Dramatical Murder – Demo Review


On the surface this games world comes across as a cute cyberpunk aesthetic, with it’s bright colors and beautiful character designs that pull you in thinking you will have a cute adventure with some strange but harmless characters, but there is something darker peaking out from just below the surface. Behind the cute designs of the city and characters there is a corrupt and dangerous city where though things seem calm enough there is most certainly something sinister going on. This is the introduction we are given to the world of Midorijima in the demo for JAST USA’s upcoming English release of Dramatical Murder.

In this upcoming game you play as Aoba a young man who seems to be at a point in his life where he has calmed down from the crazy days of his youth and has settled almost comfortably into the responsible life as an adult. He works hard at his job, he spends time with his friends and he lives with his grandma, but his life is not as perfect as it seems. Rumors around his home town of people losing their minds in a game known as Rhyme is only the beginning of his adventure and there is also the mystery of the headaches that constantly plague him.

This poor boy will go through so much and I look forward to playing it, sorry Aoba

The demo gives you just enough of the story to hint that there is something more going on but leaves the mystery open and also gives a few introductions to important characters to the story. I did however through my own playthrough notice a few grammar errors in the translation the most obvious of which being the one below and I hope the team behind the game can fix these before the games full release.

My own playthrough of the demo has only left me more excited to play the full game once it releases later this month! You can order a physical copy from J-list here or pre-order a digital copy through Steam and Steam is where I downloaded the demo.

12 Days of Yaoi – Dramatical Murder Limited Edition Announcement


In 2018 Just USA an American company that specialize in localizing visual novels to English announced a new project called Jast Blue with the announcement that this branch of Jast USA would be working along side Nitro+CHiRAL to give official English releases of their popular yaoi titles and among those announced the one I was most excited for as were many other western yaoi fans was an official English release of Dramatical Murder and now at the tail end of 2020 we get a trailer for the official English release and although this post was not originally planned for my 12 Days of Yaoi, this is just such big news for the community I just had to talk about it!

The game is now available for pre-order from J-List for a special edition physical copy of the game and at first I was excited, but then I remembered something about J-List. Australia has banned all 18+ imports from Japan and well J-List’s motto is you have a friend in Japan. So my excitement soon turned to disappointment. The yaoi game I have wanted to play for the longest time, I won’t be able to get a physical copy of and this special edition looks really cool!

So here I was last night staring at the listing on J-List kind of just sulking to myself thinking great just what I was expecting from 2020. Then as I was staring I noticed something on the page, it said Ships from USA on the order page. So I did some digging on the website and found out this game is coming from Japan it’s coming from the USA warehouse and that place does still ship to Australia! Not to sound melodramatic but this felt like a little Christmas miracle just for me! So now I have a copy of this much much much wanted game on pre-order for myself.

I can not wait to get into this game once it releases plus it has motivated me to finish the other Nitro+CHiRAL games I have so far, those being Sweet Pool and Togainu No Chi Lost Blood. Have their been any game announcements this year that has had you excited or have you had one of those moments where you felt like you missed out on something just to find out yes you can get it after all? I would love to here your stories in the comments below and thankyou again for joining me on these 12 Days of Yaoi! Tomorrow’s post will be a review of a boys love anime that kind of has fans divided and I am most definitely on one side of the argument for this one, I look forward to seeing you then!