Exploring the Fascinating World of Tintin Yaoi Fanfiction


I want to do more this year than just recommend fanfiction worth reading in different fandoms and after giving it much thought I decided it might be interesting to take a dive into different fandoms and see the kind of yaoi fanfiction I can find within and see what are the common tropes and themes explored within that fandom. At first I was actually going to start with a fandom I have been quietly a part of for many years with the Invader Zim fandom because there are a lot of interesting overarching themes shared and explored within that fandom, but as you can see this is not a post about Invader Zim, but I will get that fandom don’t you worry.

Like many a heavy fanfic reader in the new year I hit a stagnation within many of the fandoms I follow fanfiction for. If you read fanfiction you will know the feeling of your favourite current read coming to an end or being on hiatus during the holiday period. I had nothing new within my usual fandoms to read. So I was just pushed the watch something random option on Netflix and the show that came on was something I had not watched for a few years that I have always loved, that show of course being Tintin a cartoon series that I am referring to in this case is the short run 90’s adaptation of the series that which only ran for one year originally all the way back in 1992-1993 but had countless re runs on television throughout my childhood and the cartoon series itself is based on a series of European comics that were first published back in 1929. Knowing this it can be easily guessed then that many of the young reporters adventures take place in the early 20th centaury which explains a lot of the themes that are explored within the fanfiction for this series, but I am getting ahead of myself there so let’s just put a pin in the series time period for now.

As I sat there watching the show I found myself wondering if there is any good fanfiction out there for this show as well as what would be the most popular ship? Would be Tintin and one or both the twin detectives? Or perhaps it was the more obvious choice of Haddock and Tintin? I even had the thought, I bet someone, somewhere has even written something involving his dog, I mean it has happened in so many other fandoms, I have seen things in some fandoms I really wish I had never seen. So my dive into Tintin fanfiction began and luckily I did not come across anything involving Snowy.

I have seen things in fanfic communities my readers that I wish I had never read over the years, and the old saying read the tags before reading the fic is a valid warning in any fandom.

Two things became obvious as I dived into this fandom. One the most popular ship was that of Tintin and Captain Haddock and two one of the big themes explored within many of the fanfics was internalized homophobia, self hate for homosexual thought and an exploration of homophobia during the time period in which Tintin is set. Taking place in the first half of the 20th century this is a time in history when homosexuality was not approved of and a lot of the fanfics I found explored themes of what that can do mentally to a person. To have to suppress who they really are to fit into society, something that many people within the LGBTQ+ community still have to deal with today.

Believe me when I say yes this is a shippable pair!

Fanfiction like In the Closet by Delphi are short and sweet tales of sexual awakening for the young Tintin and follow a happier tone in the story by the end as well as exploring the theme of Tintin being what is referred to in the gay community as a cub who loves bears.

I know You Love Me by Mass_Effecting_Your_Pants explores what many would consider an over used cliché in fiction, the amnesia story but anyone familiar with Tintin will know that he is a young reporter with a tendency to get hit in the head and knocked unconscious quite often.

One last fanfiction I want to mention before ending this post is for a different ship of the series, that being of Tintin and his friend Chang. Both men share a strong friendship that grows throughout the series, from their first meeting in The Blue Lotus to one of the most emotional stories in the series Tintin in Tibet. The fic is titled A Bullet by Yeahyouwish and it explores the themes of social expectations and views of homosexuality during the time period in which the Tintin stories take place, as well as sexual exploration for both characters and is by far one of the best fanfictions I have found within this fandom.

I know this post has been very different from my usual posts about fanfiction, but as I have written in the past I am of the strong belief that the fanfiction writing and reading community is just as much a part of the yaoi and boys fandom as well as the publication of doujinshi works, fanart and of course manga, light novels, anime and video games. Plus I don’t know about many of you my readers by my own yaoi journey began decades ago within the web pages of fanfiction sites, till next time my fellow yaoi fans I am your Mistress of Yaoi.

Fanfiction Rec 19 – Redacted

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A good crossover fanfiction can be a hard thing to pull off. Lean to heavy into one fandom and you can lose the audience and there is no guarantee that many people will be a fan of the two or more fandoms featured in the story, but Chierei has blended the worlds of John Wick and Gotham almost seamlessly in there wonderful fic Redacted and it is all thanks to the casting of Gotham favourite Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin) as the Administrator in John Wick 3, that has lead to a crossover fandom between the two franchises.

And damn that look left an impact on a certain part of the fandom, because that is a look that had many Robin Lord Taylor fans including myself drooling.

The fic itself is a long read, but well worth it with an 80,175 word count and 17 chapters including the epilogue. The main focus of the story is Oswald Cobblepot, a fan favourite of the Gotham series just having enough of constantly being pushed down and betrayed by those he thought he could trust again and again so he decides to leave Gotham without telling anyone and ends up at a certain hotel in New York City, The Continental Hotel.

What I love about this fic is the gradual evolution we get to see of Oswald into the person he becomes upon entering the world of The Continental and the world of assassin’s that makes up the John Wick universe. His character growth throughout the story is believable and feels in character for him which makes this a fascinating read. One of Oswald’s biggest character traits in Gotham is his not only his ability to read a situation and manipulate it to his end goal but also his at times lack of emotional control and I love that both these aspects of his personality are explored within the fic and as the story continues on is grown upon as well.

In case it is not obvious to any of my lovely readers who follow me on twitter more than anywhere else… I am a huge fan of the TV show Gotham and if I am completely truthful it was the beginnings of this fic that got me to finally sit down and finally watch the first two John Wick movies earlier this year and to immediately get the third when it came out on DVD. Chierei’s fic got me curious about the other fandom that shared this crossover with Gotham and that is just a sign of how amazing their writing is. Plus it also kind of helps the story for me when the author revealed that the story would end with some Nygmobblepot, my favourite ship from the show that I have an upcoming post about.

If you are a fan of either Gotham or John Wick and especially if you are a fan of both and have ever wondered what a story that collides the two worlds would be like, I can not recommend this fic enough. Plus since I am recommending it here that also means that there is some very well written yaoi scenes in this story, though the final pairing is not obvious in the beginning we also get some very sweet moments between John Wick and Oswald as well and that is something most definitely worth reading.


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Bet you did not think my first post back would be a fanfic rec did you guys? Well I have been wanting to write about this particular series of fics ever since I finished reading them months ago! And this will not be the only post I write about Gotham, I have a very special post in the works right now about the impact that this television series has had on me during this time in my life, but before I start I just want to say it is so awesome to be back here writing again!

In the time I have been away from blogging and for a large part of it away from the anime community as well, I found myself falling into a non anime fandom, the Gotham fandom. A series that I watched when it first aired over here in Australia but was quickly pulled from the air due to lack of an audience. That being said the tv station that initially aired the show made it very hard for those interested to keep up with the show. From constantly moving the time slot to out right not airing the show some weeks to show sports, it was not surprise they were not getting the ratings. Then when I got Netflix last year I found the first three seasons on there and though I only planned to watch a few eps… I ended up binge watching the what was there within a week. Then I found season 4 on dvd and bought that and watched that as well.

Needless to say I have become hooked on this show and like any show with such an amazing cast and being the kind of fan I am I of course starting looking into the shipping community surrounding the show and of course one ship stood out above all others for me and many other fans. That ship will not be the discussion of this post today however. Though if you follow me on twitter you will already know of my great love for Nygmobblepot, the pairing of Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot. Nope this fic rec is actually a rec of two fics that are part of a series called The Dick -n- The Ass. Those fics are Boxcutter and Safe Word and these two fics are a collaboration between fic writers owlettica and Filthycasual. There is also fanart throughout the fics brought to us by Filthycasual themselves.

Now when it comes to fanfiction what is it that is most important to you as a reader or writer? For me it is keeping characters in character to their source material. However, this does not mean that the characters can not have realistic growth throughout the events of the fanfiction written about them and this is where these two fics excel at the greatest! Boxcutter and Safeword take place after the events of season 3 and the Alice Tetch Virus infecting James Gordon and if you are not up to this part of the series stay away from this fic series because there are a lot of season 3 and 4 spoilers within. While under the influence of the virus Jim begins a relationship with one Victor Zsasz, a very dangerous hitman. At the beginning of the story they start very much in character to themselves but as the story moves on so do the characters and there is some very intriguing character growth between both characters in the story and some very very hot interactions between the two. A new relationship will change a person, for better or for worse and the exploration of this on both sides of the relationship makes these fics a must read. From exploring the softer side of a killer to the realization that giving into the darkness in ones self does not have to be the end of the person we have become these themes permeate throughout both stories.

Because this is a story that tackles a lot of violence both show accurate violence given that this is a fic in the Gotham universe and that it also explores a lot of hardcore sexual encounters including blood play and rape this will not be a fic for everyone. However if you enjoy a story that explores the darker side that can come from love and obsession and are looking a fic that explores a not so popular ship within the Gotham universe I can not recommend this series of fics enough.

Fanfiction Rec 15: His Music

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So I have planned on writing about this amazing fanfic for a while now, but after what was released the other week; a new music video from Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz which is one hell of a trip to watch and has me wondering yet again what the video creators have been smoking and where I can get some. Now feels like as good a time as any to write this recommendation for my all time favorite Gorillaz yaoi fanfiction as well as more proof that I have been a fan of dysfunctional couples long before ‘Killing Stalking’.

There has been a long-standing yaoi community around the band for a long time now, I myself did not come into this community until around the ‘Demon Days’ era of the band which is also when I started listening to their music more and I have to tell you when I want to just sit and write, putting on a Gorillaz album makes for some awesome background ambiance. Very early on within the birth of the fans around this fandom one pairing stood out above all others and that is, of course, the pairing of Murdoc and 2D.  The release of the Gorillaz short animations known as Gorrilaz Bitez certainly helped the fandom grow around the characters that make up the band and one particular Bitez simply titled Game of Death became a favorite among the yaoi community to mess around with. These shorts helped fans connect more with the animated band and helped the fandom grow.

Things became obvious among fans about the band as they watched the shorts, namely that Murdoc was most certainly an asshole to his bandmates and that 2D was the resident punching bag. These themes would be explored within the fandom through fanfiction and artwork throughout the years. Many times with Murdoc being portrayed as an abuser and 2D the victim in the relationship. That being said fics for the two do not always end this way. Many popular themes went from the first meeting of the two musicians before the band to drunken nights of debauchery in the back of Murdoc’s infamous Winnebago.


His Music, however, does not cover any of these themes and takes place during ‘Plastic Beach’ when the band was living isolated on a garbage island in the middle of the ocean. Well to be more exact Murdoc, 2D and a bunch of other musicians featured on the same album were. The Plastic Beach era for the band was quite a strange one and that is saying a lot considering what else they have been up to.

The story itself focuses on 2D and his want to leave Plastic Beach but at the same time something is nagging at him not to go, Murdoc has changed and 2D is unsure of this change in his friend and longtime crush. With themes of isolation, psychological torture, and possible split personalities the story is a fascinating read. The only thing that really really holds this fic back and may make it unreadable for some is… it is unfinished, abandoned even perhaps. The story has no closure and that can be devastating for a good story that gets you hooked. It is now nothing more than an unfinished masterpiece, which if you do read the fanfiction you will realize is almost a cruel irony to go with the story within.

Fanfiction Rec 13: Memories of You


I really wish there were more yaoi fans in the Fallout 4 community. Fallout 4 is by far my favorite game for the PS4. Don’t get me wrong I loved Final Fantasy 15, I really did but there is just something about Fallout 4 that pulls me in more. I honestly think it is the characters.

tumblr_o25rzwyrgu1th111po2_r1_500To any other yaoi fans out there that play Fallout 4, I’m not the only one that ships Vadim and Travis right? One of these days I’m going to write a fanfiction about those two. There is some obvious chemistry between the two of them, that’s my theory as to the real reason Vadim could not set Scarlet up with Travis and why it did not last.

Then there is John Hancock. He is probably my all-time favorite video game character at this point, what can I say this girl fell for that charismatic ghoul, today’s fanfiction rec is not about Hancock, Vadim or Travis however.

Unlike many of my other recommendations, this fic is a short one that tugs at the hearts strings of every fan of a certain synth detective and a male sole survivor with a different backstory to the one seen in the game.

641134186b2204abb538673c5f60de2fMemories of You comes to us from Casey_Wolfe over on Archive of Our Own, my personal favorite fanfiction site at the moment and tells an AU story that does not involve Nora or Shaun. Our vault dweller has a past with the original Nick Valentine and through the course of this fic we find out what the two meant to each other in the past.

I have to say this story is a must-read for any yaoi fan of Fallout 4, even if it is just a fluffy story with nothing kinky at all.

This is a beautiful, heartfelt story that makes me really wish I could romance Nick, well at least I can still pair Danse with my male vault dweller Aries.  (I know there is a mod to romance Nick, but I don’t like playing with Mods)

Fanfiction Rec 12: Maelstrom

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If Yuri!!! On Ice has taught me anything my readers, it is how fast a new fandom can be born, from the very first ep we had gushing fangirls and shippers jumping on board for the pairing that has been nicknamed Victuri and with the explosion of any new fandom on the internet you are sure to see a boom of fan projects.

tumblr_ofmv25x2ny1qdk9z7o1_1280In the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom, we have seen parody song covers, a tonne of fanart and of course fanfiction, seriously there is already thousands upon thousands of fanfiction for the series and this is a series that debut in November 2016!!!

So there is definitely a quantity of fanfiction out there, but what about quality? Well… the quality is not quite there just yet. There is a lot of bad fanfiction out there following too many old yaoi slash fic tropes, but amongst all those fics I do believe I have found a gem.

Maelstrom by feels like fire takes a plot that I have not seen so well executed in the realm of fanfiction, the Groundhog Day scenario. A mysterious snow storm in the catalyst for a story that has Victor stumbles over Yuri, the love story side of things kind of reminded me of the movie 50 First Dates only with a time paradox which was a fun read.

This is definitely a quality fanfiction that has come out of the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom and is a must-read for any fan of Victuri!!

Fanfiction Rec 11: Apples

fanfiction, yaoi

Even the most avid of fanfiction readers will tell you, there is a lot of bad fanfiction out there. That was part of the reason why I started Fanfiction Rec here on Yaoi Playground. Some call it digging through the mud to find a gem but if I’m completely honest at times it can feel like digging through a pile of shit and occasionally finding a diamond but more often than not all you find is a cubic zirconia.

This is especially true when it comes to bigger fandoms. Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon (be prepared for anything going into Pokemon fanfiction) and of course Harry Potter to name a few.

2011f264b584a3d0287daf786c3f0bdcThis week’s fic delves into the world of Dragon Ball Z fanfiction and one of the best-written fanfictions I have come across for one of my favorite ships of the series, Gohan x Piccolo, as long as of course Gohan is of consenting age.

A single moment of kindness is all it can take for a heart to be won over and that was the catalyst for Gohan’s affection in Apples by BelovedWithKindness. This fanfiction is another slow burn story with 32 amazing chapters.

What I love most about this story the exploration of sexuality not just with Gohan, but with Piccolo. This is a relationship of many firsts for both and this gives the story a very natural progression throughout the chapters and leaves the reader invested in the up and downs of a new relationship and a question I don’t see explored very often; is it easier to stand by the one you love forever as just a friend, or can you risk that friendship to find something more?

Fanfiction Rec 7: Scent of his Mate


I’m back to share some of my all-time favorite fanfictions from around the net and I find myself nostalgic lately because I have been replaying Final Fantasy X and X-2 remastered while I patiently wait like many for XV to be released. (Had my pre-order paid off for two months now)

Replaying the game I was reminded of an old fanfiction I read ages upon ages ago. So I went searching for it once I had internet access back at home and through some searching, I finally found the story The Scent of His Mate by Bioxz. This is an amusing story of Kimahri becoming obsessed with Tidus’s scent, to the point where it becomes a turn on for the Ronso. This is a very very explicit fanfiction that covers themes of violence, rape, and scent fetish.

It also has a different backstory for Kimahri and his relationship with clan which gives the story a slight AU without deviating too far from the canon path… well it does kind of interrupt of the canon pairing of the story but that is part of the fun of fanfiction. The author gives both Kimahri and Tidus believable character development throughout the story and the other characters are written in a very amusing way. So if you enjoy yaoi fanfiction within Final Fantasy and are looking for a less conventional pairing not written as just a crack pairing this is a story I highly recommend.

Fanfiction Rec 5: Clarity

fanfiction, yaoi

The synopsis for this story just so perfectly describes the tale you are about to read.

“Coffee Shop AU! Shinji struggles with depression and his troubled past until he meets Kowaru, a painter with his head in the clouds. One would imagine calamity would ensue, however, there is a beauty to be found between those who seek love and a sense of clarity.”

Clarity by OftheWind is an ongoing fanfiction featuring the Evangelion pairing of Kowaru Nagisa and Shinji Ikari in an alternative universe with no Eva or Angels but a difficult real life and a cafe where Shinji works alongside Asuka and Rei.

The coffee shop AU is a common trope used within many fanfiction communities where they take characters from a fantasy, sci-fi or other setting and puts them in a setting more grounded in reality but try to keep the characters as in character from their own universe as possible. Sometimes like here it can work and other times well let’s just say there are a lot of bad AU fanfictions out there.

tumblr_mo1fwjYMcI1sokls6o3_1280Clarity is yet another fanfiction I recommend that deals with a lot of heavy subject matter. There are themes of child abuse, mental instability, and social anxiety all played as part of the drama of the story so if you are sensitive to these issues I would not recommend this one to you. The reason why I recommend this story, however, is because it is one I myself am currently following and thoroughly enjoying the realistic growth of all the characters in the story.

The only thing I have found so far not to my liking is the personal choice for Rei Ayunami. A very quiet and stoic enigma of a character in the series something about her just feels off to me in this story. Some characters are hard to write in fanfiction and Rei is one of these characters and the personality change does fit the story but at times some of her reactions to situations can seem jarring.

The meat of this story, however, is the growing relationship between Shinji and Kowaru. You can see Kowaru helping Shinji come out of his comfortable shell but at the same time, you also see how Shinji helps keep Kowaru grounded something his character has trouble within this particular story. If you are a fan of this pairing I cannot recommend Clarity to you enough.

Do you like the pairing of Kowaru Nagisa and Shinji Ikari? Do you have a favorite fanfiction of the pairing you would like to share? Let me know down in the comments below.

Fanfiction Rec 4: Walking the Plank



When it comes to Snarry or Harry Potter Fanart in General I just cannot go past the gorgeous work done by Yukipon!

I honestly never thought I would get the chance to read a new official Harry Potter story again after reading Deathly Hollows (which had me crying like a baby) but now with the release of ‘The Cursed Child’ as a book, I cannot wait to enter the magical world again. I have not read anything into the play or the book itself because I want to go in spoiler free once I get a hold of the book but to celebrate more Harry Potter this week’s Fanfictions Rec is something a little different. It’s a whole community and not just one fic!

don__t_cry_by_yukipon1Walking the Plank is an awesome online community dedicated to the ship of Snarry! When I was younger I must admit I was more of a fan of the pairing of Drarry (Draco x Harry) but as the books continued on I found myself liking the character of Draco Malfoy less and less, but my love for Snape continued!

As I continued reading the Harry Potter books and re-reading them as I grew older the character of Snape became more and more sympathetic and I became drawn into the Snarry fandom. It was at this point that I discovered the Walking the Plank community dedicated to the ship of Snape / Harry.

What lies within the pages there in this website is many a wonder for fans of the ship with various different genres of fanfic, I myself am partial to the time travel fics that has Harry going back to the past when his parents were at Hogwarts. There are fluffy happy fics to some very grimdark hurt/comfort style stories and everything in between.

There are challenges for writers to take part in as well as a forum for fans to discuss what they love about the pairing and other subjects as well.

Are you willing to walk the plank for Snarry or do you prefer another pairing from the Harry Potter fandom?