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We are not far from the end of the Vampire Slave Kickstarter and we still have a long way to go to reach the desired goal. We need your help as much as possible to be able to give you the best experience! You can learn all about the game’s history, rewards and more by […]

Our Kickstarter needs help! — Y Press Games

Working my way through the demo for Vampire Slave and omg guys don’t sleep on this one! If you love boys love and classic vampires you need to support the Kickstarter for this one! This is a title that needs your help to get released!

Dramatical Murder – Demo Review


On the surface this games world comes across as a cute cyberpunk aesthetic, with it’s bright colors and beautiful character designs that pull you in thinking you will have a cute adventure with some strange but harmless characters, but there is something darker peaking out from just below the surface. Behind the cute designs of the city and characters there is a corrupt and dangerous city where though things seem calm enough there is most certainly something sinister going on. This is the introduction we are given to the world of Midorijima in the demo for JAST USA’s upcoming English release of Dramatical Murder.

In this upcoming game you play as Aoba a young man who seems to be at a point in his life where he has calmed down from the crazy days of his youth and has settled almost comfortably into the responsible life as an adult. He works hard at his job, he spends time with his friends and he lives with his grandma, but his life is not as perfect as it seems. Rumors around his home town of people losing their minds in a game known as Rhyme is only the beginning of his adventure and there is also the mystery of the headaches that constantly plague him.

This poor boy will go through so much and I look forward to playing it, sorry Aoba

The demo gives you just enough of the story to hint that there is something more going on but leaves the mystery open and also gives a few introductions to important characters to the story. I did however through my own playthrough notice a few grammar errors in the translation the most obvious of which being the one below and I hope the team behind the game can fix these before the games full release.

My own playthrough of the demo has only left me more excited to play the full game once it releases later this month! You can order a physical copy from J-list here or pre-order a digital copy through Steam and Steam is where I downloaded the demo.

Why You Should Support Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel


Long time readers of Yaoi Playground will know my love for Y Press Games as well as the work of author Yamila Abraham, but what you don’t know is that my favourite work of hers is a series of light novels available on Kindle titled Maelstrom. Released back in 2014 the first volume of this series was one of my very first Kindle purchases and has been a title I have wanted to write about for a while and with the announcement of this game I plan to very soon. So when Y Press Games announced they had a game in the works titled Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel I could not help but smile because it meant I would be able to once again enter the world of planet Secren and with the story moving from a light novel to a visual novel with diverging routes it means further exploration of this fascinating world.

Then I saw the character designs for the game with the release of the demo and it has me even more excited with beautiful character designs from artist duo Dany&Dany and I knew I had to download the demo and give it a play and I am optimistically cautious with my excitement for the game, mostly because of my playthrough of the last Y Press Games release.

My biggest complaint of their last release Mister Versatile was the lack luster plot of the game over all and the one note characters. Don’t get me wrong it is a very entertaining game to play with some gorgeous character designs, artwork and some really hot scenes and for some players that is enough but I went in expecting maybe a little too much from the plot, something I really hope does not happen with Maelstrom and from the game demo it most certainly looks like this will be a more plot heavy game.

The demo for Maelstrom opens with you as the main character Demetri a former soldier at the beginning of a twenty year sentence for disobeying orders and I like that the opening gives us a look at the mental state his current incarceration has left him in and the decision is made for him for his sentence to be finished on planet Secren for his own mental health, but this comes with a catch. He has to find a mate for his own protection and this will mean partnering with another male which is not something Demetri is comfortable with, then add to the fact that on this alien world is a phenomenon known as Lightening which can cause a strong pull between those who are meant to be and let’s just say my curiosity is peaked, after all soul mates is always a story theme that peaks my interest and it is rare to find it outside of fanfiction works, even more so than omegaverse these days with that becoming its own whole separate genre within romance fiction these days.

Within the demo we are introduced to three possible characters to romance. Helix who was the sole love interest in the original novel series is the owner of the largest mine on the planet and treats all his workers underneath him right. He is a hero type with a kind heart.

Then there is Zheng-Li the one in charge of the planet who sees workers criminal or otherwise as disposable assets to do with as he pleases who seems he would treat a partner exactly the same as if they were beneath him as well. In my playthrough of the demo there seemed to be an intriguing level of chemistry between him and Helix or more to the point Helix is someone he wants and I hope this is explored in the full game.

The last possible partner is the one that intrigued me the most and that was Jader one of the local rustlers who also happen to be cannibals, he takes an interest in Demetri due to Lightening. He is not happy with his life as a rustler and comes across as a victim of circumstance and I am very curious to find out more about him in the future. There is also a fourth possible route not featured in the demo for a character named Sawyer but very little info has been released about this character as of yet.

The game promises four different routes which most likely means very linier storytelling for each characters routes, but if the story is engaging enough then this is fine by me. I personally would rather play a game that is more linier with a stronger story than a game with many routes with a story that becomes over tedious or has a repetitive plot that just swaps out one character for another but has no real effect on the finale of the story.

If this sounds like a game you would love to support then please go check out the indiegogo page (they need just under another thousand dollars to make the game!) and for the game or if you want to try out the demo for yourself first then you can check it out here.

If you want to know more about the world of Maelstrom keep an eye on this blog because next Sunday I will be releasing my review of the novel series, until then my fellow yaoi and boys love lovers out there!

12 Days of Yaoi – Dramatical Murder Limited Edition Announcement


In 2018 Just USA an American company that specialize in localizing visual novels to English announced a new project called Jast Blue with the announcement that this branch of Jast USA would be working along side Nitro+CHiRAL to give official English releases of their popular yaoi titles and among those announced the one I was most excited for as were many other western yaoi fans was an official English release of Dramatical Murder and now at the tail end of 2020 we get a trailer for the official English release and although this post was not originally planned for my 12 Days of Yaoi, this is just such big news for the community I just had to talk about it!

The game is now available for pre-order from J-List for a special edition physical copy of the game and at first I was excited, but then I remembered something about J-List. Australia has banned all 18+ imports from Japan and well J-List’s motto is you have a friend in Japan. So my excitement soon turned to disappointment. The yaoi game I have wanted to play for the longest time, I won’t be able to get a physical copy of and this special edition looks really cool!

So here I was last night staring at the listing on J-List kind of just sulking to myself thinking great just what I was expecting from 2020. Then as I was staring I noticed something on the page, it said Ships from USA on the order page. So I did some digging on the website and found out this game is coming from Japan it’s coming from the USA warehouse and that place does still ship to Australia! Not to sound melodramatic but this felt like a little Christmas miracle just for me! So now I have a copy of this much much much wanted game on pre-order for myself.

I can not wait to get into this game once it releases plus it has motivated me to finish the other Nitro+CHiRAL games I have so far, those being Sweet Pool and Togainu No Chi Lost Blood. Have their been any game announcements this year that has had you excited or have you had one of those moments where you felt like you missed out on something just to find out yes you can get it after all? I would love to here your stories in the comments below and thankyou again for joining me on these 12 Days of Yaoi! Tomorrow’s post will be a review of a boys love anime that kind of has fans divided and I am most definitely on one side of the argument for this one, I look forward to seeing you then!

12 Days of Yaoi – Mister Versatile Game Review

video game, yaoi

Lone wolf Mister Versatile has one rule when it comes to being a superhero, he works alone. Lately however fellow super hero and resident silver fox Captain Crush has been getting perhaps a little too close for Mister Versatile’s comfort. Add to that a super hero newbie who is at the wrong place at the wrong time, a cute twink with a dangerous secret and an arch enemy that has his sights on the hero and you have the makings for a fun gay superhero visual novel.

As stated yesterday this game was my favourite yaoi visual novel I played this year and I had heaps of fun during my first few playthroughs of the game. However, as I went back to replay the game for the purpose of this review and gave a real critical look at the game I came to realize that when it came time to review this game I knew that I had to give real honest feedback of this game. So here we go.

Starting life as a Kickstarter campaign, this game comes to us from Y Press Games, a company I have been a fan of since it’s founding. Many of there games have been made thanks to support from Kickstarter with varying success, not to say that any of their games have been a disappointment to me but some have left me wanting more and sadly Mister Versatile does fall into this category.

First I want to go through the positives for this game, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous and really captures the super hero aesthetic with a yaoi touch wonderfully, though with the super hero genre already being made up of tight bodies and even tighter costumes the mix of heroes and yaoi is a match made in heaven. I myself being a fujoshi of particular tastes especially enjoyed the character of Lascivion which brought to life many fantasy I have had in the past about a particular Marvel symbiote and the naughty moments with this character were some of my favourite in the game as was the surprise mini game in his route. Out of all the routes in the game I found Lascivion, Captain Crush and Driller’s routes the most fleshed out and entertaining.

Though I did notice a sound issue when playing the Captain Crush scene as during a prominent character moment in the final act of the route there was a sound error that had a previous line from another character randomly pop up that had nothing to do with the scene and this was really distracting.

Now for the negative, as I stated before the story really left me wanting more from the characters and this was most true for the character of Chihuahua who’s route felt the least fleshed out and his whole character was he is a Mexican superhero. I’m all for inclusion of different cultures in games and other media but there really needs to be more to a character than just their race.

The over all story of the visual novel also feels very bare bones when you really get down to it, especially if like me you are already a fan of the superhero genre and it by the end comes across as just another cliché superhero story the only difference being the yaoi aspects of the story and yet despite this I did find myself thoroughly enjoying the game.

If you are looking for a quick yaoi game to play then Mister Versatile is not a bad choice, the game promises a gay super hero visual novel experience and that is what you will get, just don’t go into this one expecting anything deep and meaningful, this game is a fun yaoi quickie and that is about it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I will be discussing one of my recent favourite ships and the history and fandom surrounding them!

Synthetic Lover Trailer Released


Last year I reviewed the demo of the upcoming yaoi game Synthetic Lover and it was a demo that intrigued me about the story of this upcoming cyberpunk mystery yaoi visual novel. Three words that make this fujoshi swoon when uttered together Cyberpunk, mystery and of course yaoi! I have been waiting with anticipation and hoping that the Kickstarter would reach its goal and it would become a full game and now that the trailer is here I am even more excited.

Confession my readers, I love cyberpunk and I especially love cyberpunk stories that explore the moral ambiguity of Artificial intelligence. It’s why the light novel series Ai no Kusabi is my all time favourite piece of yaoi media, why my favourite video game of last year was Detroit Become Human and why I loved the over arching conflict in Fallout 4, so let’s just say I am really looking forward to this game… as well as a certain other game that keeps getting its release date pushed back.

Halfway on Mister Versatile — Y Press Games


The Kickstarter is halfway over, and we still aren’t funded. This is getting scary! Please help us to make sure Mister Versatile doesn’t fail! http://kck.st/2IFa8uE

Halfway on Mister Versatile — Y Press Games

Giving this Kickstarter a signal boost because it looks like this amazing visual novel might not get funded which would be a real shame, I played the demo and loved it and if you want to know my thoughts on the demo you can read it here and of course support the Kickstarter here.

Why You Should Back The Mister Versatile Kickstarter!

video game, yaoi

You like superheroes right? Of course you do who does not like superheroes in this day and age. There is nothing more enjoyable for many of us than watching a good superhero flick or reading a comic for a fun in depth story. Sometimes however it’s not the story that catches our attention for those superhero comics and movies, it’s not the plot that brings us in. Come on you can admit it, were are all equally dirty minded here, I’m not going to judge on something I too enjoy.

Rippling muscles in skin tight costumes, biceps, pecks, abs and a nice ass is always a plus on any superhero and if you are lucky and thirsty enough the costume is just as tight on the front as well, if you catch my drift. There has always been a homoerotic undertone to superheroes that has inspired original comics like The Young Protectors (which is still my favourite long running web comics) to the gorgeous artwork of artists like Joe Phillips. One place I have not seen these themes with superheroes though is a game or visual novel with an openly gay superhero protaganist and that is what you have in store with Mister Versatile.

The latest project from Y Press Games, the lovely company behind Morning Dew Farms and To Trust an Incubus, two games I have thoroughly enjoyed is currently working on Mister Versatile a yaoi visual novel based in a world of superheroes! In the game you play as the superhero Mister Versatile, whose appearance in my opinion is a cross between Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man and Don Daimont from Bold and the Beautiful, which is a yummy combination.

He is a lone wolf superhero who refuses to work with others even though other superheroes really want to work with him. These other superheroes include a silver fox by the name of Captain Crush and a rookie fanboy twink who goes by the superhero name Chihuahua.

The demo also gives a brief preview of the story of the game, which includes a cute twink having trouble with a very sexy symbiote, your arch enemy having just broken out of prison and hints at the hero having a dark past that could explain why he insists on working alone. The finished game promises animated sequences (here’s hoping it’s for some of the naughty scenes), four different routes, partial voice acting, 12 endings, an original soundtrack and Steam achievements as well as a few stretch goals.

One minor complaint I do have about the demo, the opening sequence to the game the text flies across the screen so fast that it made it very hard to read and I am noticing this is an issue some let’s players of the game have had as well.

As of the day of this post going live there are 50 days left to back this amazing project over on Kickstarter and if this sounds like the kind of yaoi game you would love to play, I can not recommend enough backing this project, but don’t take just my word for it check out the game demo yourself on either Steam or Ich.io.

Blood and Lust – Yaoi Game Review


Ever since I finally joined Steam last year I have fallen into the habit of periodically just browsing the Visual Novel tag in the store as well as yaoi and LGBTQ+ tags to see if anything peaks my interest. It was while perusing the Steam store recently that I stumbled upon a short yaoi visual novel that was for free called Blood and Lust. At first I was hesitant because well something good can’t be free right? But then I remembered well Doki Doki Literature Club is free and that has a pretty big following, and though you won’t get a story as deep and open to countless fan theories like Doki Doki, Blood and Lust is a game that did not disappoint me.

The first thing you will notice when you boot up the game is that it will give you the option to play with or without the yaoi elements of the story, so you have the option to play a safe for work or not safe for work version of the story. I found overall this did not effect the story line but if you are coming to this game wanting some yaoi you will very much enjoy the NSFW elements this game has, I mean what self respecting fujoshi or fudanshi does not like the idea of some hot and steaming time between some well built, sweaty roman gladiators?

I mean if you are into muscular type of course

But I am getting ahead of myself because that fun part comes a little later in the game…pun intended in this case I guess. In the game you play as a young gladiator whose master has promised that tomorrow he will be a free man and he will no longer have to be a gladiator, but then his master is found dead and you have to try and find out who murdered your master. The murder mystery unfortunately is one of the weakest parts of the story because it becomes very obvious early on the who and the why, but the game makes up for this with some really interesting and fun character writing especially when it comes to your rival / love interest in a fellow gladiator.

The game is split between basic turn based gladiator fights in the arena and the free time which you will use to investigate what happened to your master. One element of the game that really surprised me was the soundtrack because all the music tracks in the game are really good and do a perfect job of setting the mood throughout the game.

If you are looking for a short yaoi visual novel to play that you can get through in a quiet afternoon, I can not recommend this game enough especially since as I stated at the beginning of this review it is free on Steam!

Synthetic Lover Game Demo Review

video game, yaoi

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read my review of the original Ai no Kusabi anime, that when you mix sci-fi cyberpunk and yaoi, you get my attention very quickly. It is a mix of genres that I thoroughly enjoy so when I was asked on Twitter by the creators of this kickstarter to check out their game I was very happy to give it a go.

Set in the distant future of 2066 biologically engineered humanoids make up a large portion of the workforce. In this story you play as a Synthetic Lover (basically a high end escort) who one day after coming in contact with a strange object begins to feel that something is off because he is beginning to actually feel things, emotions and what even seems to be an opinion of his own.

Sentience, intelligence and a moral compass all within an AI are story elements I adore being explored, much like within one of my favourite books as a teen Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and I can not help but see a little inspiration from this story coming through within the world shown in the demo of this game.

Once complete the game promises full voice acting, deep character relationships and development – I can not wait to learn more about Terrance he was my fave character in the demo, multiple endings and plenty of nsfw intimate scenes. A small part of me was a little disappointed that there was not a preview of the nsfw art in the demo but that was really my only complaint for what I got to play.

I enjoyed what I played of this demo and very much hope the developers can reach their goal on kickstarter to finish their project. If this sounds like something you would like to check out and support please follow the link below.

Synthetic Lover Kickstarter