Meet the Fans – Genchiko

It’s been a long minute since I last got the chance to sit down and interview another lover of BL and Yaoi and this was an interview done months ago, and I give the biggest apology to the creator involved with this one. As I have stated in a previous post last year was not a good year for me, but here is to a better 2022 now let’s meet today’s interviewee Genchiko!

Let’s start with an introduction of yourself and what got you into boys love?

Here’s my introduction: Hi! My name is Genchiko and I’m a BL content creator from NY!

I never been interviewed before, so thank you for having me! I’ll try not to ramble too lol.

How I got into BL was back in middle school. I was looking for a new One Piece wallpaper for my desktop computer on a website called Photobucket. It’s my go-to place for finding the coolest anime wallpapers. All of a sudden, I stumbled upon a manga ( I didn’t know it was a doujinshi at the time) of Edward Elric x Roy Mustang titled Hermaphrodite. In my head, I never knew you can post manga pages on the website. I took a peek and I was shocked by the sex scenes! I was so embarrassed that I would cover their dicks with my hand. My heart started pounding so hard that I stopped reading g it for a while and then I would read it again, and then stop, and read it again lol.

Don’t let this sweet page fool you, readers, if you go looking for this doujinshi it’s very smutty

That is quite an introduction to the world of yaoi, though I think all of us have stumbled upon interesting content on Photobucket, why it was the first place I myself saw Dragonball Z yaoi for a similar reason. Moving on what would you say is your favourite yaoi title and why?

Hmmm… it’s hard to say which yaoi manga is my favourite because I am all over the place lol. For now, my favourite manga (it’s actually a webtoon) is The Titan’s Bride – I would NEVER shut up about it lol! I even made reaction videos on my youtube channel of the anime version and I hated it, honestly. The anime was rushed and they cut off all the goods parts. It was unbearable to watch.

Trust us both, you get the most out of Titan’s Bride reading the Webtoon! And not watching the anime!

It’s my favourite because it is so different and unique compared to other fantasy yaoi titles. Kouichi and Caius had a rocky relationship at first, but later on, their relationship starts to grow and Kouichi is feeling more comfortable around his fiancee. And…Caius is BLACK! A POC! It’s not every day I get to see someone with my own skin colour, and I’m not even attracted to black men IRL lol. The closest we get for a coloured character is if their skin tone is either tan or brown.

I still wished the anime did a better job and continued the rest of the story. I’m glad they got a drama CD and they decided to continue where the anime left off, but I also want to see the visuals, too. I’m still looking forward to more chapters in the story and how their relationship will progress until their marriage!

Ah yes, I loved reading The Titan’s Bride as well, I was so happy to see an isekai that did something different with its world-building. The anime really felt rushed story-wise and that is why I myself dropped it.

Yeah. The anime announcement was a shocker, but at the same time, it was too soon. They could have waited for the webtoon to be done and then make the anime.

I also believe that it’s a good thing that it got an anime because it attracted a lot more BL fans who will watch the show first, out of curiosity, and then they’ll probably buy the author’s webtoon since they want to know more about the story.

Are there any other webtoons you would recommend that you think might be a little underrated by the BL reading community?

It’s hard for me to decide what underrated webtoon to recommend because I haven’t read that many, and I know there’s A LOT to read and so little time. The one I’m currently reading and recommend is Angel Buddy. I love the characters so much! It’s about a guy named Sooho and he has the ability to see spirits/ghosts. But then he noticed a handsome Angel floating in midair and staring at him. Then he accidentally broke his wings and he has no choice but to take care of it until his wings air repaired. In the beginning, it’s so fluffy and cute. But it got super dark later in the story and it’s so good!

The second webtoon is Pond Snail Robber. Omg, I love that book xD. It’s about a guy named Ji-ho and he came back to university after a leave of absence. He was offered a good deal to rent a place in downtown Seoul at a cheap price, and he runs into a robber…a handsome one at that lol. The thing that the robber doesn’t care about his belongings, but he was impressed by reading Ji-Ho’s novels in his notebook – to the point that he started crying xD. The robber (name Dojin) forcefully proposed to be Ji-ho’s roommate and do the house chores and cooking, so he can help him write more novels. I like how this story started off as a huge misunderstanding and they get into weird and funny situations. They always get into weird drama that ends up dragging other people into their business and it’s hilarious! There’s always something new happening in each chapter and I never get bored of it lol I know I have more books that I’ve read, but I can’t think of them as of right now lol.

As a final question do you have any advice for anyone new to the fandom?

Oh no! It’s over already? I was hoping for more questions lol. Honestly, I feel like I’m not that confident enough to give advice to anyone. The question seems a bit vague to me, but I’ll give it a try. I’d say have fun reading watching, or playing video games of yaoi/BL and don’t let other people stop you from enjoying what you love. Fuck the haters because they’re just wasting their time living their boring life and dragging others down to their level. Thanks to Fujocon, I discovered the term “Antis” and I never heard of them before, not once lol. If they ever come your way, defend yourself, but most importantly block them. Don’t waste your time and energy fighting them. You don’t want to be on their level. Be proud of who you are, have fun, and surround yourself with open-minded people who can support you and love you for who you are, despite having a weird hobby of liking men sucking each other’s dick off!

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