Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2020 – DISAPPOINTING Start…


I swear this is why I try not to get hyped for new anime, all too often what I end up being hyped for ends up either mediocre or a complete and utter disappointment. The original anime adaptation of the light novel series is one of my all time favourite fantasy anime! So yeah I unintentionally hyped myself up for this anime and I was just so disappointed with the opening episode. It’s just so generic, not to mention it kind of gives away the answer to one of the shows mysteries in the first five minutes.

Spoilers ahead.

The over arching mystery of the true relationship between Childman and Azalie was one of the more fascinating plot threads of the original series and to show him there the night of he transformation just takes away a bit of that mystery. Then there is the design of the dragon she transforms into. In the original anime series Bloody August had a really cool design for a dragon, but in this remake it looks so generic it could be from any isekai anime from the last year.

I know I am comparing this opening episode to the original series but this is because that series had a really strong opening episode that fed you enough information about the world the anime took place in while keeping enough a mystery to make you want to come back and find out more. I did not get this feeling from the opening episode of this adaptation. I really hope this one get’s better otherwise it will be the first series I drop this year.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard – First Impression


It has been so long since I wrote a first impression because the truth is I have not kept up with currently airing anime since the release of Banana Fish back in 2018, this is not because nothing has caught my interest, but more my interest was pulled elsewhere for a while. I will confess I watched very little new anime last year, mostly because I became completely immersed in the Gotham fandom. But I decided to check out what was currently airing and without any prior knowledge of the source material I decided to check out The Case Files of Jeweler Richard for the simple fact I found the character design for Richard just beyond stunning.

It was Richard’s pretty face that caught my attention for this anime, yes I am still a sucker for a good bishie boy anime. Sadly so many pretty boy anime are very lacking in plot, not to say that all of them are bad. Sanrio Boys is a very under rated pretty boy anime in my opinion. Luckily the first ep of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard does not lack in the plot department and does an amazing job at introducing the viewer to the two main characters of the series.

The episode opens with introducing us to Seigi a bright and upstanding collage student who while on his way home saves the mysterious Richard who is being attacked by a group of drunks and after introductions the story of the episode opens into a mystery involving Seigi’s grandmother and a mysterious ring. I don’t want to go into any other details on the ep because it is a fascinating mystery to watch unfold within the episode and I look forward to seeing where the story of these two continues. I must confess I was somewhat hoping that maybe this was a boys love series because there is already some cute chemistry between the two main characters, but it’s not.

That just means I will just have to ship them because they are kind of adorable!

I will be keeping my eye on this anime this season, it feels like it could turn out to a real hidden gem and I don’t need Richard to appraise it to know that one.

Blood and Lust – Yaoi Game Review


Ever since I finally joined Steam last year I have fallen into the habit of periodically just browsing the Visual Novel tag in the store as well as yaoi and LGBTQ+ tags to see if anything peaks my interest. It was while perusing the Steam store recently that I stumbled upon a short yaoi visual novel that was for free called Blood and Lust. At first I was hesitant because well something good can’t be free right? But then I remembered well Doki Doki Literature Club is free and that has a pretty big following, and though you won’t get a story as deep and open to countless fan theories like Doki Doki, Blood and Lust is a game that did not disappoint me.

The first thing you will notice when you boot up the game is that it will give you the option to play with or without the yaoi elements of the story, so you have the option to play a safe for work or not safe for work version of the story. I found overall this did not effect the story line but if you are coming to this game wanting some yaoi you will very much enjoy the NSFW elements this game has, I mean what self respecting fujoshi or fudanshi does not like the idea of some hot and steaming time between some well built, sweaty roman gladiators?

I mean if you are into muscular type of course

But I am getting ahead of myself because that fun part comes a little later in the game…pun intended in this case I guess. In the game you play as a young gladiator whose master has promised that tomorrow he will be a free man and he will no longer have to be a gladiator, but then his master is found dead and you have to try and find out who murdered your master. The murder mystery unfortunately is one of the weakest parts of the story because it becomes very obvious early on the who and the why, but the game makes up for this with some really interesting and fun character writing especially when it comes to your rival / love interest in a fellow gladiator.

The game is split between basic turn based gladiator fights in the arena and the free time which you will use to investigate what happened to your master. One element of the game that really surprised me was the soundtrack because all the music tracks in the game are really good and do a perfect job of setting the mood throughout the game.

If you are looking for a short yaoi visual novel to play that you can get through in a quiet afternoon, I can not recommend this game enough especially since as I stated at the beginning of this review it is free on Steam!