Sasaki to Miyano – Episode 1 Review

Please note that I am going into this anime without reading the manga it is based on, so this is my honest first impression of the show. A cute and oblivious to those around him fudanshi finds himself the centre of his own boys love story and can I just say the first anime of this new Boys Love anime is the definition of adorable! The first episode of this new boys love series is one of the most wholesome anime openings I have seen in a long time.

Miyano is a cute-faced junior and seems to be a closeted fudanshi and can I just say it’s refreshing to see another anime featuring a fudanshi, even if our boy here is not as open as his love as Sakaguchi from The High School Life of a Fudanshi. Sasaki is a delinquent with a good heart, or at least that is how his character comes across when we first meet him when he helps Miyano when he is about to step in to stop a fight between other students. Sasaki is curious about his adorable kohai and takes an interest in him wanting to be his friend and even asks Miyano for a manga recommendation.

Miyano recommended a BL title to his new friend that he had recently been reading just to get him to leave him alone and Sasaki reads the manga and ends up loving the title and asks for more recommendations, right out in the open in front of other students, a big no no around those who are not within the fandom.

I loved this scene because it brought back some happy and somewhat cringy moments from my past. When I first came into the fandom nearly two decades ago now, I came from a place where I had hit a point where I just did not care what others thought of me. I had never fit into any groups whether it was the clicky kids or the weird kids I did not really fit in anywhere. Looking back now I know a lot of this had to do with me not really knowing where I belonged in the world and not having the language back then for how to describe how I felt in myself.

I found something I loved and that something was yaoi and boys love and I would openly talk about that love around anyone who would talk to me about it. In hindsight, this was not a good thing, but at the same time, I did not deserve some of the consequences I had from these actions, which I talked about in one of my first posts here My Life as a Yaoi Fangirl – Dealing With Hate and Misconceptions.

I loved the opening episode of this series and I look forward to watching this series this season.

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