My Pokemon Gym Tag – The Hidden Dark Type Gym


pokemon_trainer_red_by_chaosman24-d31uqvyI want to thank Two Happy Cats for tagging me in this fun little Pokemon tag going around, which has given me the chance to share my unorthodox idea for a hidden gym available only to trainers upon defeating the elite four. Perhaps a bit presumptuous I’m sure but I’ve been inspired with this idea ever since the second generation with the battle with Red on Mt. Silver and I was always disappointment with later games not giving us a similar challenge. (though recent games have given us post game content such as the Delta Episode it still is not quite the same)

The Dark Type Gym

tumblr_mkux5fpv8l1ryl1tto1_500There has been many a theory within the Pokemon community as to why there has never been a dark type gym within the main series games. The most popular which seems to be the theory that a gym leader is a pillar of the community and inspiration to those around them. Dark type Pokemon are seen as sneaky and opportunistic ideals that no one would want to look up to. For me I always thought of this as a stereotypical misunderstanding of something that just was not the same as everything else.

A perfect example of this comes within the Pokedex entries for Absol, the disaster Pokemon thought by many to bring disaster when really this Pokemon was trying to warn humans of upcoming disasters.

Gym Design

Upon defeating the Elite Four and the Champion in the region the trainer would be given the co-ordinates of a mountain not found on the regions map and access to a tunnel that will lead to the base of the mountain, perhaps said tunnel would be found somewhere within the Elite four base.

Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain the trainer would be greeted by a Shiny Umbreon who would not let the trainer pass without proof of their defeat from the Elite Four, upon seeing the proof the Umbreon would lead the trainer through a mountain path where they would pass many high level pokemon who would watch as the trainer passes but never approach, these would be pokemon like Metagross, Hydreigon, Pidgeot and so on. They would eventually come to a door hidden in the mountain and upon the Umbreon’s eyes and spots glowing the door would open and the trainer would be greeted by an Absol who would lead the trainer and the Umbreon to a room with high ceilings in a Medieval castle style decor with statues of various pokemon throughout the halls notable ones being a Darkrei statue in the main entrance and a Giratina statue seemingly floating in the air above a sitting area with a fireplace and seating. The whole place would have a mysterious yet calming vibe about it with a hint of darkness.

This is where the challenger would wait for the leader and upon the apparenace of the leader the floor of the room would lower like an elevator to a field below them lit by candles.

Gym Leader Quote, Design and Team

“Without darkness the light would never shine, let me show you the other side of the light trainer!”

The gym leader would be a mature woman but not old with long white hair tied in a loose ponytail and striking blue eyes. She would wear a gothic lolita style black dress with a red scarf and red highlights in the dress and a pair of knee high high heeled boots. (think a female gejinki of darkrei).

A team of six high level dark type pokemon would be as followed…

Level 75 Shiftry


Level 77 Umbreon


Level 79 Houndoom


Level 79 Hydreigon


Level 80 Darkrei


Level 85 Spiritomb


So that is my gym idea, I hope fellow Pokemon fans like this, as to who I am tagging. Anyone who views this and wants to do it I say do they tag!