My Burning Heart – Yaoi Game Review

Out of all the yaoi visual novels I have played so far, this one is definitely the most light-hearted, but when the other titles I have been playing include Hadaka Shitsuji, Sweet Pool and the most recently added to my collection of yaoi visual novels Togainu no Chi True Blood, well that is an easy statement to say.

 All of the games mentioned can be purchased through Steam, though with Sweet Pool and Togainu no Chi you have to go through the publisher’s websites to also purchase DLC to get the games uncensored, but I will tell you more about that when I review those games once I have finished them. Today I am here to write about a yaoi hidden gem on the Steam store that I don’t see too many people within the community talking about. Maybe it is because it is a western yaoi game, maybe it’s because its a newer title, I really don’t know but if you are a fan of yaoi visual novels this is one game worth your time.

Released on Steam on July 23rd , 2019 from developer Ertal Games, who I have written about previously with my review of their free to play yaoi game Blood and Lust which I highly recommend if you are looking for a quick yaoi fix. My Burning Heart is there latest game and tells the story of a young man named Adnan who has had a tough life on the streets of a city under the rule of a Sultan who is captured and becomes a slave and then an unwilling Harem boy when picked up in the market by the Great Vizier as a gift for the Sultan. At the beginning of the game Adnan makes it very clear to the player that he does not want to live the life of some pampered sex toy and depending on the choices you make throughout the game his attitude may or may not change towards this.

There are three characters you mostly interact with within the game. Halim a boy who was raised and trained to be what he is in the palace a perfect little harem boy that will do whatever he must to please his master. His majesty the Sultan Abd Al-Rashid, who has an insatiable for sex and all the good things in life he feels he deserves, but can be very sweet and caring as long as he is obeyed completely. Then there is The Great Vizier, Harun who is a manipulative and conniving man with a hell of a cruel streak.

There are good and bad endings for both Halim and Rashid, there is also a bonus good ending involving Harun . Each route being both enjoyable and slightly frustrating in its own way. The frustration however does not come from the stories within the game as each character is given very emotional and moving stories including Harun which was a pleasant surprise. The frustrating came with making the right choices to get any ending in the game. For my first two playthrough of the games the story just ended about halfway through because I did not have enough of a relationship with either Halim and Rashid. Even if you are aiming for the bad ending (I love angst if the list of yaoi games I am playing is any indication to my tastes) and you have to play nice in the first half of the game to get the bad ends as well, but this was just a minor nitpick and once I figured out the choices I needed to make the game became much more enjoyable. I will also openly admit I had to look up a walkthrough to get the Harun ending, but I am glad I did as it was easily the most interesting and amusing route in the entire game and by the end of it was my favourite route.

When I first downloaded the game it did not have voice acting, but while I was playing an update came out for the game to add voice acting. All the characters are delightfully cast, Halim sounds pleasantly adorable and will crawl into your heart even faster. Rashid’s sultry voice makes some of his cheesier lines a little less cringy (there is still a little cringe for how cheesy he can be sometimes). Harun’s voice was my favourite though his calm cruelty comes across perfectly in the performance and there were plenty of moments in the final stretch of his route when that voice just gave me the best tingles.

One warning I will give for this game is if you are not a fan of media yaoi or otherwise that depicts dubious consent (though it is treated as such in the game and is not at all romanticized) then this game is not for you because no matter what route you choose you will come across this content within the game and one of the bad endings does involve rape so again if this is something you do not feel comfortable with then this will not be the game for you.

Overall though I myself have found this game very enjoyable and it is a fun edition to anyone’s yaoi collection, with a little bit of angst a little bit of comedy and a cast of characters that all grow on you as the story plays out it was a fun game.

A Response to Senator Stirling Griff and his Argument Against Anime

It’s a well known story around the anime community at this point, but being an Australian and an anime fan I would not only like to comment on this recent story but also give a response to Stirling Griff, even though I doubt he would read this.

On Wednesday the 26th of February South Australian Senator Stirling Griff put forward a motion in parliament to banned anime in Australia that shows ‘child exploitation material’, with mention of two animes in his argument. These two anime we Goblin Slayer and Eromanga Sensei. Also can I just say he also mentioned of all series Sword Art Online is his argument and I would be lying if I said upon hearing this I did not chuckle to myself and roll my eyes.

Someone please save the children…. from bad anime

One of the biggest arguments Senator Stirling Griff used in his argument was that the depiction of ‘child abuse’ in these anime are used by pedophiles to groom potential victims. Anything can be used as a grooming material for a pedophile, from anything you can search on Pornhub to normalize the idea of sex to the intended child to images of children in clothing catalogs and any form of artwork depicting artistic nudity even the pieces you could find in any museum around Australia. So if we were to go by the senators logic these pieces of media need to be banned as well.

He mentions his disgust of incest themes in Eromanga Sensei, but I have to wonder, did he have the same level of disgust when these same themes were explored in Game of Thrones? Or when they came up and were explored in certain episodes of say Law and Order SVU? Law and Order has several episodes that discuss child exploitation, abuse, child prostitution and rape, so does this make this show a bad influence on the public? We better ban these shows too then.

Now I know how that sounds, the anime fan is petty that their media of choice is in trouble so we better ban other stuff to make us feel better, well I will say right now that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that once we start banning one source of media because it has material you don’t like well it’s a slippery slope that could see the following banned in the future as well and I will openly state I am a not a fan of everything listed below, but that does not mean I do not wish it to be banned.

  • Law and Order SVU – For depictions of child abuse and child exploitation in various episodes even though it is clearly stated in every case on this show that the acts that have happened are illegal
  • Game of Thrones – I know there is incest in this one, I don’t know about other stuff because I have barely watched this show because I am not a fan, but just because I do not like it does not mean I don’t think other people should not be allowed to watch it
  • Rick and Morty – There is an ep where the child/teenager character Morty is clearly having sex so this must be child exploitation material
  • South Park – It’s a show about characters who are clearly children being exposed to on occasions sexual situations
  • The X-Files – Season 4 Episode 2 titled Home has a plot that revolves around an incestuous family
  • A Clockwork Orange – Depicts teenagers raping a victim and laughing about it
  • Lolita – It’s about a pedophile justifying his love of young girls
  • Family Guy – A comedic relief character named Herbert the pervert, the running joke with him is that he is a pedophile who goes after young boys
  • American Horror Story – storylines depicting Incest

If I felt like being a smart ass in this argument I could also mention The Holy Bible, but I won’t because then this post will turn in an argument about religion I really don’t want to get into but from the above list you can see my point I hope.

I also have to ask the following. In the last decade there have been countless Royal Commissions into historical child abuse and rape cases in government and church run institutions that proved that children were being abused. Did any of these bring up evidence of anime and manga being used to groom children? It was brought up several times that this media is used to groom but not once were examples shown of this happening. I’m not going to sit here and write that it does not happen because I have not seen evidence either way, but because of this I will also not state either as fact.

You are going to go after fictional depictions of abuse when there are still real children, real victims of abuse out there screaming for help? Wanting an investigation into their cases, but instead of giving time to these victims our government is instead spending money and time on the corrupting nature of anime. I’m not sorry in saying this Mr Senator but I think your priorities when it comes to child protection are in the wrong place entirely.

I have to wonder with all the ‘disturbing anime and manga’ brought up in the senators argument, I wonder how he would react to a masterpiece like Berserk?

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen – Anime Review

I hate to be that person but the remake is nowhere near as good as the original series

Yaoi Playground

Does anyone else remember when a fantasy anime did not also have the tag isakai? Back in the day when must watch fantasy anime were series like Berserk, Slayers, Twelve Kingdoms and there was only the occasional isakai show with shows like Fushigi Yuugi and Escaflowne. There is one fantasy anime from the early 2000s that has everything a good fantasy story needs, swords, sorcery and of course dragons. That series is Sorcerous Stabber Orphan. Now I must confess I was really surprised when I found out not many people remember this anime, especially here in Australia because back when we first got the Adult Swim anime block it was one of the shows on there alongside Cowboy Bebop and Initial D.

From Studio J.C. Staff and released in Japan in the late 90s with the English dub airing on Adult Swim in the early 2000s for western audiences Sorcerous…

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The Tyrant Falls in Love – Boys Love Classic Review… Fuck it this is a Rant

So something interesting happened to me today, I got blocked on twitter by someone who claimed this was their favourite anime…

Yaoi Playground

This is a comedy story…Fuck me…

Let’s see we have a character getting a hold of what can only be described as a date rape drug, another character ‘accidentally’ drinking said drug and then that character is pretty much raped. Oh but it’s ok because he is a homophobe who will fall in love with his rapist afterward. I defend the yaoi and boys love genre a lot with other anime fans but then an anime or manga like this one comes along and I just cannot defend this one I can not!

668e3c06 Rape does not equal romance, Dammit!

This is the one trope in yaoi I HATE MOST!!! As I stated in my review for Killing Stalking I’m not against the subjects of rape and abuse being in a story. But there need to be consequences for these actions, the status quo cannot just simply be reset or made…

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The Case Files of Jeweler Richard – Episode 2 Review Part 1

Yes you read right with that title, this is part one of a two part review of this episode. This is because this first part is an over all review of the episode and the second part will go into spoilers for the episode to further discuss some of the elements and themes of this episode, because this episode went into some very deep social issues for Japan.

The first episode of this series was a very intriguing introduction to the main characters of this series, that being Richard and Seigi. We got to know a little bit about both characters and it left enough mystery to both of them that left me wondering what would happen next. Episode two continues this introduction to the two main characters with letting you know a bit more about both of them. I especially enjoyed the opening scene of the ep that showed Richard speaking to three different clients in three different languages while remaining polite and eloquent while speaking with all the clients. I also found it a nice touch that the subs did not translate these conversations into English so that we the viewer were just as much in the dark about these conversations as Seigi and it is a comment from Seigi about one of these clients to Richard that begins the themes of this episode.

Richard tells him off because the question he asks can be interpreted as insensitive and rude towards the client and the rest of this episode expands into this theme of teaching the acceptance of others no matter the persons background whether that be culture, religion or sexual orientation. I will be going further into these themes in part two of this review but I will say this. Upon my first viewing of the this episode the stories climax brought me to tears something that has not happened to me watching a weekly anime series ever! Anime movies like Grave of the Fireflies and the OVA series A Cicada in the Winter have brought me to tears in the past but this is the first time an anime series has hit me on such an emotional level.

If you are a fan of subtle emotional story telling and have not given this anime from this season a watch yet, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing anime series.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2020 – DISAPPOINTING Start…

I swear this is why I try not to get hyped for new anime, all too often what I end up being hyped for ends up either mediocre or a complete and utter disappointment. The original anime adaptation of the light novel series is one of my all time favourite fantasy anime! So yeah I unintentionally hyped myself up for this anime and I was just so disappointed with the opening episode. It’s just so generic, not to mention it kind of gives away the answer to one of the shows mysteries in the first five minutes.

Spoilers ahead.

The over arching mystery of the true relationship between Childman and Azalie was one of the more fascinating plot threads of the original series and to show him there the night of he transformation just takes away a bit of that mystery. Then there is the design of the dragon she transforms into. In the original anime series Bloody August had a really cool design for a dragon, but in this remake it looks so generic it could be from any isekai anime from the last year.

I know I am comparing this opening episode to the original series but this is because that series had a really strong opening episode that fed you enough information about the world the anime took place in while keeping enough a mystery to make you want to come back and find out more. I did not get this feeling from the opening episode of this adaptation. I really hope this one get’s better otherwise it will be the first series I drop this year.