My Top 9 LGBTQ+ Manga You Should Check Out This Pride Month!

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If you were looking for manga with a positive LGBTQ+ message behind it or even representation over a decade ago it would have been near impossible to find, but in recent years there has been a rise of amazing manga that feature a full spectrum of different LGBTQ+ themes and experiences. Some positive and others not so much, but I want to focus on some of the positives for today’s post so I want to share my top 9 LGBTQ+ manga, sadly not all the manga featured here have official English releases, but for those that do I will leave a link to where you can purchase these titles and support the creators, also I have avoided any Yuri or Yaoi titles in this list to let series that really focus on the LGBTQ+ experience shine, but do not worry my readers I have a review coming of a popular yaoi manhwa that I believe has some of the best gay representation I have seen in the genre!

9 – I Wanna be Your Girl by Umi Takase

I would have loved to have put this amazing manga higher on the list, but sadly it has no official English release so I had to put it at the bottom which is a shame because this is one amazing read about being true to yourself and standing up for your friend. It tells the story of Hime and Akira who are childhood friends. At age 12 Akira reveals to her friend Hime that they identify as a girl and starts dressing as such at school which begins a cycle of bullying from the other students with Hime fervently standing up for her best friend. I like this manga for its realistic depictions of the bullying that someone can face when being true to themselves and how things can be just a little bit easier when you have a great friend by your side and I also love the blossoming romance between the two leads.

8. I Think Our Son is Gay by Okura

This is a really cute slice of life manga about a very normal family, the hard working husband, the doting wife and their two boys. The manga is told from the point of view of the mother of the boys who is quite sure her oldest son is gay and she is ok with that, even if her son has not openly come to terms with it yet. This is very much a slice of life comedy manga with the punchline of each chapter being I Think Our Son is Gay. Not every piece of LGBTQ+ media needs to have a deeper meaning behind it, sometimes its just the struggles of a young gay boy as witnessed by his mother who still loves him no matter what his choices in life may be and that in itself is such a positive message. You can purchased either physically or digitally on Amazon.

7. My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata Kabi

This manga, hits in a different way or at least it did for me because it is not just about a lesbian experience it is a deep dive into the stigma of mental disorders and the mental health system Japan and it is also a title I put off reading for so long because I myself have my own stigma when it comes to reading stories that are female to female romance and not just yuri because of my own past baggage. The story follows the tale of a woman coming to terms with her sexuality in a society that shuns not only her for that but also mental illness and is a very powerful read. It can be purchased from Seven Seas Entertainments official site or from or bought physically or digitally from Amazon.

6. The Bride Was a Boy by Chi

This autobiographical manga is one I do not see too many people talking about anywhere online which is a shame because it is such a beautiful story. Like My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness this is a manga based on the life of the author, though it is a more uplifting story in my opinion. It reads like a manga diary telling the story of Chi as she learns who she is finds acceptance within herself and finding her loving happing ending as the beautiful bride she always wanted to be.

5. Love me for Who I Am by Kata Konayama

As soon as I found out this manga was about a non binary character I got so excited because I had never seen a character like this in a manga and if you have read my review for the first volume you will know that yes I do love the characters and discussions on the different spectrums of gender that come up in this title, but it is not a perfect title. It is a good start for non binary representation though and that is why it is on this list. I bought my copy of this manga digitally through Bookwalker but you can also buy a physical copy through Amazon.

4. Our Dreams At Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani

Being a teenager is hard, it does not matter what sexuality you are it is hard; but being not straight can make it a hell of a lot harder. After being publicly outed after his classmates find gay porn on his phone Tahsuku Kaname is ready to just end it all, he is standing on the edge ready to jump but then he sees someone else jump and this is what begins his journey into finding that much needed support system that everyone needs in their lives whether they be gay, straight or otherwise.

3. Wandering Son by Takako Shimura

I can not talk about positive LGBTQ+ representation without mentioning Wandering Son and the next entry on the list, in fact I had a hard time originally deciding whether this title or the next one would be number 1 on this list until I discovered the manga that took the number one spot at the beginning of Pride month. The main focus on Wandering Son is of the character of Shuichi and Yoshino two trans kids one wanting to transition to a girl and the other boy. What I love most about this title is the fact that we see the journey of two different trans kids and the differences that can come from transitioning between male to female and female to male. I do not know if it is just me, but I do feel that trans boys and trans men are really under represented in stories of transition in fiction as well as when it comes to docuseries about transgender kids. Many of the trans friends I have love this series in both the manga and anime though I have to agree with one of my friends in that you get a more complete story with the manga.

2. My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame

I love this manga. Not only is it one of my favourite manga, but it is also one of my all time favourite pieces of literature. Written and illustrated by one of best bara manga authors there are Gengoroh Tagame it tells the story of single father Yaichi and his adorable daughter Kana as they both meet the Canadian husband of Yaichi’s now deceased twin brother Ryoji who Yaichi had grown distant since his brother’s coming out. Through Yaichi and Kana’s eyes we see the stigma that homosexual men face in Japan and the different in perceptions generations can have when seeing something new in their lives. It is a manga with a very positive but realistic message behind it with lessons in bigotry, homophobia, acceptance and learning to see the world through the innocence of a child again when it comes to accepting others, a theme I explored when I wrote about the manga a few years ago now. I bought my copy of this amazing manga through an Australian site called Booktopia which is a site I use to buy a lot of manga here in Australia besides Amazon, and speaking of Amazon you can buy the series digitally there for you Kindle.

1. Until I Meet My Husband by Tsukizuki Yoshi and Nanasaki Ryosuke

Activism for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community is what started Pride, we all know about the Stonewall Riots of June, 1969 and of Marsha P Johnson and the work this amazing trans woman of colour did to begin bringing civil rights to the American LGBTQ+ community, but what do you know about the activists that have fought for those same rights in Japan?

Telling the story of a young man from the time he realizes his gay to his wedding day, this is a manga about self acceptance and fighting for your rights and someone please pick up the license for this absolutely amazing manga! If I had to choose one manga that is a perfect representation of pride it is this manga right here! I just wish I could find out more information in English about the man who this manga is about. It tells the life of a young gay man’s journey through life in Japan and his path to gay activism in the country and that is why it is my number 1 pick for a read this month!

Less Than Human – Horror Short Film


Kindness towards others is a lesson we all should learn as children, but as adults we seem to forget these lessons and can grow into bitter and cold adults who forgot the beauty found in small moments of kindness. Released in 2017 the short Film Less than Human explores themes of segregation, racism, classism, kindness and that love can make even the most troubling of times bearable, which perhaps is a lesson we could all use in 2020.

Set during the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, a cure has been found for the undead and those cured ones are kept isolated from the public for fear that the cure has not completely work. After all these are dangerous zombies, monsterous creatures who in the blink of an eye can turn on those around them and tear someone to shreds or worse infect them. The public wants to feel safe so a reporter by the name of Steve and his cameraman head into one of the cured ones camps to prove that these monsters are far too dangerous to be let out into the public.

They go out looking for the worst from this dire situation, with the intent of instilling further fear into the public. They stumble onto the front door of a gentle and kind cured one by the name of Andy and his grumpy roommate Don. Both cured ones have different outlooks on their situation. Andy is trying to make the best of a bad situation, where as Don the older the two is angry at society for causing the zombie outbreak to begin with and also upset at the life he had worked for so hard his own life being taken away from him. When his anger at the situation boils over he ends up not only scaring off the reporter, but also upsetting Andy.

This is the part of the short film which hit me hardest with everything that is going on this year. This year has sucked for a lot of people. A lot of people are not happy with how things are being dealt with as we all try to find a new sense of normal in the world. Frustration boils over into anger which causes people to lash out, because they need someone to blame all the problems in the world right now on. Whether that be a country for how they have been handling these outbreaks or people angry at the government because in trying to stop the spread people are being told they can not do what they want to do for a little while.

As bad as things are though, there has been some silver linings in these trying times even if they are little ones. Communities like my small town working together to help each other. Parents who have to work from home getting to spend more time with their children. My niece being born, and me getting to hold this new life for the first time. I might not be able to go out and socialize and go to cons, but I have made new friends online in so many communities these last few months. Got to see panels at cons I never would have been able to see otherwise because they were online (like Robin Lord Taylor at German Comic-con) and of course the absolute fun that was Fujocon!

Steve see’s what he wants to see when he goes into that apartment he went looking for a monster as proof to keep the panic going, but his cameraman saw something beautiful after Steve ran off, and yet the negative story is the one the reporter goes with. So much of the news focus’s on the negative more and more each day, so sometimes we should just turn off the news and maybe just enjoy the small moments of peace we can find each day.

Why I will No Longer support J.K. Rowling

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Now this might seem like a strange subject to bring up on a blog that has most of it’s focus on the boys love and yaoi genre, but and this will come as no surprise to anyone who has been in the Harry Potter fandom for a long time, but for those who do not know, there is quite a large yaoi shipping community around the Harry Potter franchise as a whole. I wrote about this briefly in my fanfic rec post about the site Walking the Plank a fanfic community that works specifically with the ship Snarry (Snape X Harry) but as I have watched the disgusting comments continue to come from J.K. Rowling I find myself having to take a giant step back, and debate whether I want to continue to be part of a fandom that gives money to someone who shares such vile and frankly dangerous information.

J.K. Rowling has become the modern poster woman for TERFs and I do not give a flying fuck if you find this word disgusting because to put it very bluntly the bullshit these kinds of people spout is disgusting and dangerous. To those who don’t know the meaning of this word it stands for Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminism, basically feminists that believe trans woman are not real woman and therefore don’t deserve the same rights as cis woman (cis being the term for those who gender identity match the medical sex they were assigned at birth). If it was just a matter of them not including trans woman I honestly would probably not have much of a problem with them. I would still see them as bigots but at the end of the day you can not force others to let those they do not want into their chosen group. What makes these kinds of feminists dangerous is the fact that they outright deny in some cases the fact that trans people actually exist and go as far as deliberately using the wrong pronouns when they know someone is trans and out right deadnaming trans men and women, and yes I said trans men as well because a lot of TERFs hate trans men more than woman but that is a discussion for another time.

Over the last few years more and more transphobic comments have been coming from J.K. Rowling. When I first signed up for Twitter over a decade ago, her twitter account was one of the first celeb accounts I followed because I had so much respect for her as a write and loved Harry Potter so much as a young adult. Near the end of 2018 I unfollowed her because I was not impressed and honestly a little disturbed by some of her views. That being said I am someone who firmly believes that people can believe whatever the hell they would like, but to share one of my all time favourite quotes…

This post has nothing to do with religion but religion can in this infamous quote be changed for opinion and the meaning behind the quote is the same. It is when someone begins sharing opinions as facts that things begin to become dangerous and that is exactly what J.K. Rowling’s views on gender dysphoria and the trans community are at the end of the day, they are opinions. She has not studied the so called ‘medical scandal’ about gender disphoria she likes to go on and on about, but her fans and followers are taking her statements as facts which is spreading hate towards a community that does not deserve it.

I love her wizarding world of fiction so much. I have made friends over the years thanks to her work, but as someone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ and supporter of those within this community I can not in good conscious do anything that will in the future promote her work or spend my own money on anything from the fandom that I know will put money in her pocket. I cannot support the work and ignore the author’s actions because supporting her work does financially support her and to to blunt once again but she really needs to shut up about a subject she knows absolutely nothing about.

I will admit myself am not an expert on the subject myself, so in closing this post I want to share a video that goes further into detail about why her views are dangerous to the community. Please support the amazing channel behind this video.

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Love Me For Who I Am Vol 1 – Manga Review

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When I originally found this manga, I thought ‘oh it’s a cute manga about a cafe that has crossdressing girlie boys, this could be an adorably fun read’ but then this manga hit close to home for me with it’s main lead and I knew I had found something truly special that I would have to write about this month in particular because this is the first manga I have read that has had a non-binary lead character. The reason this hits close to home for me is that three years ago I myself came out as non-binary after many years of soul searching.

The manga focuses on lonely high school student Mogumo who knows who they are as a person, but because of this feels isolated from those around them because they feel that no one truly understands them and just wishes they had some real friends. One day they are approached by a classmate named Tetsu Iwaoka , who thinks his cute ‘male’ classmate that cross-dresses at school would be a perfect fit for his family’s special maid cafe of cross dressing boys. This is not my first time coming across a yaoi story with a cross-dressing maid cafe, after all I have been a long fan of the series otoko no ko wa maid fuku ga osuki aka Boys that Enjoy Maids Clothing!? Its a bit of a hard series to explain but its basically a slice of life story of crossdressing boys ans their antics. Though if you look this one up I must warn it has a lot of R-18 artwork….

Love me some adorable Cherry Girls!

So yeah, I went into this manga expecting something like the Cherry Girls of otoko no ko wa maid fuku ga osuki which I would have been more than happy with, but then Mogumo drops a bombshell saying they are not a boy, so everyone assumes oh you are a girl then? It is then that Mogumo’s biggest bombshell is dropped. They do not see themselves as a boy or a girl, and in reading this moment my heart just bloomed with so much pride, because I understood immediately what they meant. They are non-binary and I must confess it is a term I wish I had known when I was a teenager. This reveal however causes some conflict with the others working at the cafe and this is when is how amazing the diversity included in this cafe truly begins to shine.

Within the staff of the cafe we have the transgender owner who is Tetsu’s older sister, a boy who wishes they were a girl but has not quite come to the conclusion that they themselves are trans, a young gay boy who loves cross-dressing because it makes him feel free to be himself and a straight boy who just sees crossdressing as another part of his true hobby of cosplay. Everyone in the cafe is different in their own special way, so Tetsu’s promise of Mogumo finding a place where they can belong and make friends could just come through.

I spent much of my youth as an outcast, I was never good with socializing and had very little interest in socializing with others mostly because I have always found it hard to relate to other people. During my teen years as my body began to change it caused me a lot of health issues that still affect my health to this day. I always knew I did not feel like a girl or a woman and was quite often before puberty mistaken for a boy but it never really bothered me. I knew deep down that I never felt female, but at the same time I had no want or need to be male either. I just wanted to be me without the label of a gender, but it would not be until a few years ago that I would learn the language for what I am and that was non-binary and it was not until I embraced being non-binary that I started feeling more comfortable with the more feminine side of myself. I use to constantly keep my hair short but last year for the first time since I was a kid I started growing my hair out and right now I am actually loving having long hair. Something I use to hate so much.

The characters within this manga discuss what it is like to be different and how some of them have found confidence in labels while others say that those same labels feel like painful restraints for them. What can be freeing for one person can be a hell for another and I liked that they had open and honest discussions about this. The LGBTQ+ community is such a large spectrum of different people that even though we all support each other even within our own ranks we will find those we don’t agree with. I myself have had these experiences with the few other non-binary people I have talked to. To many within the non-binary community gender neutral pronouns are very important, but for me I really don’t care what pronouns others use when talking to or about me, as long as they are being respectful I don’t care what anyone calls me. But I know it’s not like that for everyone and I accept that.

One of the cutest aspects of this manga however is the obvious blooming feelings between Tetsu and Mogumo. This brings up questions of sexuality for Tetsu that I hope get further explored in future volumes and also brings some anxiety to Mogumo because they don’t want to cause trouble for Tetsu, but there seems to be a hurdle in the horizon for these two love birds before anything even happens because of an interesting confrontation for Tetsu at the end of this volume and I look forward to reading more of this amazing manga when the following volumes get an official English release and even though this is not a sponsored post, I got my copy of this amazing manga from Bookwalker which I recently signed up for and am loving all the yaoi at my fingertips.

A Little Bit of Pride this Month


Let’s face it, 2020 has been a bad year for everyone, from political turmoil and natural disasters to a world wide pandemic and now, I don’t even know how to describe how fucked up recent events around the world have been. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to check the news because I just find myself thinking, what the fuck now?

June is pride month in the United States and even though you guys can not have the big parades pride is known for and most likely we won’t be able to do the same over here in Australia come time for us here, I have decided to share some of my favourite inspirational stories from within the LGBTQ+ community to share some much needed positivity out into the world, which is something I think we all need right now.

This will include some of my favourite short films, people within the community that inspire me and hopefully if I can get it done on time a review of one of my favourite recent movies.

To quote my favourite TV show Gotham ‘However dark and scary the world might be right now, there will always be light’ and I truly want to believe that even with everything going on right now that there is still some good in this world.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Helping the #EDENproject Blossom


The best way I can introduce you, my lovely readers, to this awesome project is to share with you the launch trailer for this awesome project. Please watch the video all the way to the end and then I will tell you why it is so important for me to share my support not only for this awesome project but this awesome artist as well.

#EDENproject is the kind of project I can not help but love the idea of! From its amazing character designs and intriguing ideas, it is something that caught my attention the moment I found out about the project which is why I have already shared the video above on my twitter, but I wanted to do more to help spread the word of this project to other bloggers. So here is what I am going to do.

I would really love if you, my lovely readers could share the launch trailer video around or this post, you can reblog this post on your blog or share it on social media, the point is I would love to see this amazing project blossom and I believe it is something that would be awesome to share with the LGBTQ+ community.

There are not that many games out there aimed specifically at the LGBTQ+ community, though I have already shared one with you guys already. That being my review of Strange Flesh. I would love to see more games with diversity that is more than just filling a quota for certain fetishes of the audience. Of course, I won’t say this project does not have that, looking at the character designs you can see many different types of male characters here, but it seems to be more about representation than anything else and this is something yours truly cannot help but support.

What is #WearPurpleDay? And Why Do I Support it?


Warning this post will be discussing issues of bullying and suicide in the youth of the international LGBTQ+ community, if these issues are triggering for you then that is ok, you do not have to read this post, to everyone else I hope to teach you about a group I have been a strong supporter of for five years now.

Wear It Purple was founded in 2010 due to the rising number of LGBTQ+ youth not being accepted, bullied and turning to suicide just because the people around them could not accept them for their sexuality or gender choices. This issue came to a head when 18-year-old Tyler Clementi killed himself after being outed by his roommate in such a cruel way. In response, Ellen DeGeneres made the following statement;

“This needs to be a wake-up call to everyone: teenage bullying is an epidemic… and the death rate is climbing.”

This statement made many around the world step up and say they wanted to see change and so began the journey of Wear it Purple, to help let teens out there know, there are people out there that will support your life choices and you do not need to go it alone.

Bullying is an issue that everyone will have to deal with at some point in their lives. Whether it be in their own family, at school, in the community or in the workplace. Bullying is more than physically hurting someone believe me I know because I went through ten years of school being bullied by my classmates for being different. I was only occasionally bullied physically but it was the words others threw at me that hurt more than being tripped over or spat on. But there is more to bullying than being the victim or the cause, those who stand by and watch bullying happen and do nothing, or as we have seen in recent years stand on the sidelines with their phones out recording the scene playing out before them, they are just as guilty as the bully themselves in my eyes.

It’s easy to say you don’t like or don’t support bullying, it takes a little bit more to step forward and stand up to the bully and tell them that you will not tolerate their behavior in your community.

Wandering Son – Anime Review

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What makes a boy a boy?

What makes are girl a girl?

The answer it seems is not as simple as the words found within the popular rhyme may be. Gender is a subject of hot debate over the last decade and it will continue to be in the years to come. It has gone from arguments over whether a girl can have short hair and a boy have long hair in school to debates about bathrooms and pronouns. Then add a big dose of political correctness to the whole debate and things get even more complicated. Wandering Son is an anime about gender and adolescence, it is also a series unlike any other anime before it or since.

Released in the 2011 winter anime season and based on the manga by artist Takako Shimura who is no stranger to stories with LGBTQ+ representation, though her stories do lean more towards lesbian and transgender representation and it is that transgender representation that makes Wandering Son an amazing anime. The main focus of the animes story is that of Shuichi Nitori, a boy who wishes he was a girl and his friend Yoshino Takatsuki, a girl who wishes to be a boy. What I love most about this set up in the story is that we get to see two different sides of a story like this. For me at least I must admit I do not see that many stories about a female to male transgender person and seeing the different struggles for the two characters gave further depth to the story being told.  One such subject that is brought up within the story of the series is how it can at times be easier for a girl to dress as a boy if she wants to, but when a boy wants to dress as a girl suddenly there is something wrong.


This has been a subject I must admit bothered me as a child growing up, especially once I reached school age. See I remember as a child because it can get quite warm here in Australia in the summertime playing under the sprinkler to cool off and as children do running around in just shorts. Then one day I get told that I had to wear a shirt when I play under the sprinkler outside and this made me very angry because my brother did not have to put a shirt on. I was simply told by the adults ‘that’s because he is a boy’. Gender has always been something I feel I just never really understood and is one of the main reasons why I myself identify as non-binary.

Like all stories of youth and adolescence, however, Nitori and Takatsuki’s world is not a safe little bubble where they are always free to express themselves and the cast of supporting characters are not always there to support them. If everyone around these two was completely accepting of who they were the story would one get boring pretty quickly and two be very unrealistic to what transgender people go through. One of the best examples of this within the show is Nitori’s older sister, who outright calls her ‘little brother’ sick and disgusting.

Anime does not have a good track record when it comes to transgender characters, more often than not they are a gag characters or at worse a fetish character commonly referred to a trap and admittedly I must confess I have been a fan of many of these characters and I can see now upon actually knowing some transgender people now how problematic at times these characters can be and yet I can not bring myself to hate these characters either. Complicated thinking I know but hear me out, it really comes down to the same issue people have with the representation of homosexuals and genres like yaoi and yuri. These types of characters are not meant to be a representation of real-life issues and people, they are nothing more than fiction, fantasy and yes at times fetish.


Jun Watarase was the first anime figure I ever bought and I still love the character, though many speculate still as to whether the character is just another trap or a transgender character

Wandering Son is an amazing anime that tells the kind of story I wish I saw more often in anime and manga and if you are looking for a show that takes a good hard look at what it may be like to be a transgender child I cannot recommend this series enough.

I want to end this post with a great big thank you to everyone for all your support this Pride Month on Yaoi Playground!

Queer as Folk – The TV Show That Changed Everything


It’s all about sex, except it is also something much more culturally important. It was started in the UK in 1999, and it was going to change queer representation on television forever. Before Queer as Folk LGBTQ+ representation on television was very different. Gays were often portrayed as, that funny effeminate male friend or that butch female character. I’m not saying there was no positive representation on television, but these were always minor roles in television shows and never the main focus of the story.

The series within the UK gained success and also caught the attention of producers in North America and they decided to make their own version of the show and so began the beginning of a revolution for prime time TV for Queer as Folk was the first hour-long drama series on American television to show the lives of gay and lesbian characters.

The series follows the stories of Brian, Justin, Michael, Ted, Emmet, Melanie, Lindsey and Michael’s mother Debbie and her brother Vic. This was a show, unlike anything that had been on television at the time. It told real stories from a community that did not really have much representation when it came to the mainstream. This was a show that talked about the club scene, the drugs, and the sex, but it was so much more than that. It talked about hate crimes and discrimination towards the gay community of all kinds. Workplace discrimination, family discrimination and discrimination within the community as a whole. One of my favorite plot lines for the show came when the series resident nerdy character Michael alongside art student Justin made their own homoerotic superhero character!


The Rage comic storyline is probably my favorite plot line from the series

But one of the biggest themes that were explored within the series was the subject of HIV and AIDS, and it was a subject they did not shy away from. Michael’s uncle Vic who lives with his mum is slowly dying of AIDS and throughout the first four seasons of the show we the audience watch as he slowly deteriorates. We see the physical deterioration of Uncle Vic but more than that we see the emotional toll the disease takes on not Just Vic but his family and friends around him. This is not the only character in the story we see go through this kind of story when Michael ends up in a long time relationship his new partner is revealed to be HIV positive. The show and the characters make sure to let everyone know that there is a big difference between being HIV positive and AIDS and for me when I first originally started watching the show back in 2004 I believe I had never seen a show talk about this subject. The only thing I knew about AIDS at that point really was that it was the disease Tom Hanks character had in the movie Philadelphia.


Something unexpected happened however when the show first aired in America. Initially it was aimed at the LGBTQ+ community but the series found a strong audience amongst heterosexual women, though if you ask me this really should not come as a surprise when you look at the yaoi fanbase, for myself at least I went looking for more stories about gay men after watching this series so in a way before Gravitation even Queer as Folk was a gateway for me into yaoi and gay media.

Even today this show is still finding an audience because there has never been a show like Queer as Folk before or since then, recently Entertainment Weekly sat down with the amazing cast of the show and looked back on the legacy that was the show. Thanks to online streaming services a new audience is discovering this amazing series and though at times the series can be a time capsule for the era it was made in, the subjects it talks about from coming out to homophobia to AIDS and politics it is just as relevant today as it was back when it first came out and is a must watch for anyone looking for positive and real representation of the gay community in media.


And damn even with that beard, Gale Harold is still hot!!! And Brian is still dancing in Babylon in my dreams

Awesome Youtuber – Queer Fudanshi


Queer Fudanshi – Bringing LGBT media to deserving fans is the tag line of this awesome Youtube channel and due to recent disgusting events on YouTube I would like to feature a queer positive channel right here on Yaoi Playground for Pride Month. There are so many channels I could have chosen from but in the end I had to go with this fellow yaoi fan and proud fudanshi! I have been subscribed to Queer Fudanshi since late 2016 and it is a channel whose new uploads I always look forward to watching, when they do arrive in my subscription box. Seriously hate it when stuff I am subbed to does not appear in my subscriptions it’s why I follow a lot of my fave YouTubers on Twitter or other social media so that I don’t miss out on new uploads.

Devin Jackson Randall is the amazing man behind this channel that covers all sorts of queer media sharing news about upcoming or recently released tv shows and video games and of course yaoi news and announcement. Many of his videos talk about representation in the media from a black gay man’s point of view and this is what I find most fascinating about his content because this is a point of view I do not see represented that often and through his channel he is giving the representation to the next generation that he did not see for himself when he was younger and that right there is beyond awesome!

Finding those within your own community that you can identify with can really help those trying to find where they belong in this world and make us not feel so alone and I would like to think I myself provide this to my fellow yaoi fans as when I first came into the fandom over a decade ago now yaoi was hardly ever talked about. Now I see so many people talking about the genre and it just makes me smile so much!