Moving forward and moving on

Is this goodbye? I’m not entirely sure yet to be honest.

I have been blogging and talking about yaoi and boys love on here for several years now.

My offline life had been stagnant for too many years, and this blog and the friends I made through It you guys really did help me through some hard time.

There is still so much i want to write about boys love and yaoi because there are still so many amazing stories worth sharing.

But I am finally moving forward with my life offline. I finally after over a decade have permanent work with an actual livable income and my focus for now needs to be on this job and doing my best.

I will still write reviews every now and again that won’t change, they will just remain slow for the time being as they have been.

Again a big thankyou to everyone in the blogging community and remember, never be ashamed of being a fan of something you love, as long as you are not hurting anyone who the fuck cares what you do for fun.

One thought on “Moving forward and moving on

  1. It will be sad to not read as many of your reviews, but I totally understand. It’s tough to get a legit job with good pay! Sometimes we have to focus on the responsible stuff rather than the fun stuff. Don’t stay away too long! I’ll be looking forward to your posts in the future.

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