Why You Should Support Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel


Long time readers of Yaoi Playground will know my love for Y Press Games as well as the work of author Yamila Abraham, but what you don’t know is that my favourite work of hers is a series of light novels available on Kindle titled Maelstrom. Released back in 2014 the first volume of this series was one of my very first Kindle purchases and has been a title I have wanted to write about for a while and with the announcement of this game I plan to very soon. So when Y Press Games announced they had a game in the works titled Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel I could not help but smile because it meant I would be able to once again enter the world of planet Secren and with the story moving from a light novel to a visual novel with diverging routes it means further exploration of this fascinating world.

Then I saw the character designs for the game with the release of the demo and it has me even more excited with beautiful character designs from artist duo Dany&Dany and I knew I had to download the demo and give it a play and I am optimistically cautious with my excitement for the game, mostly because of my playthrough of the last Y Press Games release.

My biggest complaint of their last release Mister Versatile was the lack luster plot of the game over all and the one note characters. Don’t get me wrong it is a very entertaining game to play with some gorgeous character designs, artwork and some really hot scenes and for some players that is enough but I went in expecting maybe a little too much from the plot, something I really hope does not happen with Maelstrom and from the game demo it most certainly looks like this will be a more plot heavy game.

The demo for Maelstrom opens with you as the main character Demetri a former soldier at the beginning of a twenty year sentence for disobeying orders and I like that the opening gives us a look at the mental state his current incarceration has left him in and the decision is made for him for his sentence to be finished on planet Secren for his own mental health, but this comes with a catch. He has to find a mate for his own protection and this will mean partnering with another male which is not something Demetri is comfortable with, then add to the fact that on this alien world is a phenomenon known as Lightening which can cause a strong pull between those who are meant to be and let’s just say my curiosity is peaked, after all soul mates is always a story theme that peaks my interest and it is rare to find it outside of fanfiction works, even more so than omegaverse these days with that becoming its own whole separate genre within romance fiction these days.

Within the demo we are introduced to three possible characters to romance. Helix who was the sole love interest in the original novel series is the owner of the largest mine on the planet and treats all his workers underneath him right. He is a hero type with a kind heart.

Then there is Zheng-Li the one in charge of the planet who sees workers criminal or otherwise as disposable assets to do with as he pleases who seems he would treat a partner exactly the same as if they were beneath him as well. In my playthrough of the demo there seemed to be an intriguing level of chemistry between him and Helix or more to the point Helix is someone he wants and I hope this is explored in the full game.

The last possible partner is the one that intrigued me the most and that was Jader one of the local rustlers who also happen to be cannibals, he takes an interest in Demetri due to Lightening. He is not happy with his life as a rustler and comes across as a victim of circumstance and I am very curious to find out more about him in the future. There is also a fourth possible route not featured in the demo for a character named Sawyer but very little info has been released about this character as of yet.

The game promises four different routes which most likely means very linier storytelling for each characters routes, but if the story is engaging enough then this is fine by me. I personally would rather play a game that is more linier with a stronger story than a game with many routes with a story that becomes over tedious or has a repetitive plot that just swaps out one character for another but has no real effect on the finale of the story.

If this sounds like a game you would love to support then please go check out the indiegogo page (they need just under another thousand dollars to make the game!) and for the game or if you want to try out the demo for yourself first then you can check it out here.

If you want to know more about the world of Maelstrom keep an eye on this blog because next Sunday I will be releasing my review of the novel series, until then my fellow yaoi and boys love lovers out there!

2021 Plans Revealed!!!


Greetings and salutations fellow yaoi and boys love lovers, I am your Mistress of Yaoi and I would like to make this little post about what I have planed for the blog this year. First of all I have decided on what my main focus for this year will be and I have decided I want to do more to support the creators out there of the genre I love as well as other fans!

2021 will be the year where here at Yaoi Playground where I will stand by official releases of the media I love and I will get into more by what I mean by that in the next couple of weeks, I will also be putting a spotlight once again on the fans that love this genre. I plan to make 2021 a year of positivity and growth of what I love most and I want to begin this with the official announcement of my biggest project ever!

I am still trying to search for the perfect name for this project so if you my loyal readers have any suggestions I would love to hear from you or if perhaps you would like to take part in this project please feel free to let me know below.

2020 Faves


I know this post is a little late but here we go!

It would be an understatement at this point to say that 2020 was a shit year for a lot of people. From the year starting with half my home country on fire to Covid-19 basically shutting down the world it has not been an easy year. This was also my first year without my father which has brought it’s own emotional challenges, but I want to start 2021 right by talking about some of my favourite things from 2020, so that I can remember the good.

Anime wise I found 2020 to be a very meh year over all. The series I was looking forward to the most was delayed, that being the previously announced for 2020 anime release of Ten Count and the other I had been looking forward to The Titan’s Bride was a huge disappointment in more ways than one. Not to say I did not watch some awesome anime this year. Dorohedoro over on Netflix is a series I have rewatched countless times throughout the year and has given me a good laugh, especially any scene with the hilarious Ebisu, and though delayed upon premiering Balance: Unlimited once it started releasing episodes again was also a very enjoyable watch for me. The stand out anime of the year for me comes down to two titles.

The first which will not come as any surprise to any fellow boys love fans out there and is probably my favourite movie of the year. I am of course talking about Twittering Birds Never Fly The Clouds Gather. This is a movie that brings together every single trope within the boys love and yaoi genre that I love. One sided love, mutual pining, a gangster story with men in suits, and an older man as a power bottom! I loved this movie so so so much. My only disappointment was there was no legal way for me to watch this year and that makes me sad because I really want to support all those who made this amazing film.

My other favourite of the year is a series that has become a true hidden gem of anime because so few people still seem to be talking about it. I can understand why with it’s slow pace it might appeal more to the slice of life anime lovers but with it’s overarching melodrama of the story that might make the series less appealing to those kind of viewers, but trust me when I say sitting down and watching The Case Files of Jeweler Richard is well worth the time investment. It is a slow pace almost calming mystery series that is a mix of mystery of the week type stories but also holds a fascinating over arching mystery that slowly unfolds. It’s the kind of anime that makes you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the quieter moments of life.

I did a lot of reading in 2020 mainly on two websites that I joined last year. After seeing them as sponsors in many of the anituber videos I have been watching I finally decided to join Bookwalker this year and found some amazing titles to read. Standouts for me include the fantasy yaoi titles Zhenniao and Monster and the Beast. The beautiful and heartbreaking story of gender identity that is Love me for Who I Am and an amazing story of friendship between generations that is BL Metamorphosis. The other site where I have been doing a lot of reading this year has been Futekiya and I have read some absolutely amazing titles there. Lover by Hana, Lust -Fantasy; by Makuno and my favourite read of the year It’s Fine Even if it’s Just A Dream by the amazing Aya Yamane who this year has become one of my favourite writers and artists within the BL genre.

One of the biggest highlights of last year for me and many others was Fujocon which was my first ever virtual convention and I am so excited of the announcement that there will be second Fujocon later this year! I had so much fun talking and laughing with fellow yaoi fans within the discord, bought some gorgeous artwork in the vendors rooms, got to watch panels in the comfort of my own bedroom that were both educational and entertaining and of course got to have so much fun playing games with everyone and I look forward to having more fun later this year once again!

Like many others through 2020 I did a lot of gaming. From playing visual novels like Naked Butlers and Sweet Pool to enjoying a few more mainstream games as well. I have been having a blast playing Animal Crossing New Horizon and of course I ship the bug and fish loving cuties Flick and C.J. as well as losing hours playing through Final Fantasy 7 Remake a game I had waited so long for and I must confess I still have not finished but am loving every time I get a chance to sit down and play.

I know 2020 was a piece of shit year it really was and sadly 2021 hasn’t started off much better, but the only thing I can see myself doing is to just keep moving forward, to keep enjoying the things I love and to keep sharing a little bit of fun with everyone so maybe our days can be just a little bit better than yesterday. A late happy new year to all my friends, fans and followers. Stay safe, don’t do anything too stupid and remember to love what you love!