Monster and the Beast Vol 1 – Yaoi Manga Review

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One is naïve and shy, the other a creature of carnal desire but don’t assume you know who is who by looking at the cover of this yaoi manga. There are two things I would love to see more of in boys love titles if I am completely honest, stories that focus on characters that are not students and more consensual stories with monsters! I’ve already told you all before how much I love Men Plus Monsters by the lovely Aero Zero, but I hear you my lovely readers. Not everyone who loves yaoi and boys love also has a love for the bara art style, and if you are curious about a boys love story that involves one of the sweetest monsters I have ever seen in a manga then Monster and the Beast might just be the manga for you.

The first volume introduces us the readers to our two main leads of this slow burn romance story and when I say it is a slow burn between these two I mean it. I don’t know about any of my readers but when I read boys love sometimes I want more than just a dirty deed. I want a story that will suck me in and characters that keep me fascinated and guessing and one of the biggest plus’s for this manga series for me is that we have an honest to god fantasy yaoi story that is not just another isakai! The monster of the cover is a gentle and misunderstood soul by the name of Cavo who upon seeing the gentleman Liam being ‘attacked’ by his travel companions can not help but step in to help the man and though thankful for being rescued Liam informs his savior that he was ok really, it was just a little fun taken too far.

As the pair begin to travel together their growing friendship and fascination with each other is both compelling and adorable, you just do not expect a giant monster like Cavo to be so innocent and as expected from their first encounter Liam is quite the playboy but his constant need to travel and not stay in one place for long well it feels like it is foreshadowing something in the future of the story and I look forward to reading more of this manga.

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