What is Goblin Cave?

Now I like to think that over the years I have come to grown a refined taste when it comes to the kind of yaoi content I myself enjoy. I know what kinds of kinks and tropes I enjoy from my choice in the content I choose to consume, but then a title will come along that will have tropes I am not usually a fan of, or will just be so different to anything else I have ever come across in the genre that one can not just simply look away. To put it quite bluntly Goblin Cave is pure adulterated yaoi smut and if you are not a fan of rape or monster fucking then this is not a title for you.

Consisting of three short animations their story of these shorts is quite simple like you would have with your standard porn film. The first part opens with an unnamed man who has been captured by goblins being savagely raped by the creatures over and over again until a much larger goblin, one can assume by the behaviour of the other goblins that this larger goblin is more than likely their leader and takes over the abuse of the main character. About midway through the first part of this series we are introduced to a group of knights who are in the cave to save the man and they come across the scene of what is happening to the captive man. Part two and three of the series works as two alternative outcomes for what happens to the captive man and the knights.

Part two gives us the bad ending, where the knights fail to save the captive man and they as well becomes captives of the goblins and this results in, you guessed it my reader more rape. Part three is the good ending and is honestly my favourite part of the series. In this part, the knights successfully rescue the captive man and as they camp out afterwards we see that the man is still in a state of shock after what he has been through. We the audience do not know how long he had been held captive by the beasts but what has happened to him has left a definitive mark on his psyche and he seeks comfort through sex with one of the knights to help him heal from the trauma.

big nipples…

One of the biggest positives I can give this short series is its amazingly fluid animation, especially when you come to realise that this was a project animated alone by one person. An artist on PixivFANBOX known only as Sana. In fact, on their official PixivFANBOX page, you can purchase these animations and other projects of theirs directly from them to help support their amazing work as well as follow them on Twitter to see some of the amazing art they share.

I love using my blog here on WordPress here to share some love for not just yaoi and BL titles released by the big studios but also the small independent creators whose work can have a big impact on the fandom, but then it saddens me when I see the work of those artists being shared around the internet on various sites and not being given the proper credit for their work. Every big creator out there once started out small and independent whether it was your favourite manga creator once selling their work at a convention or artists working by commission. It is important for us as a community to support artists both big and small by when we can enjoying their content through legal means. This is why it has taken me over a year to write about Goblin Cave because initially I found the animation on a porn site that was not the creators and I saw a lot of people talking about these animations but whenever I asked who the creator was all I got was the name, Sana. I am happy that through my searching I was able to find the original creator of these amazing animations and was able to purchase the titles through them directly.

I know not everyone can afford to support the artists they love whether it is through not knowing where the artwork came from or who made it or maybe you can not afford or find that popular manga everyone is talking about, but we need to support the artists we love so that they can continue making the work we love. Especially in the times, we are in right now. My readers, I apologise if this is coming across as preachy I really do but I suppose this could also be a preview to another blog piece I am working on right now, till next time my fellow yaoi and BL lovers.


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