Men Plus Monsters – Webcomic Review

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Teratophilia, the sexual attraction to monsters, you know like that recent movie Shape of Water. I love that movie, by the way. I have come to terms with my weird tastes, moving onto the review!


You know what my biggest complaint is when it comes to porn with monsters whether that be tentacle of otherwise? More often than not that porn is nonconsensual. Now one may argue that many a monster might not have the mental capacity for consent, but that is not a point I am here to argue today or any other day if I am completely honest. But what if I told you there was a hardcore bara webcomic that had consensual gay sex between a human and many other humanoid based monsters?

That is what artist Aero Zero wanted to create and their work is absolutely amazing! A very, very, very kinky human (trust me I needed to use the word very that many times for him), monstrous cat boys and even a slime monster that doubles as a tentacle monster? Then the artist goes and chucks in a robot for good measure and let’s just say that is just another tick on my checklist. I mean come on I have featured many a Transformers fanfiction over in Fanfiction Rec and my all time OTP is Skyfire x Starscream! Got off topic there but the fact of the matter is this. I freaking love this comic!

Men + Monsters is about Royal Guard Lex and his robot companion Akilas rescuing an injured monster one day and upon getting to know the monster Lex decides he can live out some of his long lusted for fantasies with a monster. Lex is one horny protagonist who seems to think sex is the answer to a lot of life problems but sleeping with a monster when part of the royal guard is very taboo and the three end up on the run. What follows is a very fun and amusing adventure with lots of fun with monsters.

MM Ch4 Pg29 copy Patreon panel

The comic can be read online through the artist’s official website and you can also purchase prints and paperback copies of this comic and another comic on the website called Ace of Beast through the sites store. and you can also support the artist himself through his Patreon. Admittedly I have not read as much of Ace of Beast as I have of Men + Monsters, I just find Akilas so amusing that every time I go to the site I end up reading Men + Monsters again.


Is it weird that I just adore how Aero draws his characters tongues? I think I might be revealing too many personal fetishes in this post

I love finding amazing webcomics like this one and showing my support for the artists that go for their passions! Till next time I’m Mistress of Yaoi!



OWLS Blog Tour Pride | My Brother’s Husband – Through The Eyes of a Child

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Welcome my friends, followers, and readers to the next stop on the June Blog Tour for OWLS, if you are following along you would have already read the lovely post from Zoey over at Let’s Talk Anime. If this is your first time here on Yaoi Playground, you can call me Mistress of Yaoi and I am your expert on all things yaoi and boys love! I have something extra special for the conversation this month. This is because this month’s theme is something that hits very close to home for me that being Pride!

In honor of “Pride Month,” we will be discussing the word, “Pride” and its meaning. We will be exploring pop culture characters’ most satisfying and joyful achievements or skills that they possessed and whether or not these qualities could be seen as a positive or negative aspect in their personal lives and/or society

For this theme, I knew right away what manga I was going to cover, a modern masterpiece in not just the manga world but also when it comes to LGBTQ+ media as a whole. First published Monthly Action magazine from November 2014 to May 2017 the story spans four volumes that have an English release of two omnibus volumes from Patheon Graphic Novels and was penned by the legendary Gengoroh Tegame, who I wrote about in a previous post. My Brother’s Husband is the first all audiences manga released by the homoerotic artist who up until releasing this story had worked exclusively on hardcore bara titles and when I say hardcore I do mean very very hardcore BDSM bara titles. My Brother’s Husband tells the story of single father Yaichi, his daughter Kana (who will be the focus of this post) and Mike Flanagan who is the husband of Yaichi’s estranged and recently deceased brother.

Screenshot (6)

This is a story that tackles a lot of powerful themes for the LGBTQ+ community. These include family acceptance and estrangement, coming out, attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community within Japan and self-acceptance. Yaichi never really accepted his brothers choices and through meeting Mike learns not just about his brother but also about what it means to be gay and that there is more to being gay than having sex with someone of the same gender. When Mike first arrives at his doorstep he does not know how to treat the man and is very standoffish to put it politely. Like many he see’s this stranger as a deviant because of his lifestyle. Kana on the other hand just see a cool new person to meet and the more she learns about Mike and her uncle she loves him like family.

It is not until the mother of one of her friends says her friend cannot meet her cool Uncle Mike that Kana begins to see the stigma towards people like Mike and her reaction is one of confusion. Why would someone who has never met Mike hate him? They don’t even know him! She sees him with such innocence, love, and curiosity. She does not hate Mike or finds him disgusting. Her reaction to this is just so pure that it made my heart melt, she simply did not get why someone would hate someone they don’t even know.

Screenshot (3)

Hatred towards others is something I feel a lot of the time is taught to children and this can be a very sad reality. I child is not born hating someone just because they are different. They see how those around them treat others or are sadly taught by parents, teachers, and guardians in there life that ‘these people’ are bad because they are different. I know I am oversimplifying a big issue with society, but just maybe instead of hating people because they are different we could do more to learn what we have in common with each other like Kana does with Uncle Mike and see that just because someone is different it does not mean they are a bad person and that you should get to know someone before you pass such harsh judgement on someone just for one aspect of what they are; whether that being gay, straight, male, female and everything in between.

Screenshot (7)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on this months blog tour! Next up we have the wonderful Zel over at ARCHI-ANIME and I very much look forward to reading their post! Till next time let’s all love and respect each other!

Master of Bara Gengoroh Tegame


Anyone who is a fan of hardcore bara, will know the name Gengoroh Tegame. He is an openly gay homo erotic artist. I will tell you right now, his work will not be for everyone, in fact I can guarantee a lot of yaoi fans will hate it due to it’s violent content, but his work is not made for yaoi fans. Bara is a genre of homo erotic art that is made for gay men and as such the subject matter in these works are far different than that which is found within the yaoi genre. Gone is the female fantasy of pretty boys and in is big burly hyper masculine men.


Tagame’s artistic career started back in 1982 while he was a student at Tarma Art University but it would not be until 1986 that he took on the pen name Gengoroh Tagame. His art style has a virile masculinity to it. Hardcore BDSM is a common theme within his work. Men bound, beaten, humiliated and even more. It is not uncommon to see guro levels of violence in his work and this will be off putting to many. But the way he creates his stories will pull you into his world, like any true story teller. His works are raw primal fantasy and the passion for his work comes out in it.

He is an artist who does what he loves and I can very much admire any artist who has the courage to live there life that way. If I had to pick a favourite of his work, well that would probably go to one of his more recent works “My Brother’s Husband”. This recent manga is a big change from his previous work in that it does not contain any hardcore material but instead explores gay rights, stereotypes and attitudes towards homosexuality it Japan. If you want a good starting point for his more hardcore work, well I would perhaps suggest one of his short stories “The Winter Fisherman Lodge” which has a young gay man working as a sort of live in maid for a burly old fisherman for the winter. It is a story that though very hardcore also has a very sweet heart to it.

I will be writing more about My Brother’s Husband later on this month and as I was doing research for that piece I ended up learning a lot about the author behind it which is what inspired me to write this post. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Strange Flesh – Indie Bara Game Review

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When I sat down and played ‘Strange Flesh’ after coming across it on the Bara subreddit community I thought I was going into a standard side-scrolling beat’em up game with a top coat of bara aesthetic, but as I delved deeper into the game I came to realize that there may be more here than a barman with hypnotic smoke and a very naughty bara beat em up. This is a game that delves right into the psyche of its target audience and the first hint of this comes in the game’s title ‘Strange Flesh’.


“And Angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode. He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after Strange Flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment in eternal fire.”  Jude 1:6 

A quote from the Holy Bible might be a strange way to start this review but there is a lot of comparisons within the game that can be found within this one quote that for decades upon decades or perhaps even longer has been used to condemn those within the LGBTQ+ community and that makes it a very stark contrast with one of the other big themes in the game. Self-acceptance, even if those around you won’t approve. One of the most annoying enemies in the game is a flying angel called ‘Father Figure’ that takes the form of a priest with wings. Religion in society is used as just another restraint against those who are not necessarily evil but are made to feel guilty because of their lifestyle choices.

You play as the Bartender in this game as you work your way through the subconscious of Joe, a miserable salaryman who has spent so much time suppressing his true self from a society that it has left him alone and well miserable. This is a scenario many within the LGBTQ+ community can relate to, having to act ‘normal’ in front of the world so that you are not judged or ostracized for not being what everyone else thinks you should be. As you work your way through the game, you work your way through Joe’s subconscious and meet much of what Joe has suppressed in the way of enemies. You can choose to attack these enemies with punches and kicks or you can choose to seduce and hypnotize with your smoke. Your actions throughout these levels towards these enemies determine which of the three endings you can give Joe. Two could be considered bad endings that have Joe giving into this temptation and becoming either a cocky rock star of the bar or the biggest cock slut in town. There is a third ending that can also be unlocked after you have done the first two and I like to think that that one is the true ending for this game and it is something so beautiful I do not want to spoil it.


There is a large lack of video games out there aimed directly at the LGBTQ+ community and I am not about to say we should change the games and franchises we already have to be more inclusive, I am saying however that when these kinds of games come out we should support them. I myself am not a huge fan of side scrolling beat em up, but when I learned the premise behind this game I just had to give it a go. Even though, yes I know I am not the target demographic for this game, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Also, it’s free to play so there is no reason to not give it a go unless of course, you are not a fan of hardcore bara content, this game is most definitely not safe for work. You can download the game directly from the creator’s website and it is available to play on both Mac and Windows pcs and can also be played through the browser if you would prefer that. If you enjoy the game do not forget to perhaps tip you barman so that the team behind this amazing game can create future projects.


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Those Yummy Creators at Yaoi Press Have Another Awesome Project!

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We need your support to make this game. Please become a backer on our Kickstarter or help spread the word! PLAY THE GAME DEMO HERE! Burly Bara Men + a Yaoi Sci-Fi Story = To Trust an Incubus, an uncensored adults only dating sim that puts muscly men with sexy incubi. We need more sexy […]

via To Trust an Incubus Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel — Y Press Games

This is one game I really wish I could play the demo for, but since I am using my mum’s laptop I am going to have to hold back on this one. But everything I have seen from the preview video to the artwork for this project looks even yummier than My Magical Demon Lover . I have made it no  secret that Mistress is a big fan of those delectable Bara men and for my fellow yaoi fans who love bara this is a Kickstarter you need to pay attention to.



He is a God on a Mission – Priapus

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priapusZeus is not happy with the state the world is in, he is disappointed with humanities disposition for conflict, war, and cruelty so he wants to put an end to the human race. The only problem, this Zeus does not like bloodshed (I say this because if you are familiar with Greek mythology, well Zeus was not this kind) so he leaves the task of eliminating the human race to Priapus the god of fertility and harvest.

Priapus declares open season on the male population for himself and makes his decision. I’ll just make it so they never breed again and make every single man gay for me! (Of course, practically we know this will never work, but as you read the manga you will find yourself rooting for this sexy god!)

If you are looking for a politically incorrect hilarious romp of a bara manga you will thoroughly enjoy this read, maybe even as much as Priapus enjoys himself and others, though I don’t think anyone can enjoy themselves as much as our god of harvest.

cbt9hntukaacwltPriapus comes from the artist known as Mentaiko, their artwork can go from muscular pretty boys all the way to burly, rugged and of course hairy men. The third of which is more popular within the bara fandom which is aimed mostly at gay men.

Also on a side note, I must warn all readers… if you are not ready for hardcore bara and do an internet search of Mentaiko’s work, whether it be through a search engine or on a site like Tumblr, you might want to turn on the safe search.


23902538_mPriapus takes an almost comedic parody approach to the bara genre however and that’s why I love it, in fact one chapter even parodies a popular magical girl anime that is sure to get a good laugh out of certain fujoshi as it did for me, I lost it laughing when I realized how far they were taking the joke. They did not just run with it they went full steam ahead with a very fun and messy conclusion.

This manga is yet another title not for every yaoi fan but if you want to further explore the world of Bara there is no better place for your second or even third step. If you are just curious about bara and not quite sure if it is for you I would recommend reading  Miscreant Next Door as it is a better first stepping stone into this different erotic side to the male on male fandom. It might not be for you, but maybe you are just curious as to what other fans enjoy.


Manga Review: Miscreant Next Door

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Oh, you knew this one was coming after mentioning the title in my The Yaoi Fangirl that fell in love with Bara post! Miscreant Next Door by Hiromi Miyoshi was the first bara title I ever read and it is a story I have loved since, but what is it about this short twenty-five-page manga that made me full for an entire genre?

qthe_miscreant_next_door_oneshot-001If I’m completely honest it was the main character Yasou that drew me in. (he’s the cutie with the glasses) He causes his own drama when he moves into his new condo upon meeting his neighbor Ichijou. Yasou’s unbelievable level of density to the situation he has put himself and Ichijou in is hilarious and yet sweet.

What follows is an amusing story about wrestling, chest massages and a climactic reveal that leads to an even greater climax than before if you catch my drift. Miscreant Next Door is a manga I introduce to many a yaoi fan who is curious about the genre of Bara but don’t want to completely go into the deep end of burly, hairy men and hardcore sex scenes.

This manga feels like a short yaoi story with just different kind of men in the story to the usual bishies we all love in our yaoi classics and the biggest surprise for me upon my first reading was who was in which position in the bedroom as I was expecting things to be the other way around.

A definite must-read for those curious and easy enough to find online through a google search I cannot recommend this title enough to fellow yaoi fangirls!


The Yaoi Fangirl that fell in love with Bara

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Yaoi is a fantasy most often created by women for women. Bara is a fantasy created by men for men, or at least that’s how it started but the lines between fantasy for both are as blurred and mixed as the type of people that enjoy the medium itself.


I have male friends that enjoy yaoi and I know other women that like me, enjoy the occasional bara title. For me I think my interest in bara stems from the fact as a child and teenager I became of fan of ‘Professional Wrestling’ which when one thinks about it most likely shaped my tastes to a certain extent. My first introduction to bara was through a scanlation website for yaoi manga I stumbled upon. On this site I came across a title called ‘Miscreant Next Door‘ and it immediately caught my attention because the main character was a wrestling fan. It is a short manga story that tells the story of a man who has a crush on his favorite wrestler and is also scared of his new neighbor next door because he looks like a yakuza thug. In the end it is a very sweet story that I will admit I instantly fell in love with, even though it was a very short story all the characters were engaging and even the more hardcore scenes seem to have a softness to them which I know is not common in most bara, so in a way this title feels like a hybrid between yaoi and bara.

It has the soft emotional melodrama of a yaoi love story with the brute and muscles of a bara ascetic and after reading ‘The Miscreant Next Door’ I found myself wanting more of this fusion style of story.

It would not be until of all things I got a hold of a DVD copy of ‘A Cicada in the Winter’ to add to my growing anime collection that I stumbled upon this fusion within the trailers from Kitty Media that included some manga titled that I saw it, an English yaoi comic by the artist Yayoi Neko titled Incubus and soon I got a hold of the series of books and yes I once again fell in love.judas_and_lenniel_77_by_thundertori-dr8acn

I also found as you can see from the link, Yayoi Neko’s DeviantArt page which included bara fanart of characters like Batman and Joker as well as Sherlock and Watson. The artwork is both soft and sexy with that scruffy ragged edge that seems to be lacking within yaoi work. I can understand this I suppose as most yaoi fans like the effeminate male characteristic of the bishoumen in the stories, but then there others like myself that just enjoy a different taste of things.

Until next time, I am Mistress of Yaoi and I say like what you like and be proud of it!