Top 5 Favourite Reads on Futekiya

It should come as no big secret by this point that my absolute favourite subscription service of the last year has been to the amazing site Futekiya, an online library of legally acquired and released yaoi and boys love content! Whenever I have a chance to legally support the genre that I adore so much I will do so and it is for this reason why I want to share my top five favourite reads so far from the site.

Now this is a list of favourite, so these are to my personal reading tastes and if any of these titles need tw warnings I will mention them within the list, I am also limiting this list to one per author because otherwise a certain author would be the bulk of this list and I wanted to use this as a chance to write about some titles I have yet to write about here on Yaoi Playground.

5. I Want You So Much That I’ll Let Him Violate Me by Funa

This title is why this post features trigger warnings so before I go into what this title is about here is the list of trigger warnings for this title that will not be for everyone; dubious consent, Rape and incest between cousins. I should have hated this title, no really I should have. It encompasses so many yaoi tropes that I have stated I hate including I rape you because I love you and yet… The tragic love triangle found within this title drew me in as well as the fact it is a yaoi story that features one of my biggest kinks that being older men in suits.

The manga tells the story of Kimichika who ever since he was a young boy has had a crush that turned into love for his grandfathers android butler, but when his grandfather passes away and leaves the android to Kimichika’s cousin, well things get complicated when he reveals he knows how Kimichika feels for the android, so he makes an offer to him that if he wants to android he must do something for him in return and with a tag like love triangle you know where this story is going and the bitter ending that could almost be seen as either sweet or sad is up to the readers interpretation of what they just read.

4. Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot and Cold Rabbit by Miwa

My most recent read on this list, I must admit I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this series. I have always had a soft spot for bunny boys in my yaoi but have also had a strong dislike for the tsundere personality type when it comes to characters so titles that include these kind of characters can be a real hit or miss for me. I love how the first few chapters of this manga introduce you to the world you are stepping into with this manga, a bunny boy host club that offers extra services for a price. How the place works is easily introduced like how host boys are white rabbits and security are men in suits with black rabbit ears. Then the meat of the story begins with a strained relationship between a reluctant security bunny and a mischievous worker who takes offense to being accused of having it easy. The relationship does involve a bit of dubious consent, which can be a big no for some but this is also a manga that plays with a few kinks you do not see too often. These include bunny boy outfits, men in suits, stockings and foot play to name a few. I myself found it to be an amusing read and is worth checking out if this sounds to your taste.

3. The Midnight Association for Broken Hearts by Minamoto Kazuki

Sometimes you do not want to read a long story but you want that yaoi fix and when that happens to me I love a good yaoi anthology series, one of my all time favorite’s of these is the Yaoi Hentai series from Yaoi Press released in the 2000’s, and I have noticed in recent years I have seen less and less anthology collections so when I found The Midnight Association for Broken Hearts I was very happy to see it was a collection of various yaoi stories. Out of the stories in this anthology my favourite is most definitely the first. To heart broken men eating away their sorrows late at night at a family restaurant only to find they are both heart broken and what starts as a friendship soon turns to love, the only problem… in the bedroom they are both bottoms! The other stories are just as adorable except for the third one for me, not a fan of blackmail and dubious consent most the time… but being an anthology if that is not your taste you can just skip it!

2. Can I Buy Your Love From a Vending Machine by Yoshi Haruaki

I absolutely loved reading this manga’s chapters daily as it came out last month, if fact I loved it so much that I started my review for it the same day I finished the final chapter which you can read right here. As stated in the review I am not usually a fan of the will they won’t they romantic comedy and quite often find them downright annoying but this sweet tale of a salary man and a vending machine stocker is just so many levels of adorable and will keep you hooked from start to finish and is a perfect choice for a read if you are looking for something that is more fluffy than sexy.

1. It’s Fine If It Is Just a Dream by Ayu Yamane

The one thing I have loved most about being a subscriber to Futekiya, is finding titles and authors I would never have found before, and if I had not limited this list to one per author then every single entry on this list would have been her work, so I decided to go with the title that got me hooked on her work. The art style of their work is very different to anything else I have seen in the yaoi and BL genre and the artwork reminds me a little of a children’s picture book, but these are stories that can tackle heavy themes of loneliness and being treated as an outcast and maybe perhaps finding a happy ending with other outcasts or lonely souls. I have already given a full review of this title and it can be found here, other manga’s of theirs I can highly recommend include The Stray, Necktie and Praying Mantis and Moja & I.

I hope this list has given you some great recommendations of titles worth checking out over on Futekiya and if you have yourself have read anything on their not featured on this list let me down in the comments below and why you recommend me checking it out. Also if you would like to see more list posts like this from me let me know! And if you want to know what I am working on, currently reading or what yaoi vn’s I am currently playing check out my Twitter, but only if you are 18+ because I post and share a lot of naughty stuff.

One thought on “Top 5 Favourite Reads on Futekiya

  1. I am 18+ about 3.5 times over. Go for it!

    I always do an “NSFW” warning at the beginning of a post if dangly bits might be visible even though I don’t think there’s anything unsuitable about seeing someone unsuited. Yaoi can get a lot more explicit but at the same time it is not a real person, just a drawing.

    I don’t believe in censorship.

    Warnings are a courtesy for those who are concerned about such things. I don’t believe it is correct to simply say there are topics one cannot talk about or anatomy one cannot show, “just because.” That ultimately harms a free society more than the content being denied ever could. Society’s Attitudes towards sexuality are in flux and censorship is a way of maintaining a past status quo that may not be appropriate.

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