Meet the Fans – Mary Dumas

Welcome to another installment of Meet the Fans here on Yaoi Playground today I want to share a very special yaoi fan today who is also a yaoi author who’s work I love, one work of which has been on the back burner of reviews for me and who is living proof that a love of yaoi is not just a teenage fad!

So let’s start with you introducing yourself?

I’m Mary Dumas, I’ve used A few aliases in my time. Marina, Bishounen Judge, and Dirty Old Lady being the recent ones. I have lived outside of Boston for the past 18 years, before that Virginia and California. My sister is married to a Japanese-American, and they lived in Japan for many years. Way back when VHS tapes were the thing I would tape favorite American TV shows for them. My bro-in-law would send me manga in return. I cannot read Japanese… but the pictures were great. He sent BL as a joke once… I was officially hooked. Then he figured out how to send VHS tapes with fan subs. I have a husband I’ve been married to for 38 years. I have a son 22 and daughter 25.

What would you say is your favourite yaoi?

Okay, here’s where I have to differentiate between anime Yaoi and manga Yaoi. The anime Ai No Kusabi is the best Yaoi and the best mlm sci-fi story. The manga Banana Fish is my favorite, and I’m truly disappointed with the anime adaptation. And the manhwa Let Dai is another that was transformative.

A fellow fan with very good taste if I say so myself, nothing beats the original Ai no Kusabi anime

Being an older fan what was the fandom like when you first became a fan?

When I first discovered Yaoi I was already into Tom of Finland. Yaoi was a huge breath of air, real stories, not just sex. Of course, I’ve always been considered something of a weirdo among anime fans because of my love of Yaoi but my near hate of fanfic doujinshi.

Intriguing I must confess I have never found someone in the fandom that was not a fan of fanfic or doujinshi could you go further into why you are not a fan?

I’m not a fan of fanfic because of the ruination of a friendship in high school. It was 1975, Norman, had written a pretty good story in English class, a fantasy with a bit of romance. It won an award and it got published in the newspaper. It was a big deal, and we’d all known about it. Sheila thought it would be hilarious to rewrite the romance part so it was about Norman and his friend, Mark. She made copies and distributed them around. This was homophobic times, and to say this was a joke is to put it mildly. It ruined their friendship, and Mark moved to another school. I’ve always thought, from that time, that no one has the right to alter any other person’s creation. No matter how trivial it may seem.

Wow I can see how that would leave you with a negative taste for fanfiction. To finish this interview is there anything you would like to say to those new to the fandom? And also feel free to plug any of your own projects within the genre

Those new to Yaoi or BL will be in for a lot of fun, some great conversations with other fans of the genre, and then will no doubt add in some great reads from the MLM fiction romance novels for a wonderful ride. Now, somewhere along the line there will be someone judgmental or just uncomfortable with your choice in reading. That’s on them, they’re the ones missing the fun. Don’t let it bother or embarrass you because it just doesn’t matter. As with all things there is some BL/Yaoi that is frowned upon because of it having currently not PC content, but those stories are not the majority of the genre, so don’t let that be a label put on all of it, or you for reading it.

My own contribution to BL/Yaoi is a comedy graphic novel it took my five years to complete. “Romeo X Julien” is only available at Amazon currently, and it’s independently published. It’s hard Yaoi… lots of sex. I’m currently working on a historical Yaoi set during WW2 in Europe. That one is a soft Yaoi… you know they’re doing it, but it’s not blatant. It’s working title is “The Lucky Ones.” Thank you for allowing me to be involved in your research. It brought back some good and some difficult memories. Mary Dumas the D.O.L.L. Head… that’s Dirty Old Lady’s League.

If you would like to check out Mary’s very own yaoi title please check it out on Amazon right here to support this amazing author and fellow yaoi lover! Till next time I am your Mistress of Yaoi.

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