Welcome to Pride Month 2021

Hello my fellow LGBTQ+ yaoi and boys love lovers and welcome to pride month here on Yaoi Playground. To those who I new here, even though online I go by your very own Mistress of Yaoi that is only one part of me as I also identify as non-binary, so of course that means this month I will be sharing some of my favourite positive representation this month in the reviews and posts I share and I want to start of this month with a great big thankyou to Nickelodeon and to those in the know you will know why!

As a millennial I grew up watching the original Blue’s Clues on Nick Jr as a kid and teenager, yes I watched shows like this as a teen because I have younger siblings. Anyway I was unaware that the show had recently been rebooted for a new generation as Blue’s Clues & You and that a certain clip from the show has recently gone viral. They made a song about Pride and family representation and from what I am seeing online I am not the only one who near broke down (and in some cases did) in tears at the level of representation in this song and the positive message it is spreading of families coming in all types. I would have been happy with it showing families with two dads, two mums and supporting there trans kids but it is so much more than that. The song also includes representation of ace and non binary as well as chosen and found families!

I never would have thought as a kid that I would see this level of representation in a kids show and the fact that it is in a show aimed at such a young audience just makes me even happier!

Of course not everyone is happy about this inclusion in a kid show. You have the typical homophobic groups accusing the show of showing themes that are inappropriate for the target audience. To them I say, what is so inappropriate about representing all types of families? We live in a day and age where not all children come from a household with a mum and a dad. This is not just about representation for the adults who make up these kinds of families but the kids who grow up in them.

So once again I want to give a big thankyou to Nickelodeon. You were such a big part of my childhood growing up and to see them with such progressive content like this for a new generation is such amazing work!

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