Shounen Maid Trailer Reaction

anime trailer, yaoi

So let me ask an honest question to the fellow yaoi fans out there… I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Kuro when I saw the title of this series right? Then I looked at the synopsis of the series and I found myself asking ‘So this is Shounen Maid Kuro-kun minus the yaoi?’

I’m sorry to keep making references to the shota anime that was brought to us by the same company that made the infamous Pico series but that is where my mind immediately went, internet you have corrupted the mind of this innocent fujoshi… is there really such a thing I wonder?

The synopsis of the series is as follows, we have a young boy by the name of Chihiro who is very good at household chores thanks to his strict mother but then the mother dies and a mysterious stranger shows up offering Chihiro a home if he will do the housework… as a maid.

The synopsis for Kuro is very similar to this as I will explain, in that yaoi series the little plot we do have is this Kuro’s father is in debt and Kuro has nowhere to go but then one day is summoned to a mansion to work as a maid. Ok, maybe not exactly the same.

I will probably watch Shounen Maid in the upcoming anime season on AnimeLab (this is not a plug or anything I just like using this particular streaming site) and see where this series takes me.