A Yaoi Filled Holiday Here on the Playground!

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Hot sweaty bodies, sunbathed beaches and Christmas songs in retail stores, it’s that time of year again the Christmas season is upon us all and here is hoping it will bring some much needed end of year joy to all of u. Being an Australian the Christmas season for me also marks the beginning of summer which is pretty awesome so I thought why not share some that heat this holiday season?

Reviews and other posts have been sporadic throughout this year and I won’t go into detail as to why but I want to give a special thank you to all you readers and supporters out there so starting December 13 all the way to Christmas day itself I will be posting every day with yaoi content featuring some of my favorite yaoi I have enjoyed throughout this year. From Webtoons, manga, and anime to ships and fanfiction there is going to be a little bit of everything from the wonderful world of yaoi and boys love!

Now let’s start this season off right with my favourite part of Christmas, Yaoi Christmas Carols!

Yaoi Playground is not going Anywhere

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Last month I wrote a post about the latest update to censorship laws here in Australia and how they are affecting the anime community and especially those who enjoy the adult side of the fandom. I jut want to give a big thankyou to everyone who supported my post Yaoi Could Soon Be Banned In Australia and I want to answer a question that was made to me a few days a go.

If everything is banned in your country will Yaoi Playground come to an end?

If it becomes illegal will I stop? No, I will be standing by my views on what I love and will still review yaoi and anime. As it stands at the moment it is looking it will only be illegal to own physical copies of certain works, it does not pertain to digital copies which will just get more support from me for the foreseeable future.

Liking yaoi, hentai and anime does not make a person a danger to others, I am living proof of that. This censorship saga here in Australia is a dangerous moral panic that will not end with anime I can guarantee that one. Once they start down the road of censorship like this, who knows what will be next and it is for this reason why I have decided what my next review here on Yaoi Playground will be, as for this situation it feels oh so appropriate for social commentary right now. Plus it’s one of my all time favourite anime!

Welcome to 2019 on Yaoi Playground

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Greetings and salutations to everyone new and old to the Playground filled with hot men and all the yaoi fun you could ever ask for. I am your host on this lovely little blog and I go by Mistress of Yaoi and this is Yaoi Playground and I hope to have so much more fun with everyone this year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now I will confess things are going to start off slow here on Yaoi Playground this year. This is my third year of blogging here and for this special milestone I am working on something special that will help me in the near future bring more wonderful yaoi and boys love content to all of you! Very Hush Hush for now, not going to ruin the surprise just yet. I do have a few announcements for you guys.

Firstly and this is the saddest bit of news I have to share with all of you, the Yaoi Playground Tumblr page which was the original home for me and this blog is no more. That’s right I was purged by Tumblr! I will have a post about my thoughts on what many are calling the Tumblr purge but what I have dubbed ‘The Great Tumblr Sexodus’ in the coming weeks if not days of this post on the way.

Second, late last year I started a Facebook page for Yaoi Playground to help you guys keep up to date with posts and it can be found right here. The third announcement I have to make is the following and it does concern the Facebook page as well as Yaoi Playground in the coming future. It’s no secret that a lot of the anime, manga and other subject matters I write about here are not intended for children and as such in light of the fiasco that happened with and around Tumblr (I will go into details in that upcoming post) I will be cracking down on a lot of my social media accounts when it comes to underage readers and my content. I know it is a hard thing to police online when you really do not know the age of some people and because of this a lot of innocent adults have been getting in trouble. I’m sorry to start out this year on such a somber note but at this stage, things are getting out of hand, it’s why I wrote It Should be common sense in the Yaoi Fandom, last year.

Happy New Years everyone, sorry this was not the happiest post to start the year on but things are the way they are. Let’s make 2019 an awesome blogging year together!

Of Devilman, Incubi, and Monsters

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From the camp to the macabre and the downright disturbing to the mind, this spooky season your very own Mistress of Yaoi has a treat of content to share with all of you this spooky season, delve with me into madness and horror as we explore the darker side of yaoi and so much more.

This month I have some fun posts to help celebrate the season as we delve into the dark and macabre. These posts will include my thoughts on the Netflix original Devilman Crybaby series, a review of one of my all-time favorite supernatural manga series and a look into the works of Mado Fuchiya (Nishin) a mangaka who’s most infamous work among yaoi and bara fans is none other than ‘The Orc Bride’, though if you ask me it is not the most disturbing or grotesque of their work, there is one other that I believe is more disturbing and I will be covering as too why during this month.


You know you are in for something dark and disturbing when the tags for a manga online include fucked up

So join me this month as we together get taken into a world of dark dreams here on Yaoi Playground, will you be able to stomach the ride this month?



I’m Back!

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Sorry that I disappeared so suddenly from blogging last month, let’s just say that offline life has really caught up with me over the last couple of months and then add writing burnout to that and well, I really just needed some time to sit back relax and chill, so that’s what I have been doing. First thing I did was finally get myself set up with Netflix and I have been binging some much hyped anime for the last month. One of which I was extremely disappointed in and another that I ended up loving more than I expected, I will reveal what those two were at a later date i promise.

It would seem however in my absence away from the blog there has been some awesome yaoi and boys love news, including upcoming games and some awesome new trailers for upcoming anime. I will be covering those as soon as possible as well. It feels good to be back at the laptop typing again and I will admit I have also very much missed interacting with everyone in the blogging community. I want to thank you all for being so patient with me!


What Happened to the Wotakoi Reviews?

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I have been putting off answering this question for a while now. I was so busy last month with final edits of my Pride Month posts that I just ended up falling behind on my episode by episode review of Wotakoi. Then I just stopped watching anime for a fortnight because I just felt burnt out on seasonal anime and after those two weeks I spent three days marathoning the first 100 episodes of One Piece because… well I don’t know why I did that one other than the fact that my only other sibling who watches anime really loves that series.

It did help me come to a conclusion, episode by episode reviews of a currently airing show are just not for me. I will be doing an overall series review of Wotakoi at some point in the future, and writing of the future you might have noticed some minor changes here on Yaoi Playground recently. I have been doing some editing and polishing of older and newer posts because I have an announcement I will be making later next month. I hope this little post has cleared up some questions you guys have been asking me. Till next time. I’m your Mistress of Yaoi.

Welcome to June and Pride Month to Yaoi Playground!!!

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Two themed months in a row? I must be completely crazy but this month is about a subject near and dear to my heart so I was not going to pass up the chance this month!

Welcome to Pride Month here on Yaoi Playground with posts dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community! You can expect some amazing work out of me this month because this gives me the best excuse to write about certain movies, shows, books and other media that I have been wanting to write about for a while here on Yaoi Playground, but never really knew when would be a good time to write about them as I know that yaoi media and LGBTQ+ media can at times be vastly different from each other, even if there is a lot of overlap when it comes to the kind of people that enjoy content from both.

It has been said by many others before me, but it is true. Yaoi and Yuri are not a good representation of real LGBTQ+ issues and some would say these fantasies can at time be damaging to said community. It all comes down to fantasy vs reality and this month I want to take a closer look at the reality side of things by looking at some very trans-formative pieces of media throughout this month. From a television show that completely changed the landscape of how LGBTQ+ were portrayed on television to an anime that explores themes of gender identity I hope to share some fun posts with you all this month.



Yaoi Playground May 2018 Update!

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I have so much going on this month that I thought it was time for another update from yours truly, your Mistress of Yaoi! Yes I am doing a proper update post this month even though I did not do one last month, but to be honest last month got kind of crazy for me and I did not really have much spare time and the same goes for this month sort of. See I am currently working towards a certificate that will open more job opportunities for me in the small country town I work in, the job market is not that great out here so anything I can do to help my chances I am going to take. Plus I have kind of been distracted as of late with my latest fanfiction obsession, hint hint I am bringing back Fanfiction Rec next month! I’m really excited to bring these posts back to Yaoi Playground. If you are not familiar with these posts well I am of the belief than fanfiction is a big part of the yaoi fandom and like to share some of the gems I find in various different communities. Plus writing these posts gives me an excuse to message some of my favourite fanfiction authors.

There has been a theme with posts this month on Yaoi Playground, that being the negative connotations that can come with being a fujoshi without going into too much hate and I have explored these themes so far this month with the following posts so far.


In my post Hetalia – Was The Fandom as Bad as They Say? I explored a fandom that was described by many to be plagued by the fujoshi disease and how toxic a fandom it became in it’s heyday and how things have calmed down over time. In a sort of follow up to that post I released It Should be Common Sense in the Yaoi Fandom Right? I tackled a subject matter within the yaoi community that has been bugging me for quite a few years now. In this post I discuss the issue of sharing restricted content with minors and the implications that doing so can have on older members of the community. I was really nervous about this post, so I want to give a big thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on this one. But I want to give a special thanks to fellow fujoshi and blogger Mel who featured the post on her blog! If you have not already you should really check out her awesome blog! Another post I am really proud of is finally finishing my review of the western yaoi title Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body which has been one of the most amusing reads in a long while.


And A little Aomine fanservice for the lovely Mel!

My anime watching has slowed down a fair bit this month due to me being busy with, well we will call it another obsession for now. I’ve really got caught up in a certain fandom over the last few weeks but I won’t be going into that until next month. I was watching and reviewing episodes of two shows this season, though I have already stopped watching one series because it was boring me to tears and that was disappointingly so. I am a fujoshi with a slight butler obsession (I’m talking probably on the same level as Miss Kobayashi’s obsession with maids) and I just found myself bored by the end of episode 2 but gave it one more chance with episode 3 and just completely lost interest, Butlers x Battlers completely lost me. Now Wotakoi It’s Difficult To Love an Otaku on the other hand, these nerds are just way too adorable!!! Plus this anime just hits almost way to close to home for me, a fujoshi and a gamer dating? that’s me and my wonderful other half! When I described some of the scenes from certain episodes to him, he joked about our laptops or bedrooms possibly being tapped, yeah that’s how close to home this anime has hit me. I am only really following two other series at this point in the season, that being Magical Girl Ore, which still cracks me up with every single new episode and Tokyo Ghoul :Re. I have admittedly not started My Hero Academia yet as I have just been busy, well that’s not completely true I have watched the first episode and the same can kind of be said for Food Wars. I will most likely marathon these shows once the seasons are complete.

As for stuff I am working on I have something special planned for my OWLS post later this month and if you follow me on twitter you will know that I have a much awaited review on the way, yep I am finally working on a full review of BJ Alex! Something I am sure many of you my readers will enjoy!


Also if you want to help support me and this blog take a moment to consider supporting me through Ko-Fi, I know it’s not much but I am still saving up to replace my blogging laptop so any donation big or small really helps me out.

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Would You Buy Mistress of Yaoi A Coffee?

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I want to be up front and honest with all my readers, it has taken a lot of thought and I must confess I am swallowing some of my pride with this because I really do not like asking for help, I prefer helping others. The truth of the matter is that because my job as a cafe all rounder is not the most reliable as I only get called in when things busy I must confess I am struggling a bit financially.  I’m lucky in one sense of this however, I am not so much in bad situation that I won’t lose the roof over my head or starve but I am basically living from pay cheque to pay cheque. This means that things like saving up for the new blogging laptop to replace my old one have been put on the back burner as I am currently working towards getting my drivers license. Because of all of this I have opened a Ko-Fi account and you my readers will start seeing this little image on my posts.Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

I have seen this being used by many other bloggers and by using this I am not saying you have to donate for my content, just that now if you want to help support the growth of this blog you can no do so, think of it like a tip jar for Yaoi Playground.