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meet the fans

It would seem there is quite the large yaoi and BL fanbase over on TikTok even though the app is notorious for not liking adult content, that being said there is a thriving BL community over there many with a strict no minors policy. One BL TikToker I have already interviewed and that is the amazing DynamicDylan then I got the chance to interview one of my favourite TikTokers which turned out to be an amazing interview!

Could you start of by giving us an introduction to yourself?

Hi, I’m Liz and I am a BL/Manga collector on TikTok known as @itslizmangacafe. I have been collecting for 15 years, though my collection has grown exponentially in the last year due to the pandemic. I hadn’t collected in a very long time and with the manga community on TikTok, I recently got back into serious collecting. I currently have over 500 in my shelves. Personally, I’m 29 years old and identify as queer. I live in Kentucky with my boyfriend and his daughter, and our zoo of 4 dogs, 5 cats, a lizard, and a chinchilla!

Wow that is an impressive manga collection. I have heard you say before on your TikTok videos that your favourite boys love manga is The Tyrant Falls in Love… a title I am somewhat infamous on my blog for hating, so I guess my question is what about this title appeals to you?

Ha! I fully acknowledge that it is a very problematic series. Any time I recommend it, I always provide a disclaimer that it is not a happy story. I fell in love with the characters and Hinako Takanaga’s art style in High School. She to this day is my favorite mangaka, and I have most of her works in my collection. What appeals to me specifically is that despite how toxic the relationship is, we know Morinaga cares for Soichi, and I’ve enjoyed the development of the series. It is one I’ve kept up with for well over 10 years. I admit when I initially began the series, I also did not like how their relationship began. Both are problematic characters but seeing the growth and development of their relationship has really appealed to me

Brb going to reread for the 500th time and cry

This is one title I will never be a fan of…

Well I always say in this fandom we love what we love and should not pull those down for having a different opinion.

Exactly! We are all adults and at the end of the day, it is fiction. I also love Soichi. He’s just a mess but also really a strong character

I will give the author some credit he is hot…

Funny that you mention we are all adults as that leads into my next question as I am curious if anyone else in the fandom has this issue, I myself have been accused in the past of ‘gate keeping’ for saying that 18+ material is not for minors. As someone who is part of the TikTok community I can only imagine the amount of minors who try to interact with your videos, how do you deal with this?

I personally do not allow minor interaction on my page for multiple reasons. I acknowledge I’m not the “purity police” and I myself got into BL and explicit manga when I was 15/16. However my boundary is because I am nearly 30 and choose not to discuss adult content and media with minors. It makes me very uncomfortable and I stand by this rule. I also get a lot of horrible comments from minors that I as a female BL fan am fetishizing gay and MLM relationships because of what I choose to read. Many minors can’t tell fiction from reality and it’s a waste of time and mental energy trying to engage them.

Yes, I can agree with that. Would you believe I have actually been accused of being homophobic for being a yaoi and bl fan?

That’s horrible and absolutely not okay. I’m so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I’ve also been called a fetishizist and a pedophile on several occasions purely for even mentioning the classic Yarichin Bitch Club. Again all from minors who don’t understand.


Oh yes I have been called the pedophile in the past for admitting to watching a certain infamous anime once when younger. And then rewatching for research purposes to give it an honest review.

There is so many other problematic series out there. Even beyond anime and manga. Most of my hate is sadly from gay and MLM teens. I know I am cisgender but they fail to acknowledge I am on their side as a fellow queer identifying person. As I always say, at the end of the day… if you ain’t paying my bills, I’m paying you no mind. I am 30 and can choose to read as I wish. Intimacy is a part of most peoples’ lives so who cares if I am reading 18+ content?

What we do to relax is our own business as long as we are not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal.


Speaking of legality here is a big question within the yaoi and BL community. What is your opinion on scanlation sites? I know many of us within this fandom have used them before but with yaoi and BL media being more readily available over the last few years do you think we still need them?

My opinion of the scanlation sites may be different than most but I will say this. I don’t shame people for using them or say that it is “wrong.” I don’t gatekeep. However, I personally want and enjoy supporting artists when I can. I buy a lot of physical manga, and have a Lezhin subscription. In the past I’ve also had a subscription with Futekiya (I just didn’t utilize it enough so I temporarily stopped) and on my page I promote sites like Tapas, Webtoon, etc. I have used scan sites in the past but do try to avoid when I can. Only times I use them are when there are legitimate and no official English translations or print. If I can though and I enjoy the story enough I’ll buy the physical Japanese copy so I am still supporting. But I know this is not realistic for some. I do want to have artist support so I personally do not promote scan sites, though we know it’ll still happen.

That’s a really good answer.

I am though very happy that BL is becoming more popular and readily available. We didn’t have scan sites when I started getting into manga, and I didn’t really use them anyway.

To finish this interview do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share with those new to the fandom? Also feel free to use this section to promote any BL related projects you have.

Words of wisdom, particularly to those who are new and old to BL. You are allowed to enjoy what you want, and shouldn’t feel ashamed. Collecting and reading is a lifelong passion and there is no age limit or cap. Find fellow adult fans who enjoy as you do, and be open to reading new things as well as sharing what you love. There’s so many terrible things happening in the world, so find comfort in what you like. For those wanting to get into serious collecting – do research, be patient, and try to not follow FOMO. Stick to your budget and just have fun! Collect what you want, read what you want, and live your best life.

Wise words from a fun fujoshi! A big thankyou to Liz for letting me interview her here on Yaoi Playground and if she sounds like the kind of person you would love to follow make sure to check out her awesome TikTok and join the fun discussions on all things BL and Yaoi, till next time I am your Mistress of Yaoi!

This Fluffy Love – First Impression


If you are looking for a light and fluffy boys love to read, then my latest favourite read over on Webtoon might just be the title for you to read. Sarith just wants to spend his school life having fun with his friends and having a peaceful school existence but when the class delinquent Ashen pushes his way into his life by chance, he can not help but notice he is kind of cute and as he is forced to get to know the other boy more he begins to think maybe he is not as bad as people say.

How is this for an adorable first impression?

Sarith is one of the most adorable BL leads I have seen in a long time and I also love the fact that he is well, an adorable chubby boy! All too often in a lot of escapist media we see a main character that is what society would deem the ideal ‘body type’ and I just love that this series on webtoon breaks that trend, because can I just say we need more BL with chubby boys! I also love that the opening chapters of the story establish that even though he is a bigger boy it does not mean he has an issue with food or is a depressed person wanting to change as it is established early on that he comes from a loving family that just loves food. Being big does not mean you are miserable or dirty or unpopular and I just love that positive message the story has.

Then you got the character Ashen who is easy on the eyes and from the outside looking in looks like he could have anything he wants. His father is a powerful politician and he is surrounded by ‘friends’ all the time at school and the teachers even let him get away with breaking the rules in fear of his father, but the truth is he is a really sad and lonely boy who at times can be a bit of an air head and because of that those around him take advantage of him. He almost seems shocked when he receives genuine kindness from Sarith and it would damn near break your heart when he puts on the most adorable pout.

As the friendship between the two boys grows their relationship also evolves and begins to become something more and seeing these two adorable boys work their way through their new found feelings for each other will keep you coming back to read more, but do not let the title fool you yes this is a fluffy love but no relationship is perfect and watching the two of them grow through the pitfalls is what will keep you coming back every Sunday for the next chapter. If this sounds like a story you would love to read follow this link to read it over on webtoon to support the creator.

BJ Alex – Manhwa Review


I decided at about mid way last month that all the reviews I posted this pride month on Yaoi Playground would only be titles with good LGBTQ+ representation and when I finally finished reading BJ Alex a few weeks ago by the end I came to an amazing conclusion. This is a hardcore boys love title that shows a very realistic romance between its leads as well as realistic social commentary of the ‘gay experience’ in the modern age. This alone takes this from an amazing title to a modern masterpiece in my opinion when it comes to boys love. Though sex comes quickly in this story and it is the hot scenes that will draw you in, it is the growing romance and character development throughout the series that will keep you coming back for more.

The opening chapters of this manhwa almost feel like a cautionary tale of never meeting your idols, because reality can never live up to the fantasy we have in our head, and in a way this theme continues throughout the entire series. Reality can be harsh and cruel and so can love. First love can be even more complicated when we are still learning about ourselves and who we are and this is certainly true for Nam Dong-Gyun. When it comes to sex he is very naïve at the beginning of the story, but also quietly curious. What starts as an arrangement with his idol BJ Alex as just ‘sex friends’ with the term friend used very loosely soon snowballs emotionally for him when he comes to realize he wants more than just sex and that he has broken the one rule he was given when the arrangement started, don’t fall in love.

BJ Alex, Ahn Jiwon and even the person Ahn is out in public could not be more different from each other, even though they are all the same person, just different masks worn by him. One is the online streamer personality loved by millions of fans for his raunchy livestreams and has a loving attitude towards sex and his own sexual conquest. Ahn Jiwon on the other hand seems perfect to those around him, with his gentle smile and helpful attitude to those around him; but like the mask that BJ Alex wears during his livestreams Jiwon hides the real him behind his smiling mask of perfection. Hidden underneath is a cold angry man who keeps everyone around him at a comfortable distance. As the story continues Ahn Jiwon is the character that gets the most development throughout the story. Through learning about his past, we learn why he keeps people at a distance, why he hates love and why the visage of perfection he hides behind could be doing him more harm than good.

It is the last quarter of the manhwa however that the story goes from amazing to brilliant and there will be spoilers from this point onwards. So if what you have read so far makes you want to go read this manhwa over on Lezhin then please stop here and read the manhwa because I will be spoiling a huge plotline in the later half of the story.

Exploring the Fascinating World of Tintin Yaoi Fanfiction


I want to do more this year than just recommend fanfiction worth reading in different fandoms and after giving it much thought I decided it might be interesting to take a dive into different fandoms and see the kind of yaoi fanfiction I can find within and see what are the common tropes and themes explored within that fandom. At first I was actually going to start with a fandom I have been quietly a part of for many years with the Invader Zim fandom because there are a lot of interesting overarching themes shared and explored within that fandom, but as you can see this is not a post about Invader Zim, but I will get that fandom don’t you worry.

Like many a heavy fanfic reader in the new year I hit a stagnation within many of the fandoms I follow fanfiction for. If you read fanfiction you will know the feeling of your favourite current read coming to an end or being on hiatus during the holiday period. I had nothing new within my usual fandoms to read. So I was just pushed the watch something random option on Netflix and the show that came on was something I had not watched for a few years that I have always loved, that show of course being Tintin a cartoon series that I am referring to in this case is the short run 90’s adaptation of the series that which only ran for one year originally all the way back in 1992-1993 but had countless re runs on television throughout my childhood and the cartoon series itself is based on a series of European comics that were first published back in 1929. Knowing this it can be easily guessed then that many of the young reporters adventures take place in the early 20th centaury which explains a lot of the themes that are explored within the fanfiction for this series, but I am getting ahead of myself there so let’s just put a pin in the series time period for now.

As I sat there watching the show I found myself wondering if there is any good fanfiction out there for this show as well as what would be the most popular ship? Would be Tintin and one or both the twin detectives? Or perhaps it was the more obvious choice of Haddock and Tintin? I even had the thought, I bet someone, somewhere has even written something involving his dog, I mean it has happened in so many other fandoms, I have seen things in some fandoms I really wish I had never seen. So my dive into Tintin fanfiction began and luckily I did not come across anything involving Snowy.

I have seen things in fanfic communities my readers that I wish I had never read over the years, and the old saying read the tags before reading the fic is a valid warning in any fandom.

Two things became obvious as I dived into this fandom. One the most popular ship was that of Tintin and Captain Haddock and two one of the big themes explored within many of the fanfics was internalized homophobia, self hate for homosexual thought and an exploration of homophobia during the time period in which Tintin is set. Taking place in the first half of the 20th century this is a time in history when homosexuality was not approved of and a lot of the fanfics I found explored themes of what that can do mentally to a person. To have to suppress who they really are to fit into society, something that many people within the LGBTQ+ community still have to deal with today.

Believe me when I say yes this is a shippable pair!

Fanfiction like In the Closet by Delphi are short and sweet tales of sexual awakening for the young Tintin and follow a happier tone in the story by the end as well as exploring the theme of Tintin being what is referred to in the gay community as a cub who loves bears.

I know You Love Me by Mass_Effecting_Your_Pants explores what many would consider an over used cliché in fiction, the amnesia story but anyone familiar with Tintin will know that he is a young reporter with a tendency to get hit in the head and knocked unconscious quite often.

One last fanfiction I want to mention before ending this post is for a different ship of the series, that being of Tintin and his friend Chang. Both men share a strong friendship that grows throughout the series, from their first meeting in The Blue Lotus to one of the most emotional stories in the series Tintin in Tibet. The fic is titled A Bullet by Yeahyouwish and it explores the themes of social expectations and views of homosexuality during the time period in which the Tintin stories take place, as well as sexual exploration for both characters and is by far one of the best fanfictions I have found within this fandom.

I know this post has been very different from my usual posts about fanfiction, but as I have written in the past I am of the strong belief that the fanfiction writing and reading community is just as much a part of the yaoi and boys fandom as well as the publication of doujinshi works, fanart and of course manga, light novels, anime and video games. Plus I don’t know about many of you my readers by my own yaoi journey began decades ago within the web pages of fanfiction sites, till next time my fellow yaoi fans I am your Mistress of Yaoi.

Top 5 Favourite Reads on Futekiya

important lists, yaoi

It should come as no big secret by this point that my absolute favourite subscription service of the last year has been to the amazing site Futekiya, an online library of legally acquired and released yaoi and boys love content! Whenever I have a chance to legally support the genre that I adore so much I will do so and it is for this reason why I want to share my top five favourite reads so far from the site.

Now this is a list of favourite, so these are to my personal reading tastes and if any of these titles need tw warnings I will mention them within the list, I am also limiting this list to one per author because otherwise a certain author would be the bulk of this list and I wanted to use this as a chance to write about some titles I have yet to write about here on Yaoi Playground.

5. I Want You So Much That I’ll Let Him Violate Me by Funa

This title is why this post features trigger warnings so before I go into what this title is about here is the list of trigger warnings for this title that will not be for everyone; dubious consent, Rape and incest between cousins. I should have hated this title, no really I should have. It encompasses so many yaoi tropes that I have stated I hate including I rape you because I love you and yet… The tragic love triangle found within this title drew me in as well as the fact it is a yaoi story that features one of my biggest kinks that being older men in suits.

The manga tells the story of Kimichika who ever since he was a young boy has had a crush that turned into love for his grandfathers android butler, but when his grandfather passes away and leaves the android to Kimichika’s cousin, well things get complicated when he reveals he knows how Kimichika feels for the android, so he makes an offer to him that if he wants to android he must do something for him in return and with a tag like love triangle you know where this story is going and the bitter ending that could almost be seen as either sweet or sad is up to the readers interpretation of what they just read.

4. Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot and Cold Rabbit by Miwa

My most recent read on this list, I must admit I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this series. I have always had a soft spot for bunny boys in my yaoi but have also had a strong dislike for the tsundere personality type when it comes to characters so titles that include these kind of characters can be a real hit or miss for me. I love how the first few chapters of this manga introduce you to the world you are stepping into with this manga, a bunny boy host club that offers extra services for a price. How the place works is easily introduced like how host boys are white rabbits and security are men in suits with black rabbit ears. Then the meat of the story begins with a strained relationship between a reluctant security bunny and a mischievous worker who takes offense to being accused of having it easy. The relationship does involve a bit of dubious consent, which can be a big no for some but this is also a manga that plays with a few kinks you do not see too often. These include bunny boy outfits, men in suits, stockings and foot play to name a few. I myself found it to be an amusing read and is worth checking out if this sounds to your taste.

3. The Midnight Association for Broken Hearts by Minamoto Kazuki

Sometimes you do not want to read a long story but you want that yaoi fix and when that happens to me I love a good yaoi anthology series, one of my all time favorite’s of these is the Yaoi Hentai series from Yaoi Press released in the 2000’s, and I have noticed in recent years I have seen less and less anthology collections so when I found The Midnight Association for Broken Hearts I was very happy to see it was a collection of various yaoi stories. Out of the stories in this anthology my favourite is most definitely the first. To heart broken men eating away their sorrows late at night at a family restaurant only to find they are both heart broken and what starts as a friendship soon turns to love, the only problem… in the bedroom they are both bottoms! The other stories are just as adorable except for the third one for me, not a fan of blackmail and dubious consent most the time… but being an anthology if that is not your taste you can just skip it!

2. Can I Buy Your Love From a Vending Machine by Yoshi Haruaki

I absolutely loved reading this manga’s chapters daily as it came out last month, if fact I loved it so much that I started my review for it the same day I finished the final chapter which you can read right here. As stated in the review I am not usually a fan of the will they won’t they romantic comedy and quite often find them downright annoying but this sweet tale of a salary man and a vending machine stocker is just so many levels of adorable and will keep you hooked from start to finish and is a perfect choice for a read if you are looking for something that is more fluffy than sexy.

1. It’s Fine If It Is Just a Dream by Ayu Yamane

The one thing I have loved most about being a subscriber to Futekiya, is finding titles and authors I would never have found before, and if I had not limited this list to one per author then every single entry on this list would have been her work, so I decided to go with the title that got me hooked on her work. The art style of their work is very different to anything else I have seen in the yaoi and BL genre and the artwork reminds me a little of a children’s picture book, but these are stories that can tackle heavy themes of loneliness and being treated as an outcast and maybe perhaps finding a happy ending with other outcasts or lonely souls. I have already given a full review of this title and it can be found here, other manga’s of theirs I can highly recommend include The Stray, Necktie and Praying Mantis and Moja & I.

I hope this list has given you some great recommendations of titles worth checking out over on Futekiya and if you have yourself have read anything on their not featured on this list let me down in the comments below and why you recommend me checking it out. Also if you would like to see more list posts like this from me let me know! And if you want to know what I am working on, currently reading or what yaoi vn’s I am currently playing check out my Twitter, but only if you are 18+ because I post and share a lot of naughty stuff.

Can I Buy Your Love From a Vending Machine? – Manga Review


I must confess I am not a fan of one popular trope that can be found in many romance stories and that is the will they won’t they story. It’s why I very rarely enjoy romantic comedies. I’m not saying I hate all stories with this trope. It just feels very over played for me, especially when it comes to romantic comedies. There are some exceptions to this for me though and today’s manga which I read on Futekiya is one of the most adorable boys love titles I have read in a long time.

The manga tells the story of salaryman Ayumu Koiwai and his little crush on the man who refills the vending machine in his building and for Iwai this is a crush that is driving him mad, he can not even talk to the man without blushing, little does he realize the Yamashita also has a little crush on the cute salaryman.

Now if this story had gone down the route of the two of them constantly trying to ask each other out only for the punchline of a joke being for them to constantly be interrupted, I would have lost interest in this manga very quickly. Lucky for me and many other readers the story sees the two of them begin a cute romance of dating, getting to know each other and even a little bit of drama that is just enough to bring a little excitement to the story but not enough to break the adorable slice of life aspects of the story. It

It’s a comfy read that leaves you wanting to keep reading at the end of each chapter with a very satisfying and adorable ending and with each chapter originally being released daily the story kept me coming back each day to see what happens next. The whole story is now released and is a cute read I recommend for those new to the BL genre but also has enough of a touch of spice near the end that will keep veterans of the genre satisfied as well.

Dramatical Murder – Demo Review


On the surface this games world comes across as a cute cyberpunk aesthetic, with it’s bright colors and beautiful character designs that pull you in thinking you will have a cute adventure with some strange but harmless characters, but there is something darker peaking out from just below the surface. Behind the cute designs of the city and characters there is a corrupt and dangerous city where though things seem calm enough there is most certainly something sinister going on. This is the introduction we are given to the world of Midorijima in the demo for JAST USA’s upcoming English release of Dramatical Murder.

In this upcoming game you play as Aoba a young man who seems to be at a point in his life where he has calmed down from the crazy days of his youth and has settled almost comfortably into the responsible life as an adult. He works hard at his job, he spends time with his friends and he lives with his grandma, but his life is not as perfect as it seems. Rumors around his home town of people losing their minds in a game known as Rhyme is only the beginning of his adventure and there is also the mystery of the headaches that constantly plague him.

This poor boy will go through so much and I look forward to playing it, sorry Aoba

The demo gives you just enough of the story to hint that there is something more going on but leaves the mystery open and also gives a few introductions to important characters to the story. I did however through my own playthrough notice a few grammar errors in the translation the most obvious of which being the one below and I hope the team behind the game can fix these before the games full release.

My own playthrough of the demo has only left me more excited to play the full game once it releases later this month! You can order a physical copy from J-list here or pre-order a digital copy through Steam and Steam is where I downloaded the demo.

Why You Should Support Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel


Long time readers of Yaoi Playground will know my love for Y Press Games as well as the work of author Yamila Abraham, but what you don’t know is that my favourite work of hers is a series of light novels available on Kindle titled Maelstrom. Released back in 2014 the first volume of this series was one of my very first Kindle purchases and has been a title I have wanted to write about for a while and with the announcement of this game I plan to very soon. So when Y Press Games announced they had a game in the works titled Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel I could not help but smile because it meant I would be able to once again enter the world of planet Secren and with the story moving from a light novel to a visual novel with diverging routes it means further exploration of this fascinating world.

Then I saw the character designs for the game with the release of the demo and it has me even more excited with beautiful character designs from artist duo Dany&Dany and I knew I had to download the demo and give it a play and I am optimistically cautious with my excitement for the game, mostly because of my playthrough of the last Y Press Games release.

My biggest complaint of their last release Mister Versatile was the lack luster plot of the game over all and the one note characters. Don’t get me wrong it is a very entertaining game to play with some gorgeous character designs, artwork and some really hot scenes and for some players that is enough but I went in expecting maybe a little too much from the plot, something I really hope does not happen with Maelstrom and from the game demo it most certainly looks like this will be a more plot heavy game.

The demo for Maelstrom opens with you as the main character Demetri a former soldier at the beginning of a twenty year sentence for disobeying orders and I like that the opening gives us a look at the mental state his current incarceration has left him in and the decision is made for him for his sentence to be finished on planet Secren for his own mental health, but this comes with a catch. He has to find a mate for his own protection and this will mean partnering with another male which is not something Demetri is comfortable with, then add to the fact that on this alien world is a phenomenon known as Lightening which can cause a strong pull between those who are meant to be and let’s just say my curiosity is peaked, after all soul mates is always a story theme that peaks my interest and it is rare to find it outside of fanfiction works, even more so than omegaverse these days with that becoming its own whole separate genre within romance fiction these days.

Within the demo we are introduced to three possible characters to romance. Helix who was the sole love interest in the original novel series is the owner of the largest mine on the planet and treats all his workers underneath him right. He is a hero type with a kind heart.

Then there is Zheng-Li the one in charge of the planet who sees workers criminal or otherwise as disposable assets to do with as he pleases who seems he would treat a partner exactly the same as if they were beneath him as well. In my playthrough of the demo there seemed to be an intriguing level of chemistry between him and Helix or more to the point Helix is someone he wants and I hope this is explored in the full game.

The last possible partner is the one that intrigued me the most and that was Jader one of the local rustlers who also happen to be cannibals, he takes an interest in Demetri due to Lightening. He is not happy with his life as a rustler and comes across as a victim of circumstance and I am very curious to find out more about him in the future. There is also a fourth possible route not featured in the demo for a character named Sawyer but very little info has been released about this character as of yet.

The game promises four different routes which most likely means very linier storytelling for each characters routes, but if the story is engaging enough then this is fine by me. I personally would rather play a game that is more linier with a stronger story than a game with many routes with a story that becomes over tedious or has a repetitive plot that just swaps out one character for another but has no real effect on the finale of the story.

If this sounds like a game you would love to support then please go check out the indiegogo page (they need just under another thousand dollars to make the game!) and for the game or if you want to try out the demo for yourself first then you can check it out here.

If you want to know more about the world of Maelstrom keep an eye on this blog because next Sunday I will be releasing my review of the novel series, until then my fellow yaoi and boys love lovers out there!

12 Days of Yaoi – Well Done – Yaoi Webtoon Review

webcomic review, yaoi

I have been talking a lot of boys love titles from Futekiya during this little special event here on Yaoi Playground so today’s title for review comes from the webtoon site Tapas and in tomorrow’s review I am tackling a big one from over on Lezhin! I haven’t written about a title from there since my last Killing Stalking post, but I think tomorrow’s title comes close to popularity of that one.

As for today’s review, when I first read the synopsis for Well Done by Mongya and Anco I was very much immediately reminded of the yaoi classic OVA series My Sexual Harassment, a title I consider a true classic of the genre, but as I began to read this webtoon I knew I was reading something very different.

Sangwoo Yoon had everything he wanted in life and was climbing the corporate ladder, but his arrogance got the better of him when he was caught sleeping with the boss’s daughter. Two years later he finds himself still at the bottom of yet another soulless job when he catches a higher up famous CEO Jaehyun Han in a compromising position and said CEO wants Sangwoo to work directly underneath him in more ways than one. Will this be the chance for Sangwoo to finally climb the corporate ladder or is he just being toyed with like a rat in a trap?

From a set up that had me hooked from the beginning I must confess I finished this one in one sitting, I was just that hooked! From the hilarious reactions of the characters to the gorgeous artwork this is the one BL title on Tapas I recommend over any other. The sex scenes were some of the hottest I have seen, if I had one complaint for this one it was that the pacing in the second half of the story was a little off, not enough to distract me but some moments did feel like they dragged a little too much, but the ending was a good pay off over all, after all not every boys love title needs a deep story to be enjoyable and it really was the characters that made this one.

12 Days of Yaoi – Dakaretai Otoko 1 -i no Odosarete Imasu – Anime Review

Anime Review, yaoi

Dakaretai Otoko 1 -i no Odosarete Imasu or Dakaichi I’m Being Sexually Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year is a 2018 boys love anime series that I have loved more and more with each viewing and I hate to be the reviewer who says this because it is over used in a lot of anime reviews but, when you stand back and look at this series it can be seen as a complete deconstruction of the yaoi and boys love genre; taking many tropes within the genre and taking them in places I was not expecting it to go.

A prime example of this comes in the very first episode when we are introduced to our main characters. Takato Saijo is your typical male tsundere male character. A man who has been an actor for most his life he can come across as pleasantly charming to those he works with and knows how to work his charm. He has been dubbed the most huggable man in Japan for the last five years by a popular magazine and it is a title he wears proudly, except he has just lost his title to an up and coming actor by the name of Junta Azumaya a young man new to the world of acting who is seen by many as an angelic beauty.

Now going by these descriptions you would think, ok so this will be a series about Takato trying to somehow ruin Junta’s career but then because this is a yaoi story he decides to destroy him in some other way. If this was your assumption you would be dead wrong. It is in fact Junta who has fallen for Takato and wishes to pursue the older man. Younger seme’s are nothing new to the yaoi genre but what really makes the first episode of this anime stand apart from other boys love stories is that when Junta makes his first sexual advances towards Takato and is told to stop, he listens. This is a big deal for a boys love story because this does not happen all too often within the genre. It is because of this that the genre is seen as rapey by outsiders and there are certain titles out there that do not help this argument.

Not to say that the series is not perfect on this front, there are many scenes of Junta being a little of zealous with his affection towards Takato and getting a little too handsy but with a lot of those scenes he is called up on it by Takato and quite often back handed for the unwanted attention. This might not seem like much but it is in my opinion a step in the right direction for the boys love drama.

Both of the main characters are absolutely adorable and I loved watching Takato’s walls slowly coming down as be begins to fall for Junta and the switch of sweet angel to devilish love to restrained guard dog with Junta throughout the series was both adorable and hilarious at times. I will admit the over all story of the series is a little on the bland side, though I did really enjoy the flashback episode about when Junta first fell for Takato and how he knew he would have to hold back his desires and get Takato to fall for him first… he almost did not succeed in this but he at least tried to be a good boy. The side characters go from amusing to annoying with a character coming in as Junta’s kind of rival for Takato’s affections going from annoying to funny by the end of the series.

The series is no where near perfect, it’s story drags a fair bit mid season and though the beach holiday episode is fun to watch with plenty of fanservice it got a little tedious, it somewhat made up for this however within the melodrama of the last three episodes which will pull at the heart string of any hardcore fujoshi or fudanshi. If you are already a fan of boys love then this will most likely be an enjoyable watch for you, but if it is not the genre of your choice then it may be a skip until you have perhaps watched a few other titles such as Hitorijime My Hero, Gravitation or Junjou Romantica.