This Fluffy Love – First Impression


If you are looking for a light and fluffy boys love to read, then my latest favourite read over on Webtoon might just be the title for you to read. Sarith just wants to spend his school life having fun with his friends and having a peaceful school existence but when the class delinquent Ashen pushes his way into his life by chance, he can not help but notice he is kind of cute and as he is forced to get to know the other boy more he begins to think maybe he is not as bad as people say.

How is this for an adorable first impression?

Sarith is one of the most adorable BL leads I have seen in a long time and I also love the fact that he is well, an adorable chubby boy! All too often in a lot of escapist media we see a main character that is what society would deem the ideal ‘body type’ and I just love that this series on webtoon breaks that trend, because can I just say we need more BL with chubby boys! I also love that the opening chapters of the story establish that even though he is a bigger boy it does not mean he has an issue with food or is a depressed person wanting to change as it is established early on that he comes from a loving family that just loves food. Being big does not mean you are miserable or dirty or unpopular and I just love that positive message the story has.

Then you got the character Ashen who is easy on the eyes and from the outside looking in looks like he could have anything he wants. His father is a powerful politician and he is surrounded by ‘friends’ all the time at school and the teachers even let him get away with breaking the rules in fear of his father, but the truth is he is a really sad and lonely boy who at times can be a bit of an air head and because of that those around him take advantage of him. He almost seems shocked when he receives genuine kindness from Sarith and it would damn near break your heart when he puts on the most adorable pout.

As the friendship between the two boys grows their relationship also evolves and begins to become something more and seeing these two adorable boys work their way through their new found feelings for each other will keep you coming back to read more, but do not let the title fool you yes this is a fluffy love but no relationship is perfect and watching the two of them grow through the pitfalls is what will keep you coming back every Sunday for the next chapter. If this sounds like a story you would love to read follow this link to read it over on webtoon to support the creator.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou / The King’s Avatar – First Impression

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Going into this one I must admit, my first thought was the following – Oh god not another trapped in a video game anime. Of course, I now see the idiot I am for thinking that now that I have seen the beginning of the series but you must admit these days when the term video game is mentioned in the synopsis of a series you instantly think of this cliche.

The Art of the First Impression and My Hero Academia


A lot can hang on the power of a first impression. From getting a job, to dating to finding a new anime to sit down and watch we judge many things on our first impression. It is because of this that I see many anime fans going by what they call ‘The Three Episode Rule’; if an anime has caught their interest within the first three episodes they will more than likely continue and finish the series. On this subject I highly recommend reading Do Stories Really Get Better?  which got me thinking about anime first impressions before I started watching the first episode of My Hero Academia.

The first episode without giving away any spoilers for those who have not watched it yet, takes place in a world were a large percentage of the population has super powers. This has given birth to the rise of both Heroes and Villains. So does our story focus on one of these young heroes in the making? Well sort of, you see Deku wants nothing more than to be a hero like his hero All Might there is only one issue  Deku was born in the small part of the population without any powers, he is completely ‘normal‘. (I put normal in quotation marks here because normal is described as what is normal by the mass populace and it seems as though it is more normal in this world to actually have powers)


This set up alone already peaks my interest because I am as stated previously am a fan of not only character driven stories but also under dog stories which I can see this being. The only thing that might stop me from completely getting into this show in all honesty is it’s genre. Don’t get me wrong I like and even love a many shounen animes, but if this turns into a long running series like Naruto or Bleach with an on going seemingly never ending narrative I can see myself growing bored and dropping the show.