First Impression – Hitorijime My Hero

I was considering not doing any first impressions this season and just focusing on more reviews but then I watched the third episode of this new boys love anime and I found myself crying tears of joy. Hitorijime My Hero is the kind of boys love anime I have been waiting so long to watch again.

Masahiro is a boy who’s life that has no real direction, his home life is far from perfect and he hangs around a group of delinquents just to have a feeling of belonging but then that sense of belonging with the group is ripped out from under him when a vigilante takes out the group. Where will Masahiro’s life go after this? Well a series of events finds him a hero to believe in a new friend who has his own problems to deal with.

I am so hooked on this series already with characters that feel real and more than just a group of tropes and stereotypes. Masahiro himself could have so easily been a stereotypical delinquent youth character but he is not and the story of his friend and his long lost childhood friend was enough to make this fujioshi’s heart soar because what we have gotten so far is proof that this series will not just be baiting us, we already have a real relationship between two characters growing with one very heartfelt confession.


To my fellow fujoshi you need to watch this one!

Is Boku no Pico an Allegory on Child Sexual Abuse?

Throughout this post there will be several hyperlinks within the text, these links will lead to further information about the subjects discussed within this post. I have done this because many of the themes discussed within this post are of a difficult nature to write and talk about, that being child sexual abuse. This will not be a review for everyone to read and I know this, but at the same time I feel this review needs to be written because these are subject matters that need to be discussed more often. We can not as a society just stand by and pretend that this kind of abuse does not happen because ignoring a problem does not make it magically disappear. An obvious trigger warning is needed for this one, but if you think you can handle this subject matter you may continue reading ahead, if not well I thank my followers now for their continuing support and don’t worry the next review will be something a lot lighter in nature I promise.

From the abuser normalizing sexual behavior to an under age child, the child acting out inappropriately / sexually around other children and finally entering into a world of escapism and fantasy this cycle of abuse and copping can be found within the three episodes of the infamous ‘Pico’ OVA anime series. Dubbed by some simply as Boku… I think we have all have seen the meme by this point and know it’s warning of ‘Don’t watch an anime called Boku’ and in all honesty you really should not watch this anime. In many countries around the world anime fans are walking a knifes edge when it comes to child protection laws and anime which in other words means in many countries just viewing this anime is illegal. That being said I hope this review piece of the anime will be enough to satiate any curiosity you may have about this anime.

Throughout the first episode we see disturbing and downright predatory behavior from Tamotsu who the young Pico nickname’s Mokkun, the scariest of this being how normal and good natured his behavior towards Pico can seem. DuoReview goes into great detail analyzing the mindset of Tamotsu in their video Anime Theory: Pico’s Love is a Lie. In the video he theorizes on Tamotsu’s state of mind and gives reason behind his actions throughout this first ep. Going into themes of not being able to cope with his own latent homosexuality as well as his own desperation for sex and willingness to get it however he can. Though valid points I do believe there is more to the story than this. I will however say this, no matter what the reasoning behind Tamotsu’s actions at the end of the day he is a predator and nothing can excuse his disgusting behavior with Pico. The word to describe his actions towards the young Pico throughout this first ep is  ‘Grooming‘.

From what starts as slight teasing in front of Pico’s grandfather in the cafe, to subtle touches like innocent hand holding while walking down a path way, to holding and sniffing Pico when the young boy is distracted and looking through a pair of binoculars, all of these to an adult looking in could be seen as somewhat questionable behavior especially the sniffer.

And then there is the infamous car scene.

The first shown act of sexual assault in the anime is that infamous scene. During the entire act Tamotsu continues to tell Pico that it is OK and ‘it does not hurt right?’ a common tactic it seems to be used by predators. All these steps are there to normalize this sexual behavior to Pico and the proof that this becomes a normal feeling to Pico is shown in a later scene where the two of them are caught in the rain. Tamotsu comments that he should have brought the car to which Pico calls him a pervert and laughs because ‘you always do that in the car.’ What this tells us is that the first incident in the car has happened many times again and and to Pico this ritual of abuse has become a normal routine for the boy which is shown in an earlier scene when Pico was excited to see Tamotsu pick him up from his grandfather’s cafe.

As the story of this episode comes to a disturbing ‘climax’ it becomes obvious that the level of abuse on Pico is becoming progressively more depraved, from introducing Pico to the fetish of cross dressing (I have no issue with cross dressing as fetish, what I have an issue with here is the sexual fetishization of the act with a child, I myself enjoy a lot of non sexual cross dressing) and then finally the act of anal intercourse with a child a scene where it is obvious Pico is in pain and once again his abuser tells him it will be OK. It becomes obvious by the end of this scene that Pico has picked up that there is possibly something wrong with what is going on between him and Tamotsu and upon the young boy asking what he means to the older man, the awkward expression from Tamotsu speaks so much and yet once again like every other moment of turbulence between the two; the victim and the abuser once again the adult of the situation talks his way out of it with the young boy.

The relationship that grows between Tamotsu and Pico throughout this first episode is on so many levels of disturbing. It is a systematic abuse of power on Tamotsu’s part and he can only be described as a manipulative monster towards Pico, but he is also the catalyst for the dark road Pico goes down with the following episodes of this OVA series. For if Pico had not had contact with Tamotsu it is unlikely that the other two stories would have happened.

The audience does not exactly know how much time has passed between the first and second episode of this ova series, however the change of location can be seen as a sign that a stop has been put to Pico’s interaction with Tomatsu. The fact that throughout the rest of the series Pico does not at all bring his ‘special friend’ up in any conversation can tell us that Pico could be actively trying to suppress his memories of his time with him. That being said it becomes obvious upon Pico meeting a younger Chico that a lasting effect has been left on Pico. Though it does not always happen studies have shown that children who are sexually abused themselves are more likely to become predators. This does not mean however that all victims become abusers and should be remembered, but there is also a greater risk of children who have been interfered with acting out sexually with themselves or others there is also the chance that the victim will downright reject any form of intimacy later on in life whether that be sexual or otherwise. Though two completely different outcomes it is near impossible to predict how a child with react to the trauma of abuse and it is important for adults around these children to keep a close eye on them but not so much so that the child feels smothered and fearful.

Pico is clearly not given any proper supervision or guidance in this time as he is never shown around a responsible adult. This of course does raise many questions as to the boys family life and relationships but these are never explored within the anime. The only family of Pico’s we see throughout the series is his grandfather who outright handed the boy over to his abuser. Could this perhaps be a hint that Pico does not have a stable home life? If this is the case it would most definitely explain to us a few things about Pico’s personality around others. He very quickly grows attached to new people, which could be a sign that Pico is looking for some sort of comfort or acknowledgement because he is not getting this at home.

In his first encounter with the younger boy Chico, he simply watches him swim naked in a river. We can not tell at this point what is going through Pico’s mind when he see’s the other boy, but it becomes very clear early on that Pico feels comfortable around this other child who seems to enjoy frolicking naked in the country side whether this is Pico taking advantage of Chico’s naivety and innocence one can not be completely sure. The two become close very quickly and as soon as the opportunity to act out sexually with his new friend arises upon the two spying on Chico’s older sister masturbating one night Pico goes from victim to abuser himself.

The only other note worthy moment of the second OVA is the final sexual act between the two boys being caught in the act by Chico’s sister, her own reaction to the situation is as disturbing as what Tamotsu’s was in the first episode. Though she does not herself have sexual contact with either boys, she does bring herself to sexual gratification from watching them.

There is an odd atmosphere to the third and final episode in this series, it feels like it is far from grounded in reality and here is why. Throughout this final episode power lines in the background appear and disappear almost like someone losing track of there own thought processes. The story also takes place in Tokyo one of the most densely populated cities in the world and yet other than Pico, Chico and their new friend CoCo no one else is seen in this city. It is almost as if the characters within this episode have lost touch with reality itself and this is because they have. Much like how many have theorized that Alice in Wonderland is a tale of an acid trip (though many argue against this because there has been little evidence that Lewis Carroll was an abuser of drugs) I believe that this final episode is Pico finally losing touch with reality and I theorize that perhaps CoCo was the one to get Pico and Chico hooked on some kind of drug. Of which I cannot be sure but i believe that that final infamous sex scene on Tokyo Tower is one last drug trip that the three of them never wake up from.

One last side note before I close this review, you may think that I have reached the pinnacle of the depraved when it comes to the darker side of yaoi. Well I can tell you right now my readers, there is one manga out there that has topped Boku no Pico for disturbing, but that will be a post for later this year, perhaps October even…

Am I reading too much into an anime that does nothing more than sexualizes young boys? Perhaps, but that does not make this theory any less true for real victims of abuse out there. Child sexual abuse is a problem world wide, from child brides and church cover ups to the real life monsters that many children have to face on a daily basis. We are doing more today than ever before to help the victim’s of these atrocities and we as the adults of this world need to protect the next generation of children and those beyond so that we can hope for a world in the future where every child can feel safe.



July Update

It’s been a while has it not my followers? Mistress of Yaoi here with a new update for Yaoi Playground in the month on July of 2017 and my god can i just say this year is going by like a blur it really is I mean we are past the half way point of the year.

Now before I start if you follow me on twitter none of the news I am sharing will be new to you but to those who are not a few updates are needed. Don’t worry last week’s manga review – Kotetsu Dining – Yaoi Manga Review will not be the last review this month it is just that the next review I am working on is something big and very controversial in not only the yaoi fandom but the anime fandom.

I am tackling Boku no Pico for my next review, but this will not be a normal review. I will state this now however, it will be a serious review of the OVA series and it is because of this why it is taking me longer than expected to finish the review. There has been many a reaction and a meme of this anime out there, but I have yet to see a serious review of this anime so I decided to tackle this task, it also does not help that for the last week I have been stuck in bed sick.

On the plus side of being sick and finally getting my PS4 back after some much needed repairs I have finally begun playing Trigger Happy Havoc Danganronpa the first of the two Danganronpa games I now own thanks to my wonderful other half. I have shared some of my… progress of this game over on twitter and can I just say this game is such a treat for the inner fujoshi….


Needless to say my fellow yaoi fans, I need more of this beautiful bromance in my life. Now if you don’t mind I need to find some ‘artwork’ of these two lovelies, till next time yaoi fans!


Kotetsu Dining – Yaoi Manga Review

Kotestsu Dining is a quirky yaoi manga to say the least, but it is a quirky story with a lot of heart at it’s core as well. Telling the story of the mysterious Hyuuga, a self proclaimed masked pro-wrestler who has an actual tiger’s head and tail and his air headed roommate Akaru who works as a male host. These two seem to be from completely different worlds except for the fact they live in the same apartment together, will there differences keep them apart or is there something more between these two young men?

Before I continue this review I suppose I should give mention to the ‘tiger’ in the room. It becomes obvious to reader very early on that Hyuuga is not wearing a mask, but he is not a ‘furry’ either… he just has a tiger’s head and tail, the rest of him is very human, so if you were worried this is a furry story well that really depends on your definition of a furry. For me a furry tiger character would be something like this…



1 (1)But as I stated Hyuuga is not like this and the rest of his body is a human male and you get to see proof as that as the story of this manga continues. Perhaps it is because of this that Akaru continues to believe that it is a mask. I will admit he’s level of naivety and air headedness can border on frustrating at times, that being said one thing quickly becomes clear, he really does care for Hyuuga something our tiger does not seem use to. The manga is not without any faults however and it’s biggest fault for me is it’s abrupt ending. just as things feel as they are moving forward the story just ends with no real conclusion

An amusing slow burning romance between the two keeps me coming back to this manga and if you are looking for something a little different but still has all the tried and true tropes of a yaoi manga then this manga is a nice change of place. It is nothing groundbreaking for the genre but not everything has to be, sometimes you just want to sit down and read something that makes you go aww so sweet and for me that is this title.

My Hiatus and Future Return

Greetings and Salutations to all my lovely fellow fujoshi and fudanshi, it is Mistress of Yaoi and I’m not dead yet. I put a lot of pressure onto myself that I thought I was ready for earlier this month with the beginning of Junjou June which you will see is no longer here and you my followers deserve an explanation as to where that month of content has gone.


To put it bluntly I must admit I burnt myself out big time in the last couple of months with writing and other projects and a lot of it had to do with me not wanting to deal with what I should have been dealing with and just working to keep my mind busy. The problem with this is of course I was bound to burn out eventually and that happened to me right after the London attacks, that is not the only reason but the final piece that broke me.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching over the last few years to come to terms with well, me and though I had already discussed it with some friends and my partner earlier this month I pretty much came out as non-binary to my mother very publicly… one Facebook. Luckily i have had no negative feedback from anyone so far and my mother has sort of been supportive (I don’t think she fully understands, but she says as long as I am happy that is all that matters to her). So where does this leave ‘Mistress of Yaoi’?

Well I am still very anti SJW and the whole forcing others to use my preferred pronouns discussion pretty much came down to ‘call me whatever the fuck you want, just treat me with the respect I treat you with’ which of course I know will piss of some people in the same situation as me but the truth is I did this for me. not for some cry for attention, not to start drama or some great crusade. At the end of the day this is about me being honest with me and nothing more.

I’m still an online fangirl or fanboy. I still love yaoi and anime and I am still me it is just me with a label now, ironic I know when I have said before how anti label I can be, but being hypocritical just makes me as flawed as every other person out there. The anime and manga reviews will return next month hopefully but will not be as often. I am aiming in the future for quality over quantity and that is why the Junjou Romantica season 1 review is gone. It was not up to my personal standard.

To all my followers I hope you will continue this blog into the future, and don’t worry Mistress of Yaoi is not going anywhere just yet!

A Call to All Anime Bloggers

I’m going to go off topic for Junjou June for this one post, because there is something I want to say about recent events. I must admit I am writing this while sitting in front of my T.V in Australia watching the One Love Manchester concert once again. I say one again because I had a hard nights sleep last night and woke up early enough to catch some of it live streaming on twitter, I also apologize for any grammar mistakes in this post but this is me once again pouring my emotions into this keyboard.

What has been happening in England for the last few years has been absolutely terrifying for me, because my greatest love in this world, my other half lives in England. This Aussie Anime Blogger is in love with the most wonderful British man and every time another attack happens over there my heart clenches so tight until I find out it was either no where near him or I get a message from him saying he is safe. Things in this world have even gotten  to the point where if I got the money tomorrow to be by his side my mother has told me she will fight tooth and nail to keep me here in Australia.

This world is turning very much to hell on earth and it just seems to be getting worse and worse, maybe that is why I focus so much on fiction in my hobbies whether that be video games, books, movies or anime. I must confess I was actually considering putting the rest of Junjou June on hiatus due to recent events to sort out my own feelings, but after much thinking I have to say I will not be doing that and Junjou June will be going forward for the following reason.

Yaoi is Love! 

Yuri is Love!

Anime is Love!

There is so much love and passion in the boys love and anime fandoms, because let’s face it us fujoshi and fudanshi alike are passionate people. I want to believe that love can make a difference to all the hate in this world and perhaps even beat hate one day. I would love to see all of us anibloggers whether they be yaoi fans or not make a statement to the world that love beats hate and that those with a voice will speak out for a better world. I’m not looking to change the world, I just want to feel safe in this world and not in the whole SJW politically correct ways, I’m talking about us all being safe to go out and not fear a terrorist attack in our own backyard.

One other thing I want to say before finishing this post, please do not hate all Muslims for the acts of a few extremists at the end of the day we are all people who deserve to live safe, all of us not just a select few.