Exploring the Fascinating World of Tintin Yaoi Fanfiction

I want to do more this year than just recommend fanfiction worth reading in different fandoms and after giving it much thought I decided it might be interesting to take a dive into different fandoms and see the kind of yaoi fanfiction I can find within and see what are the common tropes and themes explored within that fandom. At first I was actually going … Continue reading Exploring the Fascinating World of Tintin Yaoi Fanfiction

12 Days of Yaoi- Single in Gotham – Fanfiction Rec 20

Nygmobblepot is my favourite ship to come out of Gotham, if that was not obvious with my post a few days ago. It is a ship that has been explored within many tropes within fanfiction. Alternative Universes with a different first meeting or a certain confession actually happen are among the most popular, as well as quite a library of omegaverse fanfictions and the world … Continue reading 12 Days of Yaoi- Single in Gotham – Fanfiction Rec 20

Fanfiction Rec 19 – Redacted

A good crossover fanfiction can be a hard thing to pull off. Lean to heavy into one fandom and you can lose the audience and there is no guarantee that many people will be a fan of the two or more fandoms featured in the story, but Chierei has blended the worlds of John Wick and Gotham almost seamlessly in there wonderful fic Redacted and … Continue reading Fanfiction Rec 19 – Redacted


Bet you did not think my first post back would be a fanfic rec did you guys? Well I have been wanting to write about this particular series of fics ever since I finished reading them months ago! And this will not be the only post I write about Gotham, I have a very special post in the works right now about the impact that … Continue reading FANFICTION REC 18 – THE DICK -N- THE ASS

Fanfiction Rec 17 – Resonance

Warning this fic and review will contain Undertale spoilers. Now that that is out of the way I know I am late to the party but Undertale; or to be more exact the Undertale Multiverse is my latest yaoi fandom obsession and I have found a fanfiction that is a pretty awesome introduction to the multiverse, or at least it was kind of my introduction … Continue reading Fanfiction Rec 17 – Resonance

Fanfiction Rec 14: You Filthy Ghoul

According to the author Selion the fanfiction You Filthy Ghoul was inspired by a four-panel comic about a conversation between Paladin Danse and John Hancock. Now I must make a confession to you my readers, I’m not a big fan of Paladin Danse. Out of all the companions, he is my second least favorite, Piper being my least favorite. (Yes I don’t completely hate Preston Garvey and it is … Continue reading Fanfiction Rec 14: You Filthy Ghoul