Massive Challenge Ending Post, Technically Cheating…

30 day anime challenge

But I really want to just get this out of the way, and if you are wondering about the random Transformers Prime featured Image, well that’s kind of why I want to get this out of the way. I am literally losing myself and time in my fanfic writing at the moment, mainly my Transformers Prime fanfic, soon to be fanfics – if you follow me on Archive of our Own you will know what I am talking about here.

Lets just say when I get obsessed with a project I get obsessed and right now I’m on one of my favourite obsessions, Transformers Prime, but enough about rambling about western cartoons lets finish these posts in on go!!

Day 23 – Favorite Attack Someone Uses in an Anime

zcxom1sThis one is probably a bit cliche but I actually have a story behind this one. This one has to go to the kamehameha wave by Goku in Dragonball Z. As a teenager I was a huge fan of Dragonball and Dragonball Z. I still am to a certain extent though I still haven’t watched Super if I am completely honest, just haven’t had the motivation to.

Anyway this choice goes back to one of my first ever conventions, it would have been a Supanova con if I remember correctly though what year I don’t remember, (at the very least a decade ago now) I do remember it was one of my first and it was at the Claremont showgrounds. After the cosplay competition was on stage they held a Kamehameha contest on the stage. A lot of people stood up and took their turns. I was third or fourth and I went full fan I I screamed out the attack and did all the movements. The crowd cheered so loud for me and I could not stop smiling, especially when I had won the contest and got myself a gift card to one of my favorite shops at the time.

Day 24 – The Moment that Shocked You Most in Anime

400px-armada_starscream_cartoon_continuityWell if Starscream’s fight with Megatron was the most epic fight scene in anime. A moment that shocked me, when Starscream returned in Energon and no one seemed to remember anything that had happened in Armada, Energon is a series with next to zero continuity minus the same characters and as such a huge fan of Armada and Transformers it was not only a shocking moment of realization of this but a huge disappointment that almost made me give up on a franchise I love. (this sadly would happen again when I saw Animated)

Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

Zetsuai/Bronze was my first  experience of a yaoi anime making me cry but it would not be the last. A tragic tale of class, reform, revolution and love; Winter Cicada is a yaoi classic you will sit their watching and hoping for the two heroes to have their happy ending. It is a happy ending they fight so hard for…. but in the end well when the world won’t even let you have a moment of happiness… sometimes all you can do is say goodbye in the snow at least in that moment you can be together one last time.

Day 26 – Best Anime Fight

Any mech battle in Gundam Wing. Short and simple, you didn’t think transformers were the only robots I love… die hard Gundam and especially Gundam Wing Fan here.

Day 27 – Most Badass Moment from a Character in Anime


Do you guys get that I love this scene?

Day 28 – Favorite Quote From an Anime Character

78919“If you wanna run from your past, fine. But whatever you do, don’t run from the present, or worse, your future.”

~Kyohei Kadota  – Durarara!

I am the kind of person who has a tendency to second guess my own past and to hang on to moments that though were damaging are not the only moments I have. Living for the future is something that scares me, more and more each year if I am completely honest. Things seem both simpler and scarier when we are younger. It is for this reason why this one quote from Durarara! spoke to me tremendously, plus at times Kyohei seems to be the kind of character those around him seem to under estimate… kinda like me at times.

Day 29 – Anime You Wish was Real

Transformers Armada as long as the future after that story is not the rest of the unicron trilogy. What can I say I love giant robots and sentiant robots always fascinate me in stories, whether its in zoids with characters like Liger Zero, Transformers or even the Synths in the Fallout universe.

Day 30 – Anime You Wish Never Ended

Well let’s see, I am of the belief that a series that runs long can grow stagnent, it is why I stopped watching Naruto and possibly part of the reason why I lost my passion for Drangonball, but an unfinished story is kind of annoying too. With that their are so many choices but I suppose I would have to go with Elfen Lied because of that one final scene, it caused more questions than answers for me.


Wow that was a long post I hope you made it to the end of this, I’m sorry to everyone that I was unable to keep up with this challenge. When we put our house on the market we honestly were not expecting it to be sold so fast…. my hiatus will be starting very soon as we will be moving in just over two weeks now. Wish me luck on the move, I’ll make sure to post some pictures on twitter once we are fully moved, plus more pics of my cat and will keep you all up to date when I will be posting regularly again as well as keeping everyone up to date with my fanfic writing. Again I want to thank all my friends, followers and supporters!

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22 Favorite Weapon / Gear in anime

30 day anime challenge

I have fallen so far behind with this, but I’m going to keep my head up and keep going until I am done. I am reminded as I go through this challenge of my days of playing sport as a kid. I sucked at sport, big time sucked. I was the one always picked last and I always came last. but there was a joy I found in sport was the pride I found in myself of not winning but knowing I finished at least. That is the attitude I plan to take as I continue.

grell-sutcliff-grell-sutcliffe-35626977-500-281Right I’m probably going to go a bit mainstream with this choice, but I have to go with the lovely Grell’s death scythe, it’s a freaking chainsaw! Plus let’s face it Grell is one of the most fascinating characters in anime. Grell is also a character I like because she/he is a perfect example of a lovely genderfluid character in anime. Yes there is an official ‘gender’ for Grell but I still see a wonderful genderfluid character, this is important to me because well that is how I myself identify.

And that weapon it’s a freaking chainsaw in Victorian England!!! IT’S FUCKING AWESOME JUST LIKE THE CHARACTER THAT USES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21 Favorite Goofy Character

30 day anime challenge

Loveless is a very confusing anime and is sadly a victim of an unfinished adaptation of the source material that asks more questions that it is willing to answer. That being said the series has one of my favorite bubbly side characters who is the perfect side line cheer leader for the emotionally stunted Ritsuka.

Yuiko is the complete opposite to Ritsuka and that is why she compliments him and the series so well. Things can get pretty dark and emotionally jarring throughout the series but Yuiko’s bubbly and infectious smile can be a breath of fresh air.


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 20 Anime Character that get’s on my nerves

30 day anime challenge

In my late teens early twenties my love for anime was growing rapidly, this was mostly due to the fact that it was not till this time that we had the internet at home. I watched heaps of anime on tv with Tonnami and Adult Swim at the time and enjoyed many of the shows on there. With everything I watched and enjoyed Bleach should have been another series I would love.

It had an interesting premise and cool story and a lot of the side characters were interesting. There was just one thing stopping me from getting completely invested in the series. Over the years because I have seen how much friends have enjoyed the series I have attempted to go back and watch the show but again the same thing was holding me back. Two things actually, two of the main characters.

I took an immediately dislike to both Ichigo and Rukia from the series. To be honest I really don’t know why I have such a dislike for the two, there is just something about the both of them I don’t like. This lack of attachment I have to these two made it very hard for me to find any investment in the series and so I just stopped watching it.

This dislike and lack of interest gets on my nerves because I feel like I have missed out on a fun story.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19 Most Epic Scene

30 day anime challenge

You can bet I knew right away when I saw this prompt I knew exactly  what I wanted to talk about. A transformers series that is an anime so I can talk about here which makes me happy because this series does not get nearly enough love!!! (Plus I really really really want to see the Japanese version of this series).


I’ll break down the series as simply as possible but know that this scene is a major spoiler for the end of the series. In this version of the transformers universe the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting for control over an ancient race of transformers known as minicons who can grant other transformers amazing power when combined. For this reason the series has been dubbed Transformers gotta catch them all by a lot of fans.

Transformers Armada was the series that brought me back into the transformers fandom and brought many a fangirl to a certain Decepticon. I am of course talking about Starscream. Throughout the series more than any other character Starscream goes through a journey of self discovering and questioning himself. (this character growth is lost in Transformers Energon as Starscream as well as it seems everyone else has amnesia as to what happened in the prior series sadly)

tumblr_inline_miy49buf711qz4rgpThroughout the series we see many characters side swapping, backstab and form friendships. Starscream himself forms a friendship with the human friends of the Autobots, but remains Megatron’s most loyal soldier. (doesn’t sound like any other Starscream right?)

As the war hits it’s climax a new threat approaches Cybertron and the transformers and the only hope to save their world is for the two leaders to put there hatred aside and work together. When Megatron refuses the alliance Starscream makes a last ditch effort to prove to his leader not only his loyalty but that alliance is the only way to survive in the above epic fight scene that ends in tragedy but begins the beginning of saving Cybertron. If that is not epic I don’t know what is!

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 17 Favorite supporting male character

30 day anime challenge

61dc3333ccaa2d97852440884b9751e8This one was a hard choice for me, I could have gone with Hiro from Gravitation or Kowaru Nagisa from Evangelion but in the end I had to go with Joey Wheeler. Maybe the fact I am a die hard puppyshipper came into play with my choice, but if I’m completely honest I was a fan of Joey’s character before I was shipping him with one Seto Kaiba.

In the series Joey is one of Yugi’s best friends and also one of his first real friends. A flashback to their first meeting however showed that it did not always start this way. Joey was a bully to Yugi alongside Tristan when they first met, but when a bigger bully picked on him and Tristan Yugi stood up for them and Joey got to see what an amazing person yugi really was.

hqdefault1Throughout the series we also see that Joey has not had an easy life, being separated from his little sister at an early age and worrying about her health. Joey is the kind of character that will hide his worries from his friends with a smile and puts his friends first whenever he can, but with his ongoing rivalry with Seto throughout the series we also see that though Joey might not have much he is proud of what he does have and will defend what he loves.

This for me and many others was the catalyst that began the journey into and love for the ship of puppyshipping because when you step back and look at the pair they have a lot in common.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 Anime with Best Animation

30 day anime challenge

Damn this is a hard one as I kind of want to avoid using an anime movie because then I would go with ‘Garden of Words’ for how gorgeous it looks, but perhaps that would be too easy so I thought I would just write about anime with animation I like.

Liger_zero (1)The spell battles in ‘Loveless’ are beautiful and delicate in their animation and draw you into not only the action of the battles but also the emotions and stakes of the fight even if they can come across as confusing. I mean even if you don’t quite understand what is going on in each battle you can definitely pick up on the emotional turmoil and confusion going through Ritsuka with each fight with the use of subtle body language and that same use of body language executes the power that is Agatsuma Soubi.

imagesIt was the beautiful and mysterious close up shot of the opening eye and then sudden pan out of Priss in the opening of of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 that was the catalyst that drew me to the series late one night when channel surfing that began my love of cyberpunk anime.

As I  was beginning to tire of the sports genre of anime it was the unique art style and fluid animation of Ping Pong that drew me back into the genre that I have continued to love. Anime and animation in general is just so broad and beautiful in it’s own way there is just no way I can pick a best.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 15 Favorite pet/ sidekick animal / Summon in anime

30 day anime challenge

Good thing Serial Experiment Lain does not have a cute animal mascot or this would probably be another Lain post. All kidding aside I think my sadistic side is coming out with this choice.

puella_magi_madoka_magica-08-kyubey-incubator-shaft_head_turnEverything in life comes at a cost and Kyubey from Modoka Magica is the purest embodiment of this fact and is also adorable. Kyubey gives those who who wish for it what they wish for at the cost of being a magical girl. Does he completely explain what that means? No he does not but at the same time he never lies to the girls but perhaps it could be seen as cruel because Kyubey does not tell them what they are truely becoming.

An emotionless being Kyubey has but one mission and anyone who has watched the series knows what that is and why Kyubey does what it deems a smaller sacrifice at the end of the day. What is one life if the rest of the universe is safe after all?

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14 Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it

30 day anime challenge, serial experiment lain

So is any one sick of me writing about Serial Experiments Lain yet?

Serial Experiment Lain is a series that is so dense in its narrative that every time I watch the series I come away with something new. As we grow our ideas of self constantly change as we are constantly learning from the world around us. When I first watched Lain as a teenager I hardly ever used the internet, if anything I did not use to the internet on a regular basis until my early twenties. I had my books and video games and that is all I needed.

giphySo the whole idea of the wired or internet and reality being different was how I thought, now a days however I find myself nearly constantly connected to the internet either through my phone, laptop or game system. My connection to the internet is a connection to a social life I honestly do not have much of offline as well as the connection to my long distance relationship, but perhaps I am getting off subject here.

Lain fascinates not only me but many on the internet which is quite a feet when you remember this is a series that came out in the late 90’s and has had no remakes or sequels since then. There are websites such as Thought Experiments Lain and even dedicated Reddit threads dedicate themselves to discussing that which is Lain (though it has been a couple of years since the website was updated it is still an interesting read for those interested in entering the rabbit hole that is Lain)

If it is an audio visual analysis and breakdown or just a video review of the series you want to watch to see if you would be interested in Lain there are plenty of well thought out and intriguing videos that can be found on the series. If you want to delve deeper after watching the series at least once yourself however and perhaps get a different perspective on what you have viewed you cannot go past a series of videos on youtube simply titled ‘First Serial Experiment’  by the anime as well as many other subject analyzer Digibro, who I came across when he was known as Digibrony in the mlp community.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13 Character You are Most Similar to

30 day anime challenge, serial experiment lain

To be completely honest I have to a certain  extent already explained the answer to this one in my post Serialize Thyself – I am Lain, but I will explain a little here so that this post is not just a single link.

arisuLain is a character that attracted me the very first time I watched the series and the more I watched the more I saw the similarities between us. Lain is extremely socially awkward at the beginning of the series which was very much like me in high school and here is a creepy coincidence, in the dub of the series the girl that reaches out to Lain to become her friend and to include her is named Alice… one of my best friends in high school who tried to include me in social gatherings was a girl named Alice. Freaky right?

Lain has trouble communicating her feelings to those around her, this is something I can greatly relate to and will be covering in the next Serialize Thyself post including the freedom one who has trouble communicating can find her within the internet or in her case the wired. Lain is Lain and I am me.