Where Have I Been?

In the last few months…. ok maybe more the last year or so you may have noticed a slow down in posts from yours truly. At first, a lot of it began with the passing of my father and my mental state after that. After that, it was one offline drama after another, but then a few months ago I got some good news and now that it has been a few months I am proud to say for the first time in over six years I have permanent offline work and a proper income!

That’s right I have a job and even though it is nothing overly special, it is a job! And this has done so much good for my mental health! And since being in a better mindset I have been reading more boys love and yaoi again and actually want to write about it! It will be a slow start again but you can expect new reviews more often in the coming months as well as more articles! After all, there have been some recent official release announcements that have made me so happy!


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