my all time favourite piece of yaoi media, why my favourite video game of last year was Detroit Become Human and why I loved the over arching conflict in Fallout 4, so let’s just say I am really looking forward to this game… as well as a certain other game that keeps getting its release date pushed back.


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