A Final Send-Off For 2021

Sorry for the lack of posts last month, but I live in Western Australia and we just went through one of the worst heatwaves I have ever experienced in my life and I could not risk my laptop overheating in the heat. Including Christmas Day we had four days in a row with Forty degrees Celsius plus during the day and the nights were not much better with one night sitting on twenty-nine. I saw the road melting at the end of the driveway…

What most the roads around town have been looking like lately

So 2021 was a year… To be honest, it was not a good year for me, and I know many of you must have noticed a large decline in content from me this last year. My head was not in a good place for a lot of the last year and that is all I am comfortable in saying at this point about it. I did, however, find some pieces of media and other things I enjoyed throughout the year, in particular, I watched a lot of really interesting documentaries last year.

First was a documentary released back in 2020, that was made available to me through Amazon Prime Video and is a must-watch for any 90’s Nickelodeon kid and that was Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren and Stimpy Story. Before I continue I will say, yes I know what kind of man John K. the creator behind the series is and what he did back then as well as recent controversies, but there was more than just John behind this series and to not acknowledge the work of others behind the scene just would not be right. It would be like holding the actors within Harry Potter in the same regard as the creator of the series. I found this documentary a fascinating look into the world of the animation industry in the ’90s and I also liked that they did in fact acknowledge the kind of person the creator was as well.

Netflix had a lot of really good documentaries this year to watch for me as well. From the continuing saga of Tiger King with not only a second season but also a spin-off, Tiger King The Doc Antle Story. I only had one complaint with these two new instalments of the Tiger King saga and that was I wish both series were longer. Another docu-series I had a chance to watch before it was removed from Netflix was I Survived R. Kelly and this was one hell of a disturbing watch and I put this on the same level of disturbing as the Epstein docu-series on Netflix and speaking of Netflix I was able to get back into an old anime series I had not watched since the early 2000s.

Though technically coming out in 2020, I did not get around the watching Netflix’s Baki until last year and when I realised it was a direct sequel to one of my all-time favourite sports animes well I not only watched the new series on Netflix, I also found the original two series on Youtube! I grew up watching WCW and WWE wrestling and was also a huge fan of the anime Ultimate Muscle when it was airing on Cartoon Network during my teen years. So needless to say when I could not watch Ultimate Muscle anymore I found two anime that helped fill that void. Those animes were Hajime no Ippo and Baki the Grappler!

I loved both Baki and its sequel Baki Hanma on Netflix and it even reminded me of one of the early ships I loved as a teenager, in fact, the first Fanfiction Rec for this will be for a fic of my favourite slash pairing from the series, though if you follow me on Twitter you will likely already know what my favourite pairing for this series is.

Now onto the fun stuff for last year the yaoi and boys love I enjoyed! Oh, there are so many titles I could mention. My favourite read over on Futekiya last year definitely has to go to Can I Buy Your Love From a Vending Machine which you can read my review of here. As for yaoi anime, I am currently working on a review of my favourite yaoi anime of last year with that going to Kuro Gal ni Natta kara Shin`yuu to Shite Mita a short-form series I have not seen many talking about, maybe its because it has some gender-bend shenanigans and that is not for everyone.

And that’s about it for the year really. I know this is a short post and I probably won’t be posting regularly again until next month, so a late happy new year to all my fellow degenerates!


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