Killing Stalking is Finally Getting an Official English Print Release!

You read that right my fellow Boys Love and yaoi lovers our favourite psychological thriller manhwa is finally after all these years getting an official English print release! This is amazing news as the series has been released for ages in Korean, French, Italian while English speaking readers have been waiting patiently to hear this news, and it is coming to us from Seven Seas Entertainment!

The first Volume can be pre-ordered worldwide at the following links:



Amazon (US):

Amazon (CAN):

Book Depository:

If you want to know more about Killing Stalking I recommend starting with my first review of the series here, where I delve into the complex characters of this series and the phenomenon of the fandom that grew around the series. I ended up reviewing all three seasons of this manhwa so after you read the first review feel free to dive down the rabbit hole of posts on the series here.

If however you are a non yaoi or boys love fan looking into the series and want a perspective from outside the fandom then I recommend you check out the video about Killing Stalking by Youtuber James Somerton where he goes into the details and dangers of romanticizing abuse which is something that has happened within the fandom with shippers. As an avid shipper myself I just want to say I never ‘shipped’ the pairing of the two main characters within the universe of the manhwa itself but I have at times dipped my feet into alternative universe versions of these characters where the romance is less abusive.


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