Synthetic Lover Trailer Released


Last year I reviewed the demo of the upcoming yaoi game Synthetic Lover and it was a demo that intrigued me about the story of this upcoming cyberpunk mystery yaoi visual novel. Three words that make this fujoshi swoon when uttered together Cyberpunk, mystery and of course yaoi! I have been waiting with anticipation and hoping that the Kickstarter would reach its goal and it would become a full game and now that the trailer is here I am even more excited.

Confession my readers, I love cyberpunk and I especially love cyberpunk stories that explore the moral ambiguity of Artificial intelligence. It’s why the light novel series Ai no Kusabi is my all time favourite piece of yaoi media, why my favourite video game of last year was Detroit Become Human and why I loved the over arching conflict in Fallout 4, so let’s just say I am really looking forward to this game… as well as a certain other game that keeps getting its release date pushed back.

Alpha Hole Prison – Yaoi Game Demo Review


Astronaut Miguel Sanchez is in big trouble, he is light years away from home and whats worst he has been thrown into the most dangerous prison in the universe, The Alpha Hole Prison. A place where prisoners are not just sent for punishment but to ultimately disappear. In order to survive the ordeal and possibly escape Miguel is going to have to find someone to protect him within the prison walls, but that protection will come at a great cost depending on who he chooses.

The finished game promises the following…

300,000 word character driven story

6 Adult Only Routes

Animated Love Scenes (got a preview of some of these in the demo)

Threesome option in every route

60+ endings

300+ CGs

Your choices will matter throughout the game and affect what ending you get

Partial Voice Acting guaranteed and full voice acting if stretch goal is reached

Original music

and all backing endings to arrive on time

So what did I think of the demo? As in introduction to the characters it was a fun ride getting to know everyone and I was happy to see that nearly everyone was intriguing. There was one character that was kind of boring but I get the feeling that was kind of the point he comes across as a sleaze and that is about it and he is indeed very forgettable, but from the trailer I get the feeling that is the point of his character. The characters I found most fascinating were Miguel the main character who seems to be the kind of character that hides his fears and insecurities behind an amusing sense of humor but is also very naive. The first alien Miguel meets Rin-Timber at first seems just as naive and more innocent than the main character and is almost adorable but the more time spent with him soon reveals there is certainly a reason why he has been sent to Alpha Hole. The last character I want to mention is the mysterious goth boy Xenoskar who I immediately gravitated to because I must confess I found him adorable. Supposedly he is one of the most dangerous inmates after all every time he is out of his cell they chain him up. Very little of his story is revealed within the demo, only that everyone seems scared of him and that left me very curious.

Much like their previous project Mister Versatile, Alpha Hole Prison will only get a full game if Y Press Games reach the fundraising goal to make this game. If you want to play the demo it can be found here and if you want to help support the campaign for this game you can so right here and much like their previous project I wish them the best of luck in reaching their goal!

Synthetic Lover Game Demo Review

video game, yaoi

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read my review of the original Ai no Kusabi anime, that when you mix sci-fi cyberpunk and yaoi, you get my attention very quickly. It is a mix of genres that I thoroughly enjoy so when I was asked on Twitter by the creators of this kickstarter to check out their game I was very happy to give it a go.

Set in the distant future of 2066 biologically engineered humanoids make up a large portion of the workforce. In this story you play as a Synthetic Lover (basically a high end escort) who one day after coming in contact with a strange object begins to feel that something is off because he is beginning to actually feel things, emotions and what even seems to be an opinion of his own.

Sentience, intelligence and a moral compass all within an AI are story elements I adore being explored, much like within one of my favourite books as a teen Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and I can not help but see a little inspiration from this story coming through within the world shown in the demo of this game.

Once complete the game promises full voice acting, deep character relationships and development – I can not wait to learn more about Terrance he was my fave character in the demo, multiple endings and plenty of nsfw intimate scenes. A small part of me was a little disappointed that there was not a preview of the nsfw art in the demo but that was really my only complaint for what I got to play.

I enjoyed what I played of this demo and very much hope the developers can reach their goal on kickstarter to finish their project. If this sounds like something you would like to check out and support please follow the link below.

Synthetic Lover Kickstarter