Fanfiction Rec 6: Passioned

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What if… This one question is the catalyst for many a fanfiction writer. Believe me, I know, that is how my most recent project began last year, but this post is not about my work it is about an ongoing story by Kaminx titled Passioned that can be found within the Ai no Kusabi fandom. It is recommended by this reader that you watch the original 2 episode OVA as this story is a what-if scenario on the ending of the story shown in that series.

This what-if scenario that begins a new journey for our heroes Iason and Riki has Iason saving Riki before Guy can go through with his plans only for a more disastrous problem to come between Iason and his precious ‘Pet’ Riki.

A warning to fans of the series there is a very dark scene, one of the darkest and disturbing rape scenes I have read in a fanfiction, on the bright side it is played for power and not sexual gratification which makes it easier for me to read at least.

This is an ongoing fanfiction that explores how far one will go to protect what they love and just how much someone can ask someone to endure for a relationship. It has so far shown some of the most well-written character development I have read in an Ai no Kusabi fanfiction. This comes from exploring another relationship other than Riki and Iason’s and works for some intriguing world building as well.

This fanfic is a must read for an Ai no Kusabi fan and I will say this now, I would definitely pick this over say a more well known Ai no Kusabi fic that gets more praise than I think it deserves and it is why I won’t mention that story here, but then again if someone can guess what that story is I might choose to write about it at a later date.

Massive Challenge Ending Post, Technically Cheating…

30 day anime challenge

But I really want to just get this out of the way, and if you are wondering about the random Transformers Prime featured Image, well that’s kind of why I want to get this out of the way. I am literally losing myself and time in my fanfic writing at the moment, mainly my Transformers Prime fanfic, soon to be fanfics – if you follow me on Archive of our Own you will know what I am talking about here.

Lets just say when I get obsessed with a project I get obsessed and right now I’m on one of my favourite obsessions, Transformers Prime, but enough about rambling about western cartoons lets finish these posts in on go!!

Day 23 – Favorite Attack Someone Uses in an Anime

zcxom1sThis one is probably a bit cliche but I actually have a story behind this one. This one has to go to the kamehameha wave by Goku in Dragonball Z. As a teenager I was a huge fan of Dragonball and Dragonball Z. I still am to a certain extent though I still haven’t watched Super if I am completely honest, just haven’t had the motivation to.

Anyway this choice goes back to one of my first ever conventions, it would have been a Supanova con if I remember correctly though what year I don’t remember, (at the very least a decade ago now) I do remember it was one of my first and it was at the Claremont showgrounds. After the cosplay competition was on stage they held a Kamehameha contest on the stage. A lot of people stood up and took their turns. I was third or fourth and I went full fan I I screamed out the attack and did all the movements. The crowd cheered so loud for me and I could not stop smiling, especially when I had won the contest and got myself a gift card to one of my favorite shops at the time.

Day 24 – The Moment that Shocked You Most in Anime

400px-armada_starscream_cartoon_continuityWell if Starscream’s fight with Megatron was the most epic fight scene in anime. A moment that shocked me, when Starscream returned in Energon and no one seemed to remember anything that had happened in Armada, Energon is a series with next to zero continuity minus the same characters and as such a huge fan of Armada and Transformers it was not only a shocking moment of realization of this but a huge disappointment that almost made me give up on a franchise I love. (this sadly would happen again when I saw Animated)

Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

Zetsuai/Bronze was my first  experience of a yaoi anime making me cry but it would not be the last. A tragic tale of class, reform, revolution and love; Winter Cicada is a yaoi classic you will sit their watching and hoping for the two heroes to have their happy ending. It is a happy ending they fight so hard for…. but in the end well when the world won’t even let you have a moment of happiness… sometimes all you can do is say goodbye in the snow at least in that moment you can be together one last time.

Day 26 – Best Anime Fight

Any mech battle in Gundam Wing. Short and simple, you didn’t think transformers were the only robots I love… die hard Gundam and especially Gundam Wing Fan here.

Day 27 – Most Badass Moment from a Character in Anime


Do you guys get that I love this scene?

Day 28 – Favorite Quote From an Anime Character

78919“If you wanna run from your past, fine. But whatever you do, don’t run from the present, or worse, your future.”

~Kyohei Kadota  – Durarara!

I am the kind of person who has a tendency to second guess my own past and to hang on to moments that though were damaging are not the only moments I have. Living for the future is something that scares me, more and more each year if I am completely honest. Things seem both simpler and scarier when we are younger. It is for this reason why this one quote from Durarara! spoke to me tremendously, plus at times Kyohei seems to be the kind of character those around him seem to under estimate… kinda like me at times.

Day 29 – Anime You Wish was Real

Transformers Armada as long as the future after that story is not the rest of the unicron trilogy. What can I say I love giant robots and sentiant robots always fascinate me in stories, whether its in zoids with characters like Liger Zero, Transformers or even the Synths in the Fallout universe.

Day 30 – Anime You Wish Never Ended

Well let’s see, I am of the belief that a series that runs long can grow stagnent, it is why I stopped watching Naruto and possibly part of the reason why I lost my passion for Drangonball, but an unfinished story is kind of annoying too. With that their are so many choices but I suppose I would have to go with Elfen Lied because of that one final scene, it caused more questions than answers for me.


Wow that was a long post I hope you made it to the end of this, I’m sorry to everyone that I was unable to keep up with this challenge. When we put our house on the market we honestly were not expecting it to be sold so fast…. my hiatus will be starting very soon as we will be moving in just over two weeks now. Wish me luck on the move, I’ll make sure to post some pictures on twitter once we are fully moved, plus more pics of my cat and will keep you all up to date when I will be posting regularly again as well as keeping everyone up to date with my fanfic writing. Again I want to thank all my friends, followers and supporters!

September Update

blog update

Damn I’m scared if I blink I’m going to miss the rest of this year. It’s almost moving day for the family coming the end of this month, we would have been out earlier but yeah that didn’t happen due to paperwork being delayed.

I have fallen behin on the 30 Day Anime Challenge but I will finish it within the next fortnight. Once that is done beside the occasional fanfiction rec post (I have a backlog of stories I want to share) and an upcoming review of my favorite web comic there really won’t be much posted this month. October will hopefully see the beginning of normal post again and I have some drafts written up of quite a few yaoi reviews, anime and manga as well the rest of my Ai no Kusabi review series but that is all on the back burner till the move is finished.

Of course I won’t be completely disappearing this month so keep an eye out for me in the comment sections of other blogs as well as twitter to keep up with me and my adorable offsider, my kitty Kane. Till next time my lovelies, enjoy what you love!

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22 Favorite Weapon / Gear in anime

30 day anime challenge

I have fallen so far behind with this, but I’m going to keep my head up and keep going until I am done. I am reminded as I go through this challenge of my days of playing sport as a kid. I sucked at sport, big time sucked. I was the one always picked last and I always came last. but there was a joy I found in sport was the pride I found in myself of not winning but knowing I finished at least. That is the attitude I plan to take as I continue.

grell-sutcliff-grell-sutcliffe-35626977-500-281Right I’m probably going to go a bit mainstream with this choice, but I have to go with the lovely Grell’s death scythe, it’s a freaking chainsaw! Plus let’s face it Grell is one of the most fascinating characters in anime. Grell is also a character I like because she/he is a perfect example of a lovely genderfluid character in anime. Yes there is an official ‘gender’ for Grell but I still see a wonderful genderfluid character, this is important to me because well that is how I myself identify.

And that weapon it’s a freaking chainsaw in Victorian England!!! IT’S FUCKING AWESOME JUST LIKE THE CHARACTER THAT USES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!