Enzai Falsely Accused – Yaoi Visual Novel Review


First released in Japan in September of 2002 and then just a few years later getting an official English release in 2006 followed in 2009 with an official release in China, Enzai Falsely Accused has over the years earned itself a bit of a cult following within certain yaoi and boys love circles as well as infamy in others. For in the west in the the mid to late 2000’s a new kind of yaoi fan was emerging and this game was for many a first step into the world of yaoi visual novels; and this wasn’t a light step into the shallows this is a title that dived head first into depravity and many from that era of the yaoi fandom have many a bad flashback to this game. That being said many playing the game at the time were still teenagers and not necessarily old enough for this kind of content. So that begs the question is this game as fucked up as many would make you believe? How has this game aged since its release in the early 2000’s and if it is so bad why does it still have fans today? This is Enzai Falsely Accused.

insert Vietnam flashback meme here

I went into this visual novel expecting some edgy yaoi story set in a prison with a lot of rape and torture; and yes, you will find those themes within this game. There are some truly horrific depictions of torture and rape in this game not unlike another title I reviewed here last year, however unlike Hadaka Shitsuji which is a game that is sadistic for the sake of being sadistic Enzai surprised me throughout my playthrough with the level of heart and sweet moments found within it’s many routes and some of the best written characters I have found in a yaoi visual novel yet.

The story of the game takes place in post-revolutionary France during the early 19th century though an exact date is never given. You play as Guys a young man barely out of his childhood who while out with friends one day is caught shop lifting and then charged with murder and locked away for life. It is not a stretch to say that many plot and story elements within this game can escalate very quickly within the game. One minute you are talking to your friends in the courtyard and the next minute you are being dragged to the torture chambers within the prison for some extreme torture that involves Guys being hung from the ceiling by chains.

Being just barely an adult Guys will come across as very naïve for the first half of many of the routes within the game and depending on which route you choose you will see him grow into either a confident man who over comes some horrible traumas and come out the other end with at the very least a happy ending or you will see him become an emotionally broken doll who wishes for death, the choice really is up to you, with the exception of your first playthrough.

In order to get all the endings you have to get ending one first which is the most basic of story routes where you must prove your innocence by gathering evidence by any means necessary and survive your time in prison, do not focus on any romance options for this first playthrough is my best advice because once you get the first good ending for the game or ending 1 as the game calls it more routes are opened to you including a hidden romance option that will not turn up until you have completed ending 1. You can still get bad endings on your first run so be careful with your choices, it took me five attempts before I got ending 1 but once I did and started getting the other routes that is when my real enjoyment came from the game, including unlocking a secret character that will only appear after this ending and under very specific choices.

There are a total of eleven different ending within the game to unlock within the game with a mix of good and bad endings and I found all of them well written, I especially enjoyed that through playing through the different routes you find out more about not only the prison but as well as side stories that include political sabotage and war crimes and you don’t just learn about the characters whose route’s you are playing but also learn about others within the prison. One of my favourite characters which I was very disappointed I could not romance is an insane inmate called Belbet who when talking to others about the game I came to find is quite a popular NPC within the game.

Each character you meet will slowly open up depending on the choices you make, will you help your lawyer Lusca find faith in himself again as a lawyer, fall for the charming Evan or innocent seeming Io? Or will you be pulled under the wing of the delinquent Jose? Maybe you will survive by becoming an obedient slave to the sadistic guard Durer or maybe just maybe you have enough heart to help Vallewida? Whatever choice you make you will not be disappointed by the path you choose just know that with many of the routes you will get angry and you will shed a tear for these characters.

This game made me a crying blubbering mess on a few of its sadder endings, you just want to see some of these men get their happy ending

The last positive I have to say for this game is the amazing soundtrack that fits the mood of the game and the equally amazing voice acting that is on par with titles released today. That being said one thing that pulled me out of the moment in many scenes was the sound effects within certain scenes, really drag you out of the moment and sound very unrealistic and during some of the more deplorable moments that should have had me feeling sad for Guys I found myself laughing under my breath at how bad the sound effects were, especially the sound effect for the licking of anything but that could be because of all the mukbang videos I have watched over the last year and from that knowing how fake these sounds come across.

The artwork could also be an issue for some who play the game, being of an older art style it will not be to everyone’s taste. I myself found much of the character designs beautiful when they needed to be and down right vile when they needed to be and the option to turn on or off censorship of certain body parts while playing the game was a good inclusion.

Over all I enjoyed my playthrough of Enzai though getting the secret character was a bit of a challenge for me and I did end up looking up a walkthrough to find him I found the game over all very enjoyable. As I stated in the beginning of this review all the characters were well written even the ones I ended up hating because of was hating them for being shit human beings and not just a bland boring character. If you have ten to thirty hours to spare and lets face it in this time of lockdowns many of us do I highly recommend heading over the Jast USA’s website and giving this game a try as it is also one of the most affordable BL titles on there.

finding Shion’s route was annoying but well worth it

If the story has you curious about the world of Enzai but you are not a VN fan you can go searching online for the anime adaptation of this title. Unlike certain anime adaptations of yaoi games this one stays very close to the source material and pretty much follows the story to ending one of the game with a few easter eggs from other routes sprinkled in, sadly however the anime does not have an official English release unlike the game.

Dakaichi Movie Teaser Trailer

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The anime tie in movie has been a main staple for anime watchers for a while now, a popular series will get a movie or OVA released on either Blu-ray or DVD and jut before the current pandemic cinema releases that were quite common in Japan were beginning to happen more often the west. That being said with how niche anime still is in the west it is only the big mainstream titles like anything from Dragonball or the next big Ghibli movie see a cinema release, but a yaoi fan can dream can they not?

I bring this up because the latest announced anime tie in movie, is from boys love series Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu or better known by western audiences Dakaichi: I am Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year! Very little has been revealed about the upcoming movie except for that it will be getting an Autumn (in the northern hemisphere) 2021 release date and the tag line “The movie version is threatened by the first place man that wants to be held Spain Edition”

The artwork shown in this teaser trailer plus the beautiful Spanish guitar featured in this trailer as well as the tag line at least hint at the location this film will be taking place and I was so happy to hear the voice cast from the series returning to reprise their roles which made me a very happy fan and I can wait to here more about this upcoming movie!

Top 5 Favourite Reads on Futekiya

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It should come as no big secret by this point that my absolute favourite subscription service of the last year has been to the amazing site Futekiya, an online library of legally acquired and released yaoi and boys love content! Whenever I have a chance to legally support the genre that I adore so much I will do so and it is for this reason why I want to share my top five favourite reads so far from the site.

Now this is a list of favourite, so these are to my personal reading tastes and if any of these titles need tw warnings I will mention them within the list, I am also limiting this list to one per author because otherwise a certain author would be the bulk of this list and I wanted to use this as a chance to write about some titles I have yet to write about here on Yaoi Playground.

5. I Want You So Much That I’ll Let Him Violate Me by Funa

This title is why this post features trigger warnings so before I go into what this title is about here is the list of trigger warnings for this title that will not be for everyone; dubious consent, Rape and incest between cousins. I should have hated this title, no really I should have. It encompasses so many yaoi tropes that I have stated I hate including I rape you because I love you and yet… The tragic love triangle found within this title drew me in as well as the fact it is a yaoi story that features one of my biggest kinks that being older men in suits.

The manga tells the story of Kimichika who ever since he was a young boy has had a crush that turned into love for his grandfathers android butler, but when his grandfather passes away and leaves the android to Kimichika’s cousin, well things get complicated when he reveals he knows how Kimichika feels for the android, so he makes an offer to him that if he wants to android he must do something for him in return and with a tag like love triangle you know where this story is going and the bitter ending that could almost be seen as either sweet or sad is up to the readers interpretation of what they just read.

4. Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot and Cold Rabbit by Miwa

My most recent read on this list, I must admit I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this series. I have always had a soft spot for bunny boys in my yaoi but have also had a strong dislike for the tsundere personality type when it comes to characters so titles that include these kind of characters can be a real hit or miss for me. I love how the first few chapters of this manga introduce you to the world you are stepping into with this manga, a bunny boy host club that offers extra services for a price. How the place works is easily introduced like how host boys are white rabbits and security are men in suits with black rabbit ears. Then the meat of the story begins with a strained relationship between a reluctant security bunny and a mischievous worker who takes offense to being accused of having it easy. The relationship does involve a bit of dubious consent, which can be a big no for some but this is also a manga that plays with a few kinks you do not see too often. These include bunny boy outfits, men in suits, stockings and foot play to name a few. I myself found it to be an amusing read and is worth checking out if this sounds to your taste.

3. The Midnight Association for Broken Hearts by Minamoto Kazuki

Sometimes you do not want to read a long story but you want that yaoi fix and when that happens to me I love a good yaoi anthology series, one of my all time favorite’s of these is the Yaoi Hentai series from Yaoi Press released in the 2000’s, and I have noticed in recent years I have seen less and less anthology collections so when I found The Midnight Association for Broken Hearts I was very happy to see it was a collection of various yaoi stories. Out of the stories in this anthology my favourite is most definitely the first. To heart broken men eating away their sorrows late at night at a family restaurant only to find they are both heart broken and what starts as a friendship soon turns to love, the only problem… in the bedroom they are both bottoms! The other stories are just as adorable except for the third one for me, not a fan of blackmail and dubious consent most the time… but being an anthology if that is not your taste you can just skip it!

2. Can I Buy Your Love From a Vending Machine by Yoshi Haruaki

I absolutely loved reading this manga’s chapters daily as it came out last month, if fact I loved it so much that I started my review for it the same day I finished the final chapter which you can read right here. As stated in the review I am not usually a fan of the will they won’t they romantic comedy and quite often find them downright annoying but this sweet tale of a salary man and a vending machine stocker is just so many levels of adorable and will keep you hooked from start to finish and is a perfect choice for a read if you are looking for something that is more fluffy than sexy.

1. It’s Fine If It Is Just a Dream by Ayu Yamane

The one thing I have loved most about being a subscriber to Futekiya, is finding titles and authors I would never have found before, and if I had not limited this list to one per author then every single entry on this list would have been her work, so I decided to go with the title that got me hooked on her work. The art style of their work is very different to anything else I have seen in the yaoi and BL genre and the artwork reminds me a little of a children’s picture book, but these are stories that can tackle heavy themes of loneliness and being treated as an outcast and maybe perhaps finding a happy ending with other outcasts or lonely souls. I have already given a full review of this title and it can be found here, other manga’s of theirs I can highly recommend include The Stray, Necktie and Praying Mantis and Moja & I.

I hope this list has given you some great recommendations of titles worth checking out over on Futekiya and if you have yourself have read anything on their not featured on this list let me down in the comments below and why you recommend me checking it out. Also if you would like to see more list posts like this from me let me know! And if you want to know what I am working on, currently reading or what yaoi vn’s I am currently playing check out my Twitter, but only if you are 18+ because I post and share a lot of naughty stuff.

Meet the Fans – Mary Dumas

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Welcome to another installment of Meet the Fans here on Yaoi Playground today I want to share a very special yaoi fan today who is also a yaoi author who’s work I love, one work of which has been on the back burner of reviews for me and who is living proof that a love of yaoi is not just a teenage fad!

So let’s start with you introducing yourself?

I’m Mary Dumas, I’ve used A few aliases in my time. Marina, Bishounen Judge, and Dirty Old Lady being the recent ones. I have lived outside of Boston for the past 18 years, before that Virginia and California. My sister is married to a Japanese-American, and they lived in Japan for many years. Way back when VHS tapes were the thing I would tape favorite American TV shows for them. My bro-in-law would send me manga in return. I cannot read Japanese… but the pictures were great. He sent BL as a joke once… I was officially hooked. Then he figured out how to send VHS tapes with fan subs. I have a husband I’ve been married to for 38 years. I have a son 22 and daughter 25.

What would you say is your favourite yaoi?

Okay, here’s where I have to differentiate between anime Yaoi and manga Yaoi. The anime Ai No Kusabi is the best Yaoi and the best mlm sci-fi story. The manga Banana Fish is my favorite, and I’m truly disappointed with the anime adaptation. And the manhwa Let Dai is another that was transformative.

A fellow fan with very good taste if I say so myself, nothing beats the original Ai no Kusabi anime

Being an older fan what was the fandom like when you first became a fan?

When I first discovered Yaoi I was already into Tom of Finland. Yaoi was a huge breath of air, real stories, not just sex. Of course, I’ve always been considered something of a weirdo among anime fans because of my love of Yaoi but my near hate of fanfic doujinshi.

Intriguing I must confess I have never found someone in the fandom that was not a fan of fanfic or doujinshi could you go further into why you are not a fan?

I’m not a fan of fanfic because of the ruination of a friendship in high school. It was 1975, Norman, had written a pretty good story in English class, a fantasy with a bit of romance. It won an award and it got published in the newspaper. It was a big deal, and we’d all known about it. Sheila thought it would be hilarious to rewrite the romance part so it was about Norman and his friend, Mark. She made copies and distributed them around. This was homophobic times, and to say this was a joke is to put it mildly. It ruined their friendship, and Mark moved to another school. I’ve always thought, from that time, that no one has the right to alter any other person’s creation. No matter how trivial it may seem.

Wow I can see how that would leave you with a negative taste for fanfiction. To finish this interview is there anything you would like to say to those new to the fandom? And also feel free to plug any of your own projects within the genre

Those new to Yaoi or BL will be in for a lot of fun, some great conversations with other fans of the genre, and then will no doubt add in some great reads from the MLM fiction romance novels for a wonderful ride. Now, somewhere along the line there will be someone judgmental or just uncomfortable with your choice in reading. That’s on them, they’re the ones missing the fun. Don’t let it bother or embarrass you because it just doesn’t matter. As with all things there is some BL/Yaoi that is frowned upon because of it having currently not PC content, but those stories are not the majority of the genre, so don’t let that be a label put on all of it, or you for reading it.

My own contribution to BL/Yaoi is a comedy graphic novel it took my five years to complete. “Romeo X Julien” is only available at Amazon currently, and it’s independently published. It’s hard Yaoi… lots of sex. I’m currently working on a historical Yaoi set during WW2 in Europe. That one is a soft Yaoi… you know they’re doing it, but it’s not blatant. It’s working title is “The Lucky Ones.” Thank you for allowing me to be involved in your research. It brought back some good and some difficult memories. Mary Dumas the D.O.L.L. Head… that’s Dirty Old Lady’s League.

If you would like to check out Mary’s very own yaoi title please check it out on Amazon right here to support this amazing author and fellow yaoi lover! Till next time I am your Mistress of Yaoi.