Killing Stalking Animated Series – Thoughts on the Latest Preview

It’s been a while since I have talked about the ongoing project from mOss that being the upcoming Killing Stalking Animated series. Since the teaser trailers were released last year I have been keeping a close eye on this project. From the release of more teaser trailers, the latest of which sent chills down my spine because that dryer scene was one of the most suspenseful scenes within the first season of the comic in my opinion, to character models previewed and so much more. I have also had a good time talking with other Killing Stalking fans within the art livestreams for the project over on Picarto and it has been so much fun spending time with other fans who are still loving this series after it has come to an end. Plus slowly watching the world of Killing Stalking being built within these livestreams has been an amazing experience.

If you want to keep up with the updates on this project the best thing you can do is check out mOss’s twitter page which is frequently updated. In today’s post I would like to talk about the biggest update we have been shown so far. The storyboard preview for the first episode which can be watched right here.

Even though it is still just a rough storyboard it shows us a lot about the upcoming project. Not only showing us a preview of the stories opening coming to life before us but also demonstrates the voice acting and sound design that bring a whole new level of tension and unease to a story the fandom knows so well. The sound design in this preview has given me chills each and every time I have watched this preview which is absolutely amazing at how much atmosphere just the right amount of sound or lack there of can give to a scene. Also the voice actor for Bum captures just the right amount of creepy yet pathetic to his voice.

This preview has left me even more excited for this upcoming project.


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