My Current Top 5 BL Reads on TappyToon

If you search the words webcomic in the Google Playstore one of the first apps to pop up is TappyToon and though not as well known as Lezhin or Webtoon it does have a fantastic collection of titles of several different genres to choose from to read within the app, with mature content restricted to the browser version of the site.

Nothing within the app itself is over 16+ as it is with most webtoon reading apps, including Tapas, Webtoon and Lezhin and do not worry readers I will be making lists for these options as well.

One of the aspects I like about their library of content is that for most stories you can get the first to four chapters/episodes for free and then if you are enjoying what you are reading you have the option on the app to purchase points to go towards the stories you want to read. This is also an easy task if you like me do not like sharing details online through the app. You can pay through money on your Google Play account which can be topped up with gift cards. This might be obvious information to those who are tech-savvy but I have always been a little behind the times and did not know this information until recently. And I probably really aged myself there, anyway here are my top 5 favourite BL titles I am reading right now on TappyToon!

5. The Words in Your Snare

Not everyone is a people person, some people only want a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, that is why cafe owner Lee Jooin moved to the countryside, plus his ability to read minds makes it difficult to trust others when he knows every time someone lies to him. Peace can not last for him however when one day a mysterious parcel of drugs lands on his doorstep and his life is interrupted by the mysterious new customer tied to said drugs. If you want a review of this series I recommend looking up the one here by Berdy Otome who gives the series an honest and interesting review, as it kind of reminded me that this title exists, this was mainly because I had been reading the mature version of this title on the website and not within the app.

4. ENNEAD By Mojito

A BL fantasy story set within the pantheon of Egyptian mythology this title was one of the first to catch my attention on TappyToon. With Egypt ruled over by the god of war Seth it is up to Horus son of Isis to put a stop to his reign of terror. But what was once hate begins to blur into obsession and desire on both sides. If like me you have a fascination with Egyptian mythology this is a must-read just be aware that because we are talking about ancient mythology themes of incest are within this story and I have you are an equal opportunist when it comes to nudity because there are female as well as male bodies on display within this story. I would put this series higher but with the slow updates and the fact that the story can at times feel dragged out I just cannot put it any higher.

3. My Darling Signed In

I plan on doing a full review in the future for this title so I will not go too much into why I can not recommend this title enough here, but My Darling Signed In is a comedy BL series about a meeting in and romance set in an online MMO type game but what starts as a little online gold-digging soon turns into a romantic game of cat and mouse that I always look forward to reading, which is rare for me because I usually can not stand romantic comedies.

2. Love Tractor

When family obligations forced stressed out and recently out of a relationship law student Sun Yool to take care of his grandfather’s countryside home for a while he jumps at the opportunity to relieve some stress. City cute meet country hottie is how I would describe my newest favourite read on Tappytoon with just enough angst to keep the story interesting but light-hearted enough to leave a smile on any boys love fan face.


I love a good yaoi / boys love story with a dark tone and atmosphere and if I am completely honest there are not enough police drama boys love titles and then this title goes and adds a demon king to the mix. This is a tale that gives you angst, and mystery. The only downside to this title for some may be the slight dubious consent within the series, but if you can look past that this is a must-read on TappyToon!

I hope this list has given you my lovely readers some awesome BL titles to check out and if there is something on the list you would like me to review or if you have a recommendation from within the TappyToon library that you think I should check out please comment below.


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