Welcome to the Spooky Season!

Greetings and Salutations to all my fellow yaoi loving degenerates! Now I know I have been a little quiet here lately on Yaoi Playground but I promise you now Yaoi Playground will be going out with a bang by the end of the year, I have some awesome posts in the works I can promise you.

I will be starting this month this Sunday with a review of a yaoi manga that will be a sure pleaser for some monster lovers out there and a big hell no so some others, that’s right we are diving head first into MADK and this is one title that if you know you know why this is one that comes with a big warning.

I also have a fandom deep dive coming in a few weeks that explores a fandom that even though I am a fan of the work it is around I have steered clear of the fandom surrounding this show because it was just one of the most toxic fandoms I have ever seen.

Oh also before I go, yours truly Mistress of Yaoi is now on TikTok! I do not have a very good camera but I wanted to join in the fun there especially after seeing the amazing videos on there from Dynamic Dylan and Liz!

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